The Delta Pearl 41 — Swim

Saturday, July 18, 2020 

Image by Teagan R. Geneviene, source Pixabay
Composite of Pixaby images by Teagan R. Geneviene

Welcome, my chuckaboos. I know everyone is sick of me talking about my pathetic excuse for Internet from TDS Telecom. So, I’m only bringing it up to apologize for my absence from other blogs.  It’s hard to stay online long enough to read or even comment.    Despite the lack of service, I’m back with another all new episode of my steampunk serial, The Delta Pearl. I’ll drop the subject now.  I just hope you understand that I can’t visit if I can’t get online properly.

Random Reader Things.  I’ve brought back the papyrus, from episode 39Olga Núñez Miret gave us that.  Great minds think alike and GP Cox, and Deborah Zajac both left a Gramophone.  This episode brings back the Agate, the Cook.  Since she’s Scottish, it was the perfect time to add the Clootie Dumpling from Barb Taub.

This episode ties up the triple cliffhanger from last time.  While it is not as long as I used to make serial chapters, it is longer than I’ve been writing them this year.  So, don’t complain ― you’ve been warned.

Where did Randall Needleman and Émeraude land?  What happened to Eliza when she turned that dagger on herself?  What about the two young women lovers running away from persecution? “Alex” may have exposed herself as Alison.  Let’s not forget the newest gemstone name character, Jet Fischer, the librarian who has always been infatuated with the Delta Pearl.  Will he be left standing on the dock when the riverboat leaves?  Plus we weren’t even certain that Sid, the Cadet got safely back into the launch from his precarious place on the roof.  Read on to learn the answers to these questions.  

Now, let’s tie up that bunch of hanging threads.

All aboard!

The Delta Pearl

Chapter 41 — Swim

Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay
Rudy & Peter Skitterians at Pixabay

Soft music from the Captain’s gramophone surrounded me when I woke.  I murmured something unintelligible.

Nen mate, whatever you just mumbled, it’s a mite better than the last thing what came out of yourn mouth.  That scream near deafened me.  But I knew thez summat up wee ye the minute I looked at ye,” Blue John Boulton, the Mate, commented wryly.

Sitting up in my bed, I moved my shoulder carefully.  My mind was hazy, but I vaguely remembered Jazpe “adjusting” it, as he called the way he could deftly manipulate a joint back into place.  Then I had fainted.

“Mr. Needleman!” I exclaimed, remembering my rescuer.

“He’s on the mend.  That milquetoast inventor boy got that contraption he used on the Captain after that cloud attacked us during your birthday party.  Anyhow they got the thing around his afternoonified head and pumped some good air into his lungs.  Lucky for him that he didn’t suck up as much of the poison as the Captain did,” Blue John went on distractedly.

Kirk Douglas as Blue John Boulton
Kirk Douglas as Blue John Boulton

“Eliza is with her husband?” I made it more of a statement than a question, but to my surprise, Blue shook his head.

“No, she’s why the Captain ain’t at yourn side,” Blue complained.  “And Agate’s tending to the rich bloke.”

“Eliza?  I don’t understand.  Blue, my chuckaboo, are you well?  It seemed like you were feeling better.  Although now I’m not so sure.  It’s not like you to speak ill of the passengers,” I commented.

“Aw, it’s this confluence of the rivers we’re in.  The Delta Pearl, you know how she takes poorly to any sort of boundary or border.  The meeting of two rivers… well that’s a hundred times worse.  We’ve been sitting in this convergence way too long, Émeraude.  She can’t take much more of it before she starts to have ern own kind of problems,” the Mate explained.

“And neither can you…” I began, as understanding dawned.  “If the Delta Pearl feels distress, then so do you.  That’s what’s been going on with you all these weeks, isn’t it?”

A light tap came to my door.  Blue John jerked his head in that direction.  He was jumpier than ever.  Jet Fischer came into my cabin, followed hesitantly by Victor T. Elam.  If it was possible to see hackles rise, then the Mate’s surely did.

Blue gave a respectful nod to the librarian.  However, he glared at my young inventor.  I was shocked.  Blue John Boulton was the most congenial person I’d ever known.  I thought he must really be suffering, whether it was of the body or the mind.

Vernon Lee by John Singer Sargent 1881
Vernon Lee by John Singer Sargent 1881

“I’ll let the Cook know you’re awake,” he said, losing most of his dialect in formality since he didn’t know the two men well.  “And I expect you’ll be wanting to give this one a piece of your mind,” he added with another sharp look at Victor before closing the door.

