Wednesday Writing — Free from SR Mallery

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Images of Junebug by SR Mallery, Altered
Images of Junebug by SR Mallery, Altered

I’ve been carrying on about my monthly series of novelettes,Dead of Winter.”  So today I wanted to do something different.  Junebug (above), whose many moods include the mood to share, told Crystal, and Crystal told me… about something marvelous.  You see, Junebug’s human, S.R. (Sarah) Mallery is sharing free Kindle copies of her short story, Charlotte.  Yes, I said FREE

Here’s more about Sarah’s story.

Sometimes things are not as they seem…

In 1793, all the twenty-four-year-old Charlotte desires is to travel the long distance to Paris and visit Him. Despite La Guillotine operating day and night, in spite of her family’s warnings about her being too independent, she has a true mission and will not be deterred. In the end, will everything work out? Will meeting him give her the fulfillment she so craves?
She only knows that when she finally does face him to execute her plan, she will take care to look her most beautiful. For, by doing that, she will assuredly draw him in––and forever change her life. She cannot wait.
Charlotte by SR Mallery
Charlotte by SR Mallery
Originally entitled, “Him,” in the short story collection, TALES TO COUNT ON, this is an alternative route to a famous event during the French Revolution.

Here are Sarah’s links





TWITTER: @SarahMallery1 


Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter, the first 8 Journeys Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene
Dead of Winter, the first 8 Journeys, by Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene

Of course, if you aren’t part of the “Journeys” of Dead of Winter, it’s never too late to begin.  I’m hard at work on Journey 9, The Doors of Attunement.

Universal link to series (so far) on Kindle.

All the Journeys and all my books, Kindle and paperback are available at my Amazon Author Page.  The most recent novelette is Journey 8.

Journey 8, The Lost Library



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55 thoughts on “Wednesday Writing — Free from SR Mallery

  1. AArrggghhh!
    I just bought Journey 2 on Kobo.
    I finally have it to read.
    The real journey is setting up & finding Kobo & my book. I still don’t get it 100%.
    I’ll let you know more later. However, Kobo is not cut and dried like Kindle.

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