My “Sexy” Saturday

my sexy saturdayI’ve been a busy blogger this extended-weekend. This post was a bit of something extra I suddenly decided to do. I’ve been feeling a tad guilty over just “re-winding” the first serial for you…  And then…

Everything happened at once. There was no plan for me to re-blog that lovely post from Randstein, but how could I resist?  Then I was so excited to have a completely unexpected book review at Lit World — well I had to re-blog that too!

Betty Boop Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 1988
Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Betty Boop balloon.

Back to topic – the original extra bit I actually planned to give you.  You may have figured out that I don’t exactly take this blog to “Sexy”…  But the folks at the My Sexy Saturday blog hop are very flexible about the definition of  sexy.  They were happy to accommodate the less than daring way in which I write. (Believe me you can find things there that fit a more traditional version of sexy!) Plus, they were so very nice to me the few times I’ve come out to play… I’ve always wanted to do more. However, my plate simply overfloweth… I can’t do everything just because I’d like to.

Then I saw that this weekend they have a “Thanksgiving and Families” theme. They even included characters who have no family.  That reminded me of two characters in my short story, Chocolate with Death. So I decided to rearrange my overfull plate.

Even though these characters are not romantically involved, their relationship has a little sex appeal, and they are thankful for one another.  You can read the full story if you want.

In accordance with the blog hop rules I am to post “7 paragraphs or 7 sentences or 7 words ONLY.”  So here are seven sentences from Chocolate with Death.


If I was startled by the pain in his eyes, which clearly spoke of endless solitude and loneliness, then I was truly astonished by his reply.

“Well yes, that was sort of the entire point when I chose to visit you,” he said.  “We are not strangers. Why do you think you felt that you knew me?”

I flopped back into my chair, confused and overwhelmed. One of my bunny slippers had come off and Death examined it curiously, and then began to refill the glasses with Spumante.

“I only came to visit you – I didn’t come for you,” he said, meaning my time on this earth was not yet over.

betty boop champagne


The blog hop’s Twitter handle is @MySexySaturday.

Atonement, Tennessee by Teagan Geneviene

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20 thoughts on “My “Sexy” Saturday

      1. You are more than welcome, Teagan. I can’t wait to read your book. Don’t know when, but I’ll get to it. 🙂 🙂 ❤

        I'm not sure about that, but you are an angel to raise my spirits with your kind words. ❤


  1. I have this picture in my mind of you with bunny slippers and a good Spumante, surrounded in a halo of stories, thoughts, posts, and wondrous sentences while you study Guitar Mancer and ponder the next chapter. The Muses have clearly found favor with you these days 🙂 It must be the chocolate…


    1. LOL, there is definitely something to be said for chocolate… and Spumante might have a muse in the bottle that comes out with the fizzy bubbles.
      That’s an old story. When my white cat Aspen was a kitten i had a pair of fuzzy slippers that he attacked at my every step. I often wondered what he’d do if i had bunny slippers — that’s how they got into the story.
      Thank you for your belief and encouragement Daniel. You’re a true friend. Hugs! 🙂


  2. Very intriguing…Love the bunny sleepers. Not sure what I’d like to wear if Death came for a visit though…I’m taking note of the blog hop, see if I can participate at some point (not much for standard sexy either…)


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