Hullaba Lulu Party —Puttin’ On the Ritz at No Facilities

Original photo by Dan Antion. Lulu-related tomfoolery by Teagan
Original photo by Dan Antion. Lulu-related tomfoolery by Teagan

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Happy October, my chuckaboos!  Today I’m at a pos-i-lutely ritzy party Dan Antion is giving for Hullaba Lulu, a Dieselpunk Adventure.  Click over and join the fun! 

Also here’s the fab review Robbie Cheadle posted at Amazon!

Reviewed in the United States on October 2, 2020

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Hullaba Lulu is a fun and imaginative story set during the prohibition in the USA. Lulu has been raised by her grandfather who runs a speakeasy from an abandoned underground railway station. The story starts with a train appearing at the station on the speakeasy side of a rockfall. The train is owned by the mysterious Valentino and his angelbot assistants which are nothing like Lulu and her two best friends, Rose and Pearl, have ever seen before.

Before long, Lulu, Rose, Pearl and Grandfather are aboard the train and on the adventure of their lives. They travel sideways in time and visit Atlantic City, the Cotton Club in New York City and various other amazing and interesting places all seen through the skewed lens of sideways travel which results in these places being almost the same as in ordinary life, but not quite.

The author has managed to weave all sorts of fascinating titbits of information about flappers and life in the 1920’s into the tale as well as songs from that time, famous people and all every other interesting and trademark USA items you can think of like Ouija boards, automobiles, tarot cards and fortune tellers. The way they come into the story is so natural that it just seems quite right that they should be there.

There is strong characterisation in this short book and the author has a talent for creating strong female characters who are excellent role models for girls and women. I am always delighted that her women characters have healthy appetites, speak their minds and generally do not adopt the coquettish and ‘fake’ behaviour so common to women, even today.

Despite this book being reasonably short, it manages to delve into certain social problems that still exist such as the superiority of the wealthy and their habit of looking down on people who have to earn a living or whose lives are not as cut and dried with regards to relationships and lifestyles as their own.

False friendships, devious and misleading behavior, resentment and anger, all of these unpleasant and difficult emotions that hamper human happiness are featured, but they are off set by great loyalty, heroic behaviour, obtaining pleasure from simple things in life like eating a cheeseburger, and romance.

It is quite unbelievable how Ms Geneviene has managed to cover so much ground in this single fantasy book. It is a fabulous and worthwhile read and not one to miss out on.
Dan Antion's photo is the background for Teagan Tomfoolery with Lulu & the Angel-bots
Dan Antion’s photo is the background for Teagan Tomfoolery with Lulu & the Angel-bots

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