Ducky-closePeople have expressed an unexpected amount of interest in a video I posted within a comment on my last post about National Novel Writing Month.  The video was about the Neon Sign Boneyard in Las Vegas, one of three things that inspired the novel I will write this November.

(Wow… am I hung up on “three things” or what?  This has nothing to do with our Three Things Serial. Do you think it’s Pip, already nagging for her voice to be heard?)

Anyhow, I thought I’d share another video, with a different interview.  It doesn’t show as many of the signs as I had hoped, but it’s more informational/educational than many of the others.  You can do a Google image search and find loads of pictures of the signs.  Look for the Silver Slipper, the Lucky Ducky, and (I don’t know the name of this one but…) a gigantic pool player.  Any of those might get a bit part in Tatterdemallian:  the Electric Zucchini.

Here’s the video:




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