The Delta Pearl 29 — Search

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Yvonne et Christine Lerolle au piano Pierre Auguste Renoir 1897 Wikipedia
Yvonne et Christine Lerolle au piano Pierre Auguste Renoir 1897 Wikipedia

Welcome back, my chuckaboos.  I’m here with the steampunk riverboat, The Delta Pearl!   This chapter is short, but it’s completely new — it was not part of the original version.  

Even though it’s brief, I managed to use one “random reader thing.”  Deborah Zajac gave us Renoir. It just happens to show a lady with a pair of long gloves, that G. P. Cox mentioned, but I’ll save those as a “thing” for later. (Winks)

Shall we?  

All aboard!

The Delta Pearl

Chapter 29 — Search

Pierre-Auguste Renoir Dance in the City 1883 Wikipedia
Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Dance in the City, 1883 Wikipedia

Porters and maids secretly searched every cabin on the Delta Pearl.  Deck hands riffled through each article of stowed baggage or cargo.  The crates included a valuable Renoir painting, which Randal Needleman was transporting.

Yet the Pharaoh Diamond was not found.

I had been worried about the reaction Randle Needleman might have when we weren’t able to find the diamond.  I expected the big bug to be furious.  However, rather than threatening to give someone an anointing, he had a gleam in his eyes.

The Captain Cecil pointed out that the diamond could have been switched with the fake stone before the Needlemans came onboard.  The wealthy couple reluctantly agreed that was possible.

“I’m a reasonable man, Captain,” Needleman began.  “I’ll call it even if you give me this riverboat, even though I’d be taking a huge loss.”

My mouth dropped open in shock.  Eliza had suggested that her husband wanted to buy the Delta Pearl, but I couldn’t believe he would actually try.  Especially not in a way that seemed underhanded.

“The Captain made Needleman sign a waiver,” the Chief Porter whispered in my ear.  “Cecil Perlog always thinks ahead.”

Alfred Sisley and Wife Pierre Auguste Renoir 1868 Wikipedia
Alfred Sisley and Wife, Pierre Auguste Renoir 1868 Wikipedia

The existence of a legal document was not reassuring to me.  Though he was a huge, platinum haired bear of a man, I knew Cecil Perlog had a soft heart.  Randal Needleman was polite and refined, but I had never trusted the man.  I was worried he might be able to use guilt to take the riverboat.

“I’m sure there was a great sentimental attachment to the gem,” the Captain started in a soft tone that made me afraid I was right.  “But at least your insurance policy with Lloyds of London covers twice the value of the diamond.”

The Captain followed the statement with a loud snort.

Needleman shrugged and spread his hands.  Then he grinned.

“You can’t blame a man for trying,” he said.

Despite his glib words, Randal Needleman looked positively crestfallen.  He had lost any leverage he might have had to manipulate the Captain into giving up the Delta Pearl.


End Chapter 29


Feel free to leave a random Steam Era thing to fuel this riverboat.  I’m running low and it helps to have several on hand.  Or just leave a comment to say hello, before you leave.  Be well, be happy, my chuckaboos.  



This is a work of fiction.  Characters, names, places, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, locales, or events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2016 and 2020 by Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene

All rights reserved. 

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90 thoughts on “The Delta Pearl 29 — Search

      1. We are well!! We were exposed when we went up to Seattle early in March and went into shut down mode when we got back (4 weeks ago). My wife developed mild symptoms and got tested….negative. Our exposure was our youngest daughters mother-in-law….she developed a low fever 101 and has totally recovered….she hadn’t developed symptoms the night we were with her, but did when we got back and would have had it then. She has MS, so they got her tested and results ASAP….ironically her husband never has developed anything…go figure! No one else in the family either!

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  1. It’s so nice to come back to your beautiful stories. Keep us entertained Teagan, you are doing such a great job. But most of all stay safe and healthy.

