Young adult adventure in belle Paris: Author interview with Evelyne Holingue

Here’s one more in this mini-series of reblogging some author interviews that were done on my readers. Please sit back and enjoy as our lovely friend Evelyne Holingue is interviewed by Kimberly Sullivan.


Trapped in Paris coverI’m extremely happy to have talented author Evelyne Holingue on my blog today. I met Evelyne through her fabulous blog.

I was bound to love Evelyne’s blog and her writing. Evelyne is from France (alongside Italy, my favorite country in the world), where she grew up in beautiful Normandy and studied in Paris.

As an adult, Evelyne moved to America-to California-with her husband, where they raised their children. Evelyne’s posts are full of wonderful observations about life in America through the eyes of a French woman. As the mother of children who have fully integrated into their new homeland, she also offers insight into watching her family growing up in two cultures.

Evelyne writes in both French and English. Her first published novel is a young adult adventure entitled Trapped in Paris. Although I’ve been lucky enough to have hosted many author interviews on my site, Evelyne is…

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11 thoughts on “Young adult adventure in belle Paris: Author interview with Evelyne Holingue

  1. Thanks for visiting, Suzanne. Evelyne has a post somewhere on her blog that has a recording of her reading one of her stories (she did it for some project — i forget what). Having heard her voice adds richness to reading her other stories.
    Wishing you a lovely night. Great-big hug!


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