Three Ingredients: Stay Tuned for the Parade of Pets

Episode-24 Rabbit_Sign copy

Don’t stray — Episode-24 is headed your way


You’re used to the new episodes of The Three Ingredients culinary mystery serial appearing on Saturdays.  This week getting it finished within that self-imposed deadline seemed like a big challenge.  I didn’t want anyone to feel abandoned if I didn’t get this post out until tomorrow.  So I’m sending this teaser.


What do you predict for Episode-24?  What do you see in your “crystal ball” for the conclusion of this storyline?  That’s part of the fun of a mystery story — anticipating the different outcomes.  When the setting is an era other than our own, there seem to be even more variables because we have to push our minds into an unaccustomed way of thinking.  Our 1920’s characters surely thought of everything from a perspective that is unlike from ours.


As a little treat to tide you over until tomorrow, here is a forward looking vision of the future from Pip’s era.


Video:  1920’s – What The Future Will Look Like


Stay tuned for the next episode of The Three Ingredients serial!


13 thoughts on “Three Ingredients: Stay Tuned for the Parade of Pets

  1. The video is really cool. The French I am loved the fashion section! Interesting to see that the focus was more on transportation than communication, which have shaped the late 20th century and early 21st. Nothing about blogs and The Three Ingredients!


    1. Thanks for dropping by, Judith. Glad you got a kick out of the video. The hair styles cracked me up. 🙂 Oddly enough, they were pretty on track with a few things, like the streamlined yachts.
      Have a superb Saturday!


      1. Ya I like to see the past sometimes .The hair styles are crazy but kind of cool;)They was right about streamlined yachts. oh I been meaning to say Thank you I ben meaning to tell you thank you for adding me to your stories sorry so rude. well Happy Saturday to you;)


    1. Oops… Sorry. 🙂
      It’s sweet of you to stop and comment, David. I hope your computer, server, internet, etc are behaving themselves now. Looking forward to your diary post this evening.


  2. Oh gosh, what a fascinating video. The airplanes over the flyover remind me of that Tom Cruise futuristic movie, the name I forget.

    At times, I wish we were living in what seems like an innocent age.

    Looking forward to the next episode.


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