Three Ingredients Jar of Spooky Things

Oh applesauce! You might think this is a new episode and I don’t want to tease you…  Sorry, but it’s not more of the serial – I’m just telling you about something new.

Story Jar_Crystal ball

Cookbook-II Jar of Spooky Things

When I was doing my “Three Things” writing exercise (which inspired our first “interactive” serial) I made a jar filled with things written on strips of scrap paper.  I’d draw three bits of paper and write until I had mentioned each of the things.  If I was moved to keep writing after I had worked all three into whatever story snippet I came up with, then all the better.

Since this incarnation of the culinary mystery is part ghost story, I’ve wanted to add a spooky element to the random things that drive the tale – your ingredients.  But… the truth is, I really have a lot on my plate these days and I couldn’t think of an easy way to add another type of ingredient to our culinary mystery.  Then my eyes fell upon my three things exercise jar.  So I’ve repurposed the old Mason jar.  Now it’s the Jar of Spooky Things.Crystal w-Story Jar 06-29-14

To ensure that I really do use random ghostly elements, Crystal is on hand to supervise.  She has extraordinary supervisory skills.  Big-brother Aspen is schedule oriented.  He lets me know quite loudly when I’m up past my bedtime.  Between the two of them, they usually keep me in line. Well okay, so they have their hands — I mean paws full sometimes.Aspen-Crystal-New-Blanket 2-2014

Next Up – Squash, Ice, Goat’s Milk

Episode-4 will feature the ingredients: Squash, Ice, and Goat’s Milk.  Add to that mixture, the Spooky IngredientPhosphorescent.

See you next weekend!

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16 thoughts on “Three Ingredients Jar of Spooky Things

  1. Reading this gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. Big hugs to Aspen and Crystal. And Mr. Puck sends a gentlemanly paw shake to them, too :-).


  2. Oh what a terrible friend you turned out to be Teagan. A deliberate tease to make me think there was a new episode waiting behind my button.only to let me down at the last minute when I’ve committed myself to this relationship without hesitation. It’s just as well I’m a good friend and adore you so that I’ll revert to being my usual patient self until Saturday.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


    1. Waahh! I did try to warn you… But i see the error of my ways. I’ll repent by letting you send “supernatural ingredients” that i’ll draw from the Jar of Spooky Things. 😉
      Forgive me?
      Oh, come on. Pretty please? Else i’m stuck here with Maestro Mario’s belching.


  3. Tee-hee! Thanks Suzanne. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one having a good time!
    It’s really kind of funny. When i look at the random words, i see images/pictures, and away i go. But it doesn’t always happen without the random factor.
    I’ve tried to train my brain to work with it for the sequel to “Atonement, Tennessee,” by using my Pinterest pins and writing about them. It was working pretty well, until I got too busy with non-writing stuff.
    Again, i’m delighted that you’re having a good time! Great-big-hugs to you and the pugs!


  4. With an ingredient list comprised of squash, ice and goats milk with phosphorescent thrown in this will prove to be a very interesting and exciting chapter; I am waiting to see how you weave that into the story, This is so much fun,


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