Conclusion of Three Things Serial Headed Your Way

Yes, the conclusion of Three Things Serial is headed your way.  1920s Flapper Driving

I made sure the sets of “three things” readers sent me drove all aspects of this little story.  Everything — the characters, setting, even the plot took shape and turns from the things all of you sent.  Now the storyline is ready to conclude…

This Weekend!

So stay tuned.

Need to catch up with Pip, Mona, Boris and the others? The entire story lives on The Three Things Serial page.

See you this weekend,


4 thoughts on “Conclusion of Three Things Serial Headed Your Way

  1. Your wrap up is going great. What’s next? Is Frankie proposing? Is everyone getting jobs with Ringling? You’ve done a remarkable job on the web content. Its top-notch and I have learned so much along the way about history and people links.


    1. Oh, thank you so very much RC. Your kind comment was such a wonderful way to start my day!!!

      I’ll post the conclusion shortly. I think most people will be surprised by a twist in the ending. I’m not being malicious with it — that’s just how the circumstances played out in my mind.

      There will probably be a little epilog to tie up a few loose ends.

      I hope you get a stress-free weekend.

      Big hugs,


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