Man Made Items (like slang) — My Author Tool Chest #VictorianSlang #Vocabulary

Wednesday, September 7, 2022
What a great surprise from Dan Antion.  He featured the slang dictionaries from my “Author Tool Chest” collection among a lovely collection of man-made items. I’m thrilled for the new addition to that series, Speak Chuckaboo, Slang of the Victorian and Steam Eras” to get this boost.

Click the link in bold to see the rest of Dan’s post and his take on how slang is man-made.

Speak Chuckaboo by Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene

I am going to stretch the topic of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge and go beyond the photos in the gallery. “This week our topic is celebrating Man-made items. Have fun.” I know that as an adjective, ‘man made’ isn’t gender specific, but I want to spend a few minutes […]

Click the link below!

Man Made Items (like slang) – CFFC — No Facilities

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Speak Chuckaboo



Speak Flapper



32 thoughts on “Man Made Items (like slang) — My Author Tool Chest #VictorianSlang #Vocabulary

  1. Great to “see” you back … Love your new “profile” pic in the post you linked to this one – oh, how we wriggle ourselves in all kinds of descriptions , not to offend anyone – man made I thought referred to made by a human being, lol (this is all in a joking manner, not sarcastic). Emille

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