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    1. Hi Gerlinde. Thank you kindly. Ha. I was bad before, but now I really can’t pry myself out of the house. I’m trying to be creative with canned goods. Even though I’m not a very good cook, I’m coming up with all sorts of things to do with re-fried black beans. LOL. (There wasn’t much of anything to be had (online) for proteins, but I found a case of those. Elsewhere a case of albacore tuna. Although i cannot imagine the two going together. Anyhow, after a lot of online searching, I’m fairly well stocked on acceptable foods.)
      Have a wonder-filled new week. Hugs on the wing.


  2. I don’t trust the Needleman’s! Thankfully the Captian is a great card player and knew which hand to play with that insurance card!

    Looking forward to the next chapter to see if the diamond turns up or what clues are uncovered.

    Stay well! xx

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  3. As brief, as horrible, Teagan! Cant believe Needleman wanted to buy the Delta Pearl, and nothing about hiring the Captain. Lets find the diamond. Well crafted, Teagan. Hope you are staying save and well, and you are not too lonesome there, in the prairie. 😉 Best wishes, Michael
    Btw: Great new Gravatar image: Love it!

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    1. Thank you kindly, Michael. About the Gravatar and the chapter both. 🙂
      LOL, I have Crystal and the mountains for company. Although, both are sleeping at the moment. Crystal will wake in a moment, but not the mountain.
      You and yours be well and happy too, my friend. Hugs!

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      1. Oh , excuse Teagan. I thought there is only flat environment, but its like the Bavarian Alps. Wow! During my military service i was a mountaintrooper. 😉 But now, i more like beeing on ground. Lol Best wishes, Michael

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  4. I was appalled at myself for not remembering this anticipated Saturday treat, Teagan. It was a very satisfying treat too. I feel like David Copperfield, “May I please have some more, Ma’am?” Have you dealt with the word bloomers yet?

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    1. Heartfelt thanks for all the time you’ve spent here today, Pat. Yes, we had “bloomers” in chapter 21. (That sounded like the bloomers are gone… egad!) But “David Copperfield” makes a good thing, so I’m adding that to the story matrix. I’m delighted you’re enjoying the riverboat, my chuckaboo!

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  5. Short but sassy episode, and you managed to pack a lot into it. Something about Randal Needleman has never set right with me. Not so sure about the Mrs. either!! The first time it was mentioned that Mr. Needleman wanted to acquire ownership of the Delta Pearl I was, “WTH?” Then the diamond, about the size of the Rock of Gibraltar, is being touted about. Way back then it sounded like a set up for insurance fraud!!

    But this is Teagan’s mind we’re dealing with, so we all have to stay on board and hang on for dear life because it will prove to be an unexpected ride at times.

    Hope you’re doing everything you can to stay safe Teagan. I think you should give Crystal her own gazing ball. You might be surprised by the storyline she comes up with. Lol.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

    Thanks for the break from everything Covid-19.

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    1. Hi Ginger. LOL, Crystal’s storyline would likely involve a lot of birds, whatever the unidentified (maybe invisible) thing she has watched every morning in the front yard from the living room window, and butter. With more butter.
      I’m so glad you are enjoying this and remembering past chapters, my chuckaboo!


    1. Ah, Onyx… He does like to stick his brass beak into things, Lavinia. Although he’s usually snooping for what he thinks will interest the Captain. Amethyst acts according to her own curiosity. But you remind me of a good point! Onyx seemed to either follow or possibly go inside that sooty poison cloud. We never heard what, if anything, he saw. The Captain is wily and keeping that information close to the vest. As is the Dealer, who sure seemed to know a lot more than he would tell. Thanks for spending part of your day here, my chuckaboo!

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    1. Hmmm… that’s a possibility, Adele. Needleman is so rich that he might have used any sort of leverage. But his interest in the riverboat sure is discomfiting! Thanks for reading and commenting, my chuckaboo!


  6. I wonder if Needleman is in on it or an entitled rich man used to getting his way? Maybe they’re secretly broke and still putting airs? It would explain an insurance scam if this is what that is??? Keeps me guessing that’s for sure.

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    1. Hi Jill. We shall see… Needleman would be a powerful, maybe dangerous adversary. But his wife Eliza seems genuinely fond of Emeraude… Maybe Eliza can make him behave, or not. For now he is a gray area. Thanks for catching up, my chuckaboo!

