Create Changes


Why am I here when I have so much work that really has to be finished today?  I saw something that I couldn’t resist — and this doesn’t take nearly as much time as making an episode of our “Three Ingredients” serial.

Sometimes things change, beyond our control, when they’d be much better left as they were.  At other times we try and try to enact a positive change, but we spin our wheels, getting nowhere.  That’s when the old adages “Be patient” or “It’s not meant to be” grate against the spirit.

When we’re trying to make a change, and despite all dedication, determination, and diligence it just won’t happen, what’s to be done?

Then we change how we go about creating that change!

First I saw the quote above. It’s attributed to Jim Rhon, a “business philosopher.”  Then I thought of a song and I really got into the old music video of it.  So I had to take time to share those two things with you.

Roll with the Changes!