“Please forgive Blue, he’s not well,” I told them.  “He’s never like that.”

“No,” Victor murmured and plopped down in the wingback chair that Blue vacated.  “I deserve his contempt.  I apologize, Émeraude.  I don’t know how you could ever forgive me, but I beg your forgiveness nonetheless,” he pleaded.  “While everyone else jumped to your rescue, I did nothing.”

“Nonsense, man.  You can’t swim any more than I can!  What were you going to do but drown?” Jet told him.

At my insistence Victor and Jet told me what transpired on the ground while Randall and I were suspended high above it.  Their narrative went something like this…


Flying man w umbrella

Victor, Eliza, and Jet all saw the moment when Randall let go of the net that captured me.  Eliza knew by her husband’s posture that he was either unwell or unconscious, or both.

With a sob, she grabbed Jet’s coat to take his dagger.  In the process, Eliza pushed the librarian so hard that he stumbled back several feet.  Eliza turned the knife toward her own chest.  The men thought she was about to plunge the blade into her heart.  Before either of them could reach her, she slashed with the knife.

Her back was to them as the dagger clattered to the planks of the dock.  Jet stopped, transfixed when he saw blood on the tip of the blade.  To them, it looked like Eliza clutched at her chest, holding the wound she made.

Then she thrust out both arms, pulling away her gown and petticoat.  She had sliced the garments down the front for a quick exit.  Wearing only her camisole and pantaloons, Eliza dove into the water.

Victor ran pell-mell off the dock and followed her into the water.

“What were you thinking?” I interrupted their narrative to ask, but he only shrugged mutely.

Out on the naptha launch, there was a brief argument between Obsidian Durango, the Cadet, and “Alex Rice.”  Sid was about to jump into the river to help Randall and me.  Yes, the net caught us, but we were both unconscious, and could easily drown even if we didn’t sink.

Alex demanded to be the one to swim out to us.  “He” had been able to pilot the launch as long as it was going in a straight line, but had no idea how to maneuver the craft.  Additionally, the huge net attached to the launch made it quite difficult to handle.  Sid didn’t have much choice in the matter, when Alex and Azalea both jumped into the river.

Bloomer-Club-cigars-satire Wikipedia
Bloomer Club Cigar 1890, Wikipedia. Cigar box illustration

Meanwhile, Eliza swam out to the Delta Pearl’s net where Randall and I landed.  She reached us moments after Alex, who desperately tried to hold both our heads out of the water.  Azalea, hampered by her garments struggled in the river, but eventually reached us.

By that time the police had followed the commotion to the same dock where Jet and Victor were.  Jet tossed a wooden lifesaver to the inventor and fished him out of the river with belated help from the policemen.

Then the policemen spotted all the women in the river ― particularly Eliza wearing her camisole and pantaloons.  They gasped indignation at such a display.

Worse, Alison’s disguise as Alex was in jeopardy because of her wet clothing… not to mention that she lost the cap that hid her hair.  Sid was shocked when he saw that the boy was a woman.

Thankfully, the Cadet isn’t really a bad sort.  After helping the women get Randall and me onto the launch, he made sure the supposed governess and her charge got back aboard, and hid Alison/Alex from prying eyes.

Just getting Alison out of sight would not have been enough to dissuade the appalled policemen from such scandalous behavior.  Seeing that her husband and I were safe, Eliza swallowed her worry about Randall’s unconscious state and swam back to the dock where Jet, Victor ― and the police waited.

Miranda - The tempest, by John William Waterhouse
Miranda, The Tempest, by John William Waterhouse, 1916 Wikipedia

She knew they would arrest a woman wearing just her undergarments in public, no matter what heroism had been involved.  However, Eliza made a few snide, saucy comments, just to make sure she made enough trouble to get their minds off the other women they had seen.  That was more than the proper policemen could take.  They arrested her on the spot.

Victor tried to intervene.  He put his morning coat on Eliza to hide her immodesty.  Since Jet was a local resident, he went with her to the police station.  Victor ran to the riverboat to get help.  Hearing what had happened, the Captain went to the police station to secure Eliza’s release.

The Captain sent Jet back to the Delta Pearl with a note to the Dealer and the Mate, reassuring them that he would return quickly.


“He told me to pack my things,” Jet began in awe.  “The Captain said my passage on the Delta Pearl was free for as long as I care to stay.  We seemed to hit it off, but I never expected…”

“Well, you do have a gemstone name, my chuckaboo.  He’ll likely put you to work if you let him,” I told Jet.

