Cover Reveal: Atonement, Tennessee

I can’t help feeling pretentious, announcing a cover reveal on my little blog, for my little novel, Atonement, Tennessee.  I never delude myself that I write great literature, and this one is purely meant to be entertainment.  (Granted, I am very serious about The Dead of Winter, but even there I don’t pretend to write anything that should be called literature.)

Since December I’ve said that I would use my 2012 National Novel Writing Month book, Atonement, as my “grand experiment” with indie publishing.  It truly is an experiment, though it is more humble than grand.

The more I learn about indie, the more humbled — and intimidated I am.  I have a full time job.  I have to earn a living to keep the roof over my head, and that takes nearly all my time and energy.  From the beginning of this “experiment” I realized that I couldn’t self publish and do it effectively.  So why did I let that get in the way of my experiment?  I intended to publish Atonement this spring.  I even posted some cover concepts on which many of you were kind enough to provide feedback.  (Eventually I discarded all of those, and continued to feel intimidated and inadequate.)

However, after repeated kicking of my own pants, I hope I have the grand experiment back on track.  I’ve selected cover art and I am pleased with it.  Soon I will begin putting the novel on the various sales sites, though I’ll likely do those one at a time, beginning with CreateSpace/Amazon.  I’ll do it that way because that is what I am able to do, not because it is what I should do.  I’ll keep you posted on my experiment’s progress with that final part.  (By the way, the print doesn’t show as well here on the blog.  Click on the picture for a larger image.)

So without further preamble, I present to you the cover for

Atonement, Tennessee

Atonement, Tennessee cover



8 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Atonement, Tennessee

  1. I like the cover. Very mysterious. I think you should do well with the online publishing, people are always looking for new works.


    1. Thank you RC! I hope you’re right. It’s just that based on everything I’ve seen and read from indie writers talking about it, it still seems unlikely.
      But like they say… Art for the sake of art.


    1. Hi Lynn. I’m delighted that you stopped to comment.
      It is the high point of my day for you to say that I’m helping motivate you! (Getting to write the weekly motivational messages for my former boss was probably the best job/task I’ve ever had.)

      Here’s a bit of info about Atonement:

      If all goes well between me and the online systems I will post it for Kindle this coming weekend.



  2. Excellent cover Teagan. We all have doubts when we self publish because recognition is very difficult and the time spent promoting isn’t relevant to the number of books sold. However, when you do come to publish, don’t forget to add #RT so that people will retweet to their own followers for you. I wish you lots of luck with what I’m sure will be a great book.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


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