Boy Did He Get a Wrong Number


Boy Did He Get a Wrong Number aka Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

I pay regular visits to this blog’s spam folder, because sometimes I find old friends marooned there.  Don Massenzio was a good sport about being trapped there. 

Spam image 2

Of course most of the things I usually find are downright insulting people who want to tear me down in order to sell their services. Not working!  

Some are offensive in other ways.  Then there are the ones that are just plain strange.  For instance this one.  Boy did he get a wrong number!

Spam Girls 1

If they only knew the truth…

Dino Visits Phyllis

Another spam was from a guy calling for a boycott against all American women.  I kept that one for awhile (wondering what I could do with it) because of how deeply offensive I found it… too bad I got rid of it before I had the idea for this post.

With spam, misrepresentation is even more perverse than in dating.  The one thing of which you can be certain is that you are not getting what’s advertised.  I mean seriously… It would be about like me billing myself as “Motorcycle riding hot mama. Pink is my signature color.  Love getting frisky with mustard. Come join me in a bubble bath.”  Boy, would that be a wrong number! (You have to see the video below for that to even begin to make any sense.)

Was there a point to this post?  Erm… I guess not, except to tickle your funny-bone.  Until next time, hugs and kisses.

Bob Hope, the man with the wrong number

I think this is the full movie.

See you next time.  Mega hugs!


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