Sanctuary & Another Break

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

aggression Hate words graphic John Hain Pixabay
John Hain at Pixabay

Most people have limitations.  Nobody is really Super Man or Wonder Woman.  Some of us have more limiting limitations than others.  A lot of you know that I have my “issues” that get in the way of a normal life. 

I try to make this blog a sanctuary for everyone — a place to feel safe, where there will be positive things.  Well, more than that, it is my sanctuary.  If you’ve been following for awhile, then you’ve seen that every now and then I do a post, reminding everyone of that fact.  Some of you also know that means someone has managed to violate the sanctuary. When bullies come into my sanctuary, they get black listed.  Bullying comes in many forms, and I don’t put up with any of them.

Like I said, I’m dealing with a lot of “issues,” so the ability to cope with negativity or self-serving people is pretty much beyond me right now.  Okay, the truth is, I wouldn’t put up with it under any circumstance at any time. This is my sanctuary, not a forum for arguments. 

Earlier this week negative behavior prompted me to put a notice on Facebook that I’m taking a break from that site, despite how much we all need the “connections” during this difficult time of social isolation or lock-down.  Then that kind of behavior came to my blog.

bullying Finger Pointing Woman covering face target Gerd Altmann Pixabay
Gerd Altmann at Pixabay

If you only show up to say something hateful, then shut the fork up.

All that said, this weekend there will not be an episode of The Delta Pearl.  When I’m able, I will continue the series.  That won’t be long, because I will miss you too much to stay away.  But right now I can’t deal…