I turned to Victor, who had let Jet do most of the talking.  I couldn’t possibly be angry with him, but he seemed to think I should hate him.

“And you,” I began with mock severity.  “Why didn’t you drown yourself for my sake?”

My question brought a shocked but puzzled look from Victor.  He started babbling and adjusting his spectacles.

“Oh, stop.  Why would I be angry with you?  Unless it was because you jumped into the water in the first place,” I demanded.  “You’re lucky Jet was there with a lifesaver.  If you had drowned, I’d batty fang you!”

Then I remembered something, and I stopped.  My manner softened.

The Gallery of HMS Calcutta by James Tissot c.1876, Wikipedia
The Gallery of HMS Calcutta by James Tissot c.1876, Wikipedia

“You can’t swim.  And your parents were both lost at sea.  That you found the courage to get on a riverboat in the first place is amazing.  That you’d jump into the river and even try…” my voice trailed away because I didn’t know how to finish.

Jet cleared his throat uncomfortably.  Just as he started to leave, the door opened.  It was the Cook and the Chief Porter.

“Émeraude, it’s good to have you safely back aboard,” Garnet Redford told me.

I smiled to the Chief Porter, but didn’t get to speak with Agate being such a church bell.  She took over the conversation right away.

“Emmie, you gave us such a fright!  But don’t you worry none.  I’m making you a nice clootie dumpling.  Ah, there you are, Mr. Fischer.  Garnet, here found a cabin for you.  I hope you don’t mind that it’s with the crew,” she said all in the same breath, and winked.

When Jet and Garnet left, Agate swooped in, clucking like a hen.  She was fit to be tied when she saw the bruise on my shoulder.  After awhile she settled down.  Reaching into her pocket she produced a narrow strip.

“The papyrus,” I murmured.  “I thought it was lost.”

“Onyx brought it to me when he saw his Captain wasn’t aboard.  I was pretty sure he must have gotten it from you,” the Cook told me.

I told Agate and Victor how clockwork scarab appeared in the net that captured me.  It dropped the little strip of papyrus to me.  It landed in the ruffles of my neckline, but I didn’t know what happened to it after Randall Needleman freed me.

“All these strange little holes,” I started.  “What can it mean?”

“I think I know,” Victor said in a surprised voice.

An odd noise intruded on our discussion.  I remembered hearing the sound before.  It had a rhythm ― thump-thump-thud.  Two lighter bumping noises were followed by a heavier thump, which I termed a thud.  The thud was actually hard enough that I felt the vibration of it through the wall.  Thump-thump-thud it repeated several times.

Victor’s eyes widened.

“Oh, no.  Not now.  No,” he muttered.


End Chapter 41


Real World Notes

Clootie Dumpling.  I didn’t know what in heaven’s name that could be.  Despite the word “dumpling” I was not altogether sure it was food… but it is! A clootie dumpling is a traditional Scottish dessert and a comfort food to many.  You can learn more here — including a recipe.

Gramophone vs. Victrola. The Victor company used the word gramophone in England, so gramophone became an English term meaning phonograph. Victrola always referred to a machine with the horn built into the cabinet, as made by the Victor Talking Machine Company. Victor introduced the Victrola in 1906.


Thump-thump-thud?  Go back to Chapter 15 — Groan.

I love hearing from you — and hope you will leave a comment.  I’m running low on “random reader things.” Everyone is welcome to leave a “steam era” appropriate thing.  Be well, be happy, my chuckaboos 



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  1. Oh, wow. What a dickens of a do. Thank goodness everyone is safe and I know there will be more repercussions to come from this. And the papyrus? And then we are hearing this thump? Oh, Teagan, this is so exciting. ANd the Clootie Dumpling, I make them usually at Christmas and New Year. My recipe is a very old one from a lady called Granny who lived in Rousay where I grew up, the Orkney Islands. xxx

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    1. Hi Adele. Thanks so much for sharing in this comment! When Barb left clootie dumpling as a thing, I immediately thought of you, and wondered what you’d think. Where I grew up, “dumpling” never referred to anything sweet, but just the same, I’ve never met a dumpling I didn’t like! 😀
      We’re not finished with that papyrus yet. In my original manuscript, I had explained the thump, but… Now, someone has made a comment that might cause me to change what that thump means. So, right now, I’m not sure either! LOL. Heartfelt thanks for reading and commenting, my chuckaboo!


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    I like the idea of Kirk Douglas as Blue John B. 😊

    Now, we have to wait until the next installment to see if the new cliffhangers you left us will be solved!

