Three Things Serial: 1 – Oscillating Fan, Scent, Cowboy

August 3, 2013

????????Here begins the “Three Things Serial Story.” Mary kicked things off with Oscillating Fan, but to keep things consistent right from the start, I needed to use three things.  So I took two more “things” from Mary’s last two blog posts: Scent and Cowboy.

The Three Things Serial Story

With “things” sent from readers everywhere

Chapter 1

Oscillating Fan, Scent, Cowboy

Tic, tic, tic, grunt.  Tic, tic, tic, grunt.  The noise chipped away at her preoccupied mind while she absently gazed at the quiet street below.  It was Sunday, so hardly anyone was out.  A little boy in a cowboy costume came around the corner.  He pushed himself against the brick wall of the building across the street and peeped back around its edge at his unseen playmate.  Then he jumped out with arms spread like a bear to startle his friend, and quickly disappeared out of sight.

Tic, tic, tic, grunt.  Tic, tic, tic, grunt.  The sound of the fan drew her attention away from the window.  Some would find the low repetitive noise hypnotic, perhaps even relaxing.  To her, however, the sound was becoming downright annoying.  A dust bunny skittered out from a corner, propelled by the breeze of the oscillating fan.  The stirring air brought a familiar scent to her nostrils and she looked toward the door.

30 thoughts on “Three Things Serial: 1 – Oscillating Fan, Scent, Cowboy

  1. Jeez Louise, another winner in the making! The “scent”……cologne? perfume? Now my mind is preoccupied! Lol. That’s a terrific grungy looking oscillating fan Dan photographed. I saw many of them when I was growing up, and the only time they were clean and shiny is when they were removed from the box!! I kid you not! Looking forward to Chapter 2.

    Hope your “issues” are a thing of the past by now. Bummer. 😡
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. Hi Ginger! Haha, I had the same experience with those fans. Some had congealed dust-ball streamers.
      This serial is actually how I built my blog (after about 6 months of blogging, I decided to use my “three things” writing exercise to do a blog serial. So this is the first of many. It amounted to a novella, which is “The Three Things Serial Story” cover you see in the trailing end of my posts.
      I’ve rerun it a couple of times, so I don’t really intend to repeat the whole thing. Rather I hoped to renew interest for when I have the third book of this particular group ready to publish.

      Thanks very much for visiting. You’re the bee’s knees!


  2. Well, it sure didn’t take you long to get me hooked! “Tic, tic, tic, grunt.”

    I have to admit to dressing up as both Davey Crockett and Bat Masterson when I was a little kid.

    Great start, Teagan!

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    1. Tee-hee! That would have been fun. I never had play costumes, but sometimes I’d sneak a black half-slip from my mother’s dresser and put it on my head, to pretend it was my long flowing black hair. o_O
      Thanks for dropping by here — and for having read the whole novella. Hugs.

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    1. Rattling good … I like that! 😀 Thanks so much for visiting and for taking a moment to comment.
      Evan, your photography blog is 100% fascinating. I’m looking forward to learning from it (and i’m not even a photographer)! Hugs.


    1. Thanks! I promise you — giving three is not being greedy!  It’s actually being helpful. I was afraid to let myself see “who” this character/narrator is before more “threes” are sent. It will give me a more free-wheeling beginning.   For some reason, this exercise [at least for me] lends itself well to mystery stories.  Maybe that’s because I’ve no idea what’s coming next.  But when you said “oscillating fan” my mental vague story setting became an old movie type detective’s office.  I didn’t go into that detail in case other “threes” changed my mind.  



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