A Child in the Garden of Darkness and Light

I’m supposed to be fervently working on my National Novel Writing Month book, The Guitar Mancer. But of course i had to stop and read this post from Daniel (aka Randstein). His words charmed me and i thought it would be nice to share, but i was hurrying through my morning mail, all the while feeling i should be writing. Then i saw all the links he included for creative bloggers. I “woke up” and knew i had to stop and smell the roses. All those people were creating, if much more artistically than me and my NaNoWriMo book. So, as you see, I knew i had to share Randstein’s post with all of you. Wishing you a fabulous hug filled Friday.

Survivors Blog Here

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once she grows up.”

― Pablo Picasso

Kimora Paints Grandpa, why did you hide all the pink markers under the couch? To teach you to use other colors my dear child. Watch your lines…

My grand-daughter is seven and has been an avid art student since she first painted an epic battle scene between dots, circles, and lines on my living room wall at one year old.  She is a fifth generation student of the Garden of Darkness and Light. Her grand parents have immersed her in music, art, writing, math, science, and literature.

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4 thoughts on “A Child in the Garden of Darkness and Light

  1. What a wonderful post, thank you so much for sharing. Sometimes we get so caught up in the daily frenzy that is or can be our lives and we forget to stop and appreciate. Thank you and the wonderful Randstein for helping me pause.


  2. Thank you Teagan! You are too kind. I am enamored of the talent and skill in the arts and literature that WordPress has made available to anyone with a desire to experience the vast creativity shared here. I was taught long ago that our lives are given lasting value in the things we create and share. Homer had no idea that millions of children centuries later would read of his epic accounts. It is in our creativity that we leave behind those dark things that live around us and in our minds. Without our arts and literature we would only be bi-pedal hominids struggling to find balance in our environment. It is the arts, science, and literature that bridges us to humanity. You are very much a part of that with the wonderful stories you share.


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