    I hope you’ve had a good start to the week despite internet issues. See you on the dock!

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    1. Thanks so much, Deborah. Yes, I see Douglas as Blue John before the stress became too much for him. Now he has the added issue of dealing with his surrogate little sister (Emeraude) starting to date — and no boys being good enough. LOL, it might be hopeless for the poor guy. Until next time, my chuckaboo!

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    1. Hi Andrea. Yes the librarian will probably be added to the crew. Although I’m not sure what else he might do right now. However, there’s definitely more of this rewrite to come — and the new ending I recently thought of. (I’m keeping my old “ending” — it just won’t be the end) Thanks for reading and commenting, my chuckaboo!

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    1. Dear David, I’m happy to know all is well at your place. This episode was a bit of “corralling” the threads. At least this time I knew where they’d all be woven back into the story. LOL that is not usually the case. However, what used to be true about “thump, thump, thud” might have just changed. Your guess is as good as mine about what’s next. 😉 Thanks for reading and commenting, my chuckaboo!


    1. Ha, yeah, that was a long time to be left hanging in midair. Thanks for sticking with it, Jan. LOL, now I have to decide what that noise really is, because it might have changed from my original. Happy new week my chuckaboo.

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    1. You are so kind, Lavinia. It’s such a wonderful feeling when one of my characters is remembered. I’ve had regrets about bookizing that serial (Thistledown — Midsummer Bedlam). I suspended working on my November novel, because the holidays seemed like the right time to launch Thistledown. But that down-time for the novel in progress is part of the problem I’ve had finishing it. Worse, Thistledown sold next to nothing.
      The “thing” you left last year, “ancient tone” is coming up. Maybe not in the next chapter, I haven’t written it yet, but if not then, soon. Thank you for being on this riverboat, my chuckaboo!

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      1. I rechecked, looks like Thistledown was only in Kindle version, if I am reading things correctly. I have no Kindle, I am a hard copy book person. If you ever hard copy that one, I will buy it.

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        1. Hi Lavinia, my reply yesterday went to the wrong place…
          Now I worry that I seemed to be fishing, but I wasn’t. I just have the blues today. Anyhow, I always make a paperback, but printing costs keep going up, so they cost more than I’d like. I was able to lower the price by 65 cents. If you are still interested here’s a link to the paperback.

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                Amazon’s search results don’t show the same for everyone. I do all the “linking” of paperback and Kindle as they recommend, but it doesn’t show up for everyone. The only thing I’m sure of is that they’re up to something. I appreciate your persistence. I’m sorry you went to so much trouble.

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                1. It got the book ordered and it is on the way. Their system is a bit awkward, but now I can find your paperback versions of things. I get the impression they like to promote the Kindle versions first.

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                2. That’s right about promoting the Kindle versions, Lavinia. It costs them next to nothing to produce those. The paperbacks seem to have a middle man cost, even though Amazon bought the company that makes them. Some writers only publish ereader books (no hardcopy) because it’s impossible to make a noticeable profit on hardcopy. But I understand the preference to hold a real book in one’s hands. Kindles can’t provide the touch or the other senses that a hardcopy gives.

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  3. Teagan, good summary but the thud-thud-thump you referred to in another chapter still is not explained. I love the pictures in this chapter. Will Victor and Emeraude ever get to the Doing the Bear stage of courtship? Agate is surely a churchbell of a woman. Hugs chugging their way to you on steampunk wings.

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    1. Thanks so much, Pat — and about the illustrations too. I really do put a lot of work into gathering the right images and formatting the post after I write the story. Waterhouse’s painting of the Tempest wasn’t a perfect fit, but it gave me the feeling that I wanted to portray. I really loved that Victrola arrangement from Pixabay.
      Doing the bear is such a fun bit of Victorian slang. I think a lot of people will be happy if those two can manage to steal a kiss. I’m happy you are on this riverboat, my chuckaboo!


  4. A great chapter, made even more exciting by your end notes of Clootie Dumpling and Gramaphone vs. Victrola which give depth to the story. I had never heard of Steampunk writing before I met the Delta Pearl. It’s a brilliant combination of sci-fi and the Victoria age. I look forward to every one of your posts.

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    1. Thank you kindly, Rebecca. I think that’s a pretty good description of steampunk. Like many things the definition depends on who you ask. With this story I’ve added a fantasy element to what you mentioned. That’s not outside the scope of steampunk. It’s also very much an ascetic, and I haven’t done a great job of that, so this isn’t really hard core steampunk. The movie, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is one of my favorite examples of the genre. So are works from Jules Gabriel Verne, even though he wrote them before steampunk was a thing. LOL. Thanks for being on this riverboat, my chuckaboo.

