The End — Abby Normal

Monday, March 28, 2022

I’m not normal.  How?

For once I’m not talking about any of my “stuff,” anxiety disorders or PTSD.  Even before those things took over my life, I wasn’t normal.  It’s why the decade I lived in DC was such a bad thing.  How am I so abnormal?  Partly because I get true enjoyment from helping others.  I had one boss who came right out and told one of my bosses before him (yes there were several) that I was stupid for it.  Yep, my ID badge should have named me Abby Normal.


Helping my friends gives me such a good feeling.  So does sharing the things I learn, and sharing my stories.  I include blogging in that.  I’m glad to be Abby Normal about that.

However, I’m taking a break from all that until I can finish writing the new ending for Dead of Winter.  

I’m not complaining at all. I really do love to help. Sharing and helping gives me more in return, emotionally, than I can describe.  However, I’m still Abby Normal in the ways of my “stuff.”  While it might seem like it only takes me a few minutes to write a blog serial, or visit a score of blogs to leave comments, I can’t simply return to my writing. 

Helping others with publishing or writing information and feedback might seem to only take a moment, but I’m Abby Normal, so that isn’t how it is for me. Images used to be a joy for me to create.  Those take considerably more than a moment.  They take many hours, and then at least as much again for me to regain my authoring mindset.  In fact, any of the things that I love to do for others not only takes the time I spend working on them — because of my “stuff” it takes me a couple of days afterward to be able to focus on writing again.

When I finish Dead of Winter, I’ll come back to my usual Abby Normal self.  I’ll happily comment, share information, and hopefully be up to making images… all the things where I find joy in helping my friends. 

Before my temporary signoff to write “the end” I’m sharing my visit to Dan Antion’s virtual bar.  Many of you have been over to the renovated place, and thanks for joining us. It’s not the No Facilities Bar anymore, but the “Island View Cafe.”  I share some personal secret stuff about the characters in Dead of Winter.  Don’t worry, I don’t give spoilers.

I’ll see you after “the end.”  Love and hugs,  Teagan.

Two limes, artfully balanced. As you can see from the top image, the renovations to the Island View Café are complete…barely. Just yesterday, the crew had ropes wrapped around the Plaza Theater’s old marquee and were hoisting it into place above the lounge doors. It’s temporarily roped into place, but today, we welcome our first […]

Click the link below to visit my post at Dan’s.

The First Teagan of Spring – SoCS — No Facilities

66 thoughts on “The End — Abby Normal

  1. I’m excited about your finishing the Journeys. I have a credit card in my hot little hand, ready to buy them all as soon as the final one is up. Oh, imagine my cackles of joy over a whole boxful of treasure!

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  2. Take all the time you need as you are a very (I repeat) very gifted writer!!! Your work is so inspiring and gifted……that never comes without its own challenges and struggles, but in my opinion worth the journey!! My best to you!! Deep breath…you are so gifted!!

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    1. Kirt, you are so very kind — heartfelt thanks for these encouraging, and comforting words. When I have these difficulties (especially where writing is concerned), it’s frustrating because I *know the story* and what needs to be done… Yet it’s as though I’m enveloped in and immobilized by a dark gray, impenetrable fog (but thicker than fog). It’s very important to me to create a great ending for Dead of Winter, so I’m doing my best to break through it. Ha. Now the Doors are playing Break on Through in my head. Stay safe and well. Hugs on the wing.

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  3. I have caught up again, Teagan. I can relate to needing time to finish projects. Wishing you and Crystal all the best as you enjoy the spring as it unfolds. Many hugs to you both. ❤️ ❤️

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  4. HI Teagan, there is an old English saying “Them’s all queer except you and I, and yous a bit odd.” I am a big fan of the Mad Hatter’s comment in Alice in Wonderland “We’re all mad here.” I have never felt normal, I don’t think like other people and they often struggle to understand / follow my thought pattern. I have to repeat myself and draw pictures, it’s quite frustrating. So, don’t feel alone, here in the blogosphere we are all individuals who revel in our difference. Bravo to you and good luck with finishing your book.

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    1. Beautifully said, Robbie. Your comment makes me want to stand up and cheer! If all people would *revel* rather than *ridicule* what a wonderful world it would be. I hadn’t heard that old English saying. How funny. I love it. Have a relaxing weekend. Hugs on the wing.

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  5. This has been good, no doubt about that. So, it is the end, the hardest part and most tricky to write! ! Thank you for your time and story. I am hoping that this is not the end, that there will be more to come! All and many best wishes! ! Have a good spring and summer. I will wait for more to come!

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  6. I don’t consider you Abby Normal. If you are, then I am, too. (Admittedly, that’s not a good argument.) But I get great joy out of helping people, too. If that’s unusual, then I’m glad to be with the oddballs on that one.

    Wishing you much luck in finishing!

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  7. Remember that “Normal is only an average of all the people in a given group. You may stray from that average, but there are truly no normal people. I myself am proud to be quite far from it. I’m glad you are too
    Laugh When You Can

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  8. As a fan of Dead of Winter (and as a sometimes writer), I completely understand how difficult it can be to switch off and concentrate on the writing, especially when you are getting the most complex part of the story. Do take all the time you need. And thanks for sharing your visit to Dan’s renovated café. You’re a brave woman. ♥ and big hugs, Teagan.

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  9. I LOVE young Frankenstein. You aren’t Abby Normal. Helping people and being kind isn’t Abby Normal, and neither is being busy! You’re a dynamo, Teagan. Keep doig what you do… I’m heading over to Dan’s. Hugs.

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  10. That is one of my favorite movies, and I consider myself Abby Normal too 🙂 We all go at our own pace and we have to honor that. Sending hugs xo

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