Wednesday Writing — Two #BookReviews from Dan Antion at No Facilities

Wednesday, November 16, 2022
Welcome, all.  I hope the first half of your week has been good.  The bright spot in my week is a book review.  It’s gratifying and actually humbling to see A Peril in Ectoplasm: Just Once More get such wonderful attention.  What a fabulous blogging and reading community we have!  I’m honored that fellow blogger/author Dan Antion chose it as one of the books he reviewed for the first in a semi-regular series of posts.  If you haven’t already been to his post please click the link below. 

There’s another book in his post too, and it’s garnering rave reviews.  Click over and see what he has to say about a spook-tacular offering from Staci Troilo and Mae Claire.

I know the link is hard to spot when we use the “reblog” function, so here’s the link to Dan’s reviews:

Book Review

A Peril in Ectoplasm ouija kindle promo

Welcome to a maybe-new-thing on No Facilities. It’s new, but it won’t be a regular weekly post. I read a lot of books, but I don’t write enough reviews. This past year, people have been so kind writing reviews of my books, that I decided to change that. So, I thought I’d make it a […]

Two Review Tuesday — No Facilities

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Wednesday Writing — Imagery

Image by Teagan
Image by Teagan

People often describe my writing as visual.  Maybe that’s because I have to see the scene, all the details of a setting clearly in my mind, or else I can’t write it. I put a number of vivid mental images in A Peril in Ectoplasm.  The prose of the opening, the rhythm of typewriters clacking, the villain tugging on her silk gloves.  The one that I enjoyed most was what Daphne saw in her crystal ball at the beginning of the story.

Was there a story where the author created a mental image that really stuck with you?  Feel free to share in a comment.  Have an easy coast down the other side of this midweek hump.  Hugs on the wing.

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A Peril in Ectoplasm

Cover A Peril in Ectoplasm by Teagan Riordain Geneviene

“A Peril in Ectoplasm: Just Once More” is now available.

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33 thoughts on “Wednesday Writing — Two #BookReviews from Dan Antion at No Facilities

  1. Congratulations on the review, Teagan. You are a visual writer and that is my favourite type of author. Other visual authors that manage to draw you right into the book, as a reader, are Dickens, Hemmingway, Charlotte Bronte. The War Poets are all very visual. You are in splendid company.

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  2. Congratulations on a great review, Teagan. Yes, your writing is very visual. When you asked about a scene conjured up by a piece of writing, I thought about the last book I just finished reading yesterday. The Ghosts of Riots Past. It is a tough read at times, but there are some wonderful episodes, and one I think I’ll remember for a long time, is a young man from Derry, who loved cars since he was a child, and finally managed to buy a very old one and got it working. Then, all the youngster from the apartment building would pile up inside, after one of them had gone to the petrol station to get a gallon of fuel, and because none of the dashboard indicators worked, they never new how much petrol they had left, so they would always come back pushing the car. ♥

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