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    1. I’m happy you enjoyed it, Michael.
      I was able to speak to my neighbor (standing across the yard) and she said they use the same Internet company. They have some problems, but nothing like I’m having. So I know it’s my equipment and/or lines, but TDS refuses to replace anything… I’m looking at buying the stuff myself (and still have to pay them of course). This has been a very expensive year. But at least I’ve stayed well. A happy weekend to you too, my chuckaboo!

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    It was not too, long!!!
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    1. Thank you for that feedback about the length, Resa. It helps me to know when things are okay. Wonderful things. I’ve added the pince-nez (I can easily see the Captain taking those out of a case), and the hairdo to my story matrix. Have a beautiful weekend, my chuckaboo!

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    Another great chapter to keep us all enticed and entertained! Have a wonderful Saturday, Teagan. The kids and I send purrs on the fur, and hugs.

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    1. I love your purrs on the fur signature, Mary J. I’m delighted that you enjoyed this episode. Even though it’s steampunk and fantasy, I try to bring in some of the cultural differences of the Victorian Era. Every time I see a woman “dumb herself down” (of any age, but it’s particularly maddening when it’s a younger woman) I think of how much more women of past eras had to endure and fight to change. All the way from “female hysteria” to corsets… Thanks for reading and commenting, my chuckaboo!

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      1. My roomie and I finished watching “Turn” on Netflix, which is Revolutionary War historical fiction, and we commented on all of the garments women had to endure in dress. I often wonder how they didn’t die of heat stroke during the summer. I’m so glad that we’ve slowly overcome the dress code of past eras, earned the right to vote and hold office, and have earned respect for abilities that have no bearing on sex.

        Looking forward to the next chapter to see what else happens on the riverboat.

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    1. Hi Ginger. I hope you’re having a good weekend. Thanks for spending part of it here. Blue John has a special bond with the riverboat, and it started taking it’s toll on him. Although I think I need to go back and emphasize that more. I appreciate your feedback. LOL, Eliza might need her own book. She’s the kind of character an author had to “keep an eye on” to make sure she doesn’t take over the story. I appreciate you being on this riverboat, my chuckaboo!

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  11. Despite your lack of internet, you managed to put together a fantastic chapter, Teagan. Even though you cleared up a few things, you still leave us wondering what comes next – bully for you!!

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    1. Hi Dan. I really appreciate that feedback about Victor. I try to give reminders about various things in a novel. That’s even more important in a long-running serial. However, I’ll have to watch the editing carefully when I “bookize” it, to make sure the reminding isn’t over done for that format. It was a very fun visit at your virtual bar today. Cheers, my chuckaboo!

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    1. Hi Priscilla. LOL, of course I had to bring back that spooky noise. 😊 Eliza has always been a solid personality in my mind. Lately the challenge is making sure she doesn’t take over the story. Thanks for reading and commenting, my chuckaboo!


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    1. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to pick from around here, Joanne… People all over this state seem too willing to give up and shrug off bad service as “just the way it is out here.” Although after more than a year of beating my head against the “Internet wall” and having things get worse — not better, I can’t really criticize them. I’m delighted you enjoyed this chapter. Thanks for reading and commenting, my chuckaboo!

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    1. People in less populated areas put up with a lot that others take for granted, Robbie. But I wouldn’t trade it here for being back in DC. I’d much rather be here.
      Ha! Eliza might need her own book. She’s the kind of character an author had to “keep an eye on” to make sure she doesn’t take over the story. Thanks for spending part of your weekend here, my chuckaboo!

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  15. Wow! Great episode. I’m always in awe at the way you manage to bring everything back together. I’m not very inspired today, Teagan, but I’ll rummage through my brain and bring you some random object soon. Take care and I hope the gods of communications are on your side. Good luck!

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  16. WHEW!!!! So glad poor Emeraude and Randall aren’t hanging in midair any longer. Great episode and a huge relief.

    New word? Purdonium. It’s a Victorian coal bin, often elaborately decorated to sit proudly in the parlour.

    When we were living in a tower of a 1000 year old stone castle, keeping the purdonium filled to feed the demands of the coal stove that provided all our heat was a central focus of our days.

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    1. Hi Barb! That’s a terrific thing. I appreciate the link and description. The places you’ve lived just amaze me. I know they came with difficulties, but it just sets my imagination alight. Thanks for spending part of your weekend here, my chuckaboo!


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