Thistledown Hiatus 6 ― on a Mattress

Friday, November 24, 2017

Thistledown is still on hiatus for National Novel Writing Month. So I’m leaving you with a vintage story.

Not all faery (fairy) tales are sugarcoated as we think of them today.  Most of you probably know that the originals from the Brothers Grim were far from sweet.  Many current TV series and movies with a dark take on those tales have been popular. I guess we should call them grownup fairy tales.  Here’s one of my favorite grownup versions… although I wouldn’t exactly call it dark.  But then again… 

Episode 6 of Thistledown — Midsummer Bedlam gave shout-outs to Sally Georgina Cronin of Smorgasbord – Variety is the Spice of Life and Dan Antion of No Facilities.  Please visit their blogs and say hello.

If you missed that episode or you want to review…  Click here for episode 6.

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Global Belly Laugh Day

Carol Burnette TVGuide

I understand that today is Global Belly Laugh Day.  Now I haven’t had time to investigate whether or how this might be any official sort of “Day,” so I guess the mail will be delivered and the banks will be open.  And you’d best go to work if you’re scheduled to do so today – your employer probably doesn’t support a day of laughter.

Whether official, or merely a delightful concept in the minds of a handful of giggling souls, today I’m spreading the chuckles, chortles, and cackles.  I’m sharing vintage comedy.  When I was a child there wasn’t quite as much mean-spirited “comedy.”  Personally, I don’t understand what’s funny about yelling, or doing spiteful things to another, or watching someone get hurt.  But that’s just me.

There were several people who made me laugh.  Lucille Ball, Bob Hope, Tim Conway… and in my older-youth Robin Williams’ early stuff left me in helpless fits of giggles.  For me the most inspirational was Carol Burnett.  I remember evenings sitting on the foot of the bed looking up at the TV as she strode Bob Mackie w-Stetchconfidently onto the stage.  She looked so tiny.  Yet she dazzled in an incredible Bob Mackie gown.

(Even as a small child I loved beautiful things.  The fact that I didn’t have any in no way diminished my appreciation of them.  And I loved to look at beautiful clothes, so comedy plus Bob Mackie equaled one transfixed, fascinated little girl.)

The thing that delighted me most about the Carol Burnett shows was how they made one another laugh.  So I’m sharing this video and hoping to give you a giggle and a guffaw.  Happy Belly Laugh Day!

And now…

As the Stomach Turns