Poll — What Supernatural Creature?

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Atonement Blog Party Bus Loaded
The Atonement TN party bus

Thanks for sticking around. I was gone for quite a while (without Internet).  It seems like a lifetime ago that I created the above party bus for the launch of the second novel in the Atonement series.  I was surprised when it showed up today, but it’s fitting for this post.  

In case you’ve forgotten, I’ve been thinking about preselecting some of the details for my next blog serial.  You’re right — that’s not the way I usually handle my serials.  I like to let the random reader things drive everything about the serials.  But you’d be surprised how much extra effort that is.

Anyhow this time, one thing that I will preselect is the setting of the story.  The setting I’ve been considering is my fictional, supernatural-infested little town of Atonement, Tennessee.  To include you, dear reader, as much as possible, I have a request…

Today, I’m asking you to participate in a poll.  Tell me what supernatural being you would like to have in the new serial.  To help you out, here’s a bit about the setting.  The Atonement series is urban fantasy — that is to say, set in the modern-day real world, but with magic. 

small southern town Scott Pixabay
Scott at Pixabay

Atonement is a small, rural town in Tennessee.  It looks a lot like the image above.  The existing books have supernatural characters that include mischievous glowing pigs, fae beings, a fallen angel, and others that I won’t mention, to avoid spoilers for those who have not read the series.

Of course, any new Atonement story needs supernatural beings or critters.  Please participate in the poll below.  Don’t worry, you won’t get spam from doing it.  If the poll doesn’t work for you, then please leave your preferred supernatural character in a comment.


I must have been vague about what this poll is about, the objective. 

What are Supernatural Beings?

For the purpose of this story and poll, we’re talking about creatures, animals, or beings that are not part of the natural world. An example would be a Pegasus — the horse can fly, but it has no magical powers.

OR, a being or animal that actually does have magical powers like Kokopeli, or a lepruchan, or wizard.

OR an animal or being who has abilities that are beyond those of ordinary humans, such as a shapeshifter.

ALSO, the supernatural creature/being must already exist (so to speak) — its “species” has to have a name, not just a description or something it can do.

Note:  The option for “Other” is not working properly in that it does not allow you to fill in a suggestion. 

♣ ♣ 

Thanks for participating.  Friendly comments are encouraged.

♣ ♣ 

Atonement kindle covers Cat eyes shelf 2023

The Atonement Series

Atonement, Tennessee

Full series of e-books with one click:  relinks.me/B087JV25JT

Kindle:  rxe.me/HGSVA8A

Paperback: relinks.me/1481826948

Also in Spanish, translated by Olga Núñez Miret! The title for the Spanish-speaking market is Expiación y Magia

Atonement in Bloom

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Paperback:  relinks.me/1726882128

The Glowing Pigs, Snort Stories of Atonement, Tennessee

Kindle   rxe.me/LTBDNH

Paperback   relinks.me/1725891972



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75 thoughts on “Poll — What Supernatural Creature?

    1. Heartfelt thanks for your encouragement, Ms. Frances. I’m trying to let new characters for my fictional Tennessee town come into my mind. But after so recently losing my feline companion and emotional support cat of 16 years, I’m not getting anything. Maybe soon. I hope.
      Hugs on the wing. 💙❤️💙


  1. Hi Teagan! I’m glad you have your internet back and I guess I also made my way back at a good time. I voted and so far, my choice (unicorn) is in the lead. I used to collect unicorns and still have a few lovely pieces in my china cabinet. I’m looking forward to the next serial. It will get me going on Saturday mornings!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha. For the most part, yes. I have too much lower back pain to be out or up doing much. Although I do as much maintenance in the house and yard as I can — and feel guilty about the rest.
      I have so many stories to tell, David. The ones that are only a glimmer in my consciousness, and the many on which I’ve made a start, but not finished, like The Guitar Mancer, Hullaba Christmas — the Snatched Santa, Wheel of Fortune, Rose of India, Fiona Finch & the Pink Angel, Pride & Flowers — Prejudice & Dirigibles, The Skull of the Alchemist, Tatterdemallian the Electric Zucchini, and I’m sure I’ve missed some. Plus putting a final polish/edit on The Delta Pearl, which actually is finished. As well as a couple of non-fiction things for my Author Tool Chest series.
      Stay safe and well. Hugs.


      1. Teagan, though you are wounded at the moment, you are an example of s highly productive person. I know what makes you tick because I am too, and I’ve written quite a bit about the interesting minds of productive people.

        I get a kick out of hearing about all you’ve written. I always look forward to your blog. I made a decision walking home from school in fourth grade to devote myself to writing, and so I have. Like you, millions and milliionas of words–nine books published by various publishers by the age of forty, and then I shifted to a career of public speaking to large audiences, and then back to writing, adding poetry to my repertoire.

        I like your energy and your playfulness, your high spirits., and your modesty. I can see that you have a wonderful reputation, and it is deserved.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. You are far too kind, David. My background doesn’t begin to compare with yours. Coming from you, this means a lot.
          I’ve just suffered a personal loss. It hits me 100 times harder than it does a normal person who doesn’t have my CPTSD issues. I want to say that I might be away from blogging, but it is also a connection with the world that I don’t ordinarily have. So I probably won’t take much of a break, despite how heartbroken and devastated I am, and will be for quite some time to come.
          Hugs winging to you.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Teagan, I’m very sorry about your loss. Whenever someone hears about a loss in the life of someone they care about, it leaves them speechless: I don’t have words to express about your loss. I can only hope that you recover from it and that somehow it is transformational to you and leads to something positive in your life. I can understand your taking a break from blogging, and I think it’s a good idea. Bbut I hope that you do return to blogging. You have so much to say, and what you say brings pleasure to so many people.

            Liked by 1 person

      1. Those are cool. I was thinking of the door guardians in stone that I keep finding around the city–lions and green men and devils and winged creatures and gargoyles. Gargoyles from the facade of a church–that would be interesting.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks about the glowing pigs, Dan.
      Yeah, the poll is yet another fail. WordPress changes it every time I use it. In the past “Other” has always come with a fill-in-the-blank.
      Maybe I should take the post down.
      Crystal’s latest health problem is more than I can cope with anyway.

      Rick Riordan had a terrific cyclops character in his Percy Jackson series. It was huge fun.
      Enjoy the party at your virtual bar. Hugs.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. I know that you are too familiar with this kind of thing in your furry-family. Thanks for being supportive.
          At first it did not look like anyone had used the poll at all. The latest version (inside) tells me no one has responded. I did a test on my blog page though and saw that people actually are using it. So I’ll leave the post up, whether or not I’m in a fit state to answer comments.
          At least this thread with you, gives anyone who is concerned or curious an explanation for my absence.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad your internet is working, Teagan. That was a fun poll. I was going to suggest a shape-shifting salamander, but that wasn’t an option. Lol. I love your Atonement books and can’t wait to get into your new seriel. It sounds like its going to be wonderful fun. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Such a difficult choice, Teagan! Other than the usual, I would enjoy any, but I am sure even “the usual” would be wonderfully unusual in your hands. I am looking forward to more flights of fancy. Happy weekend, Teagan!

    Liked by 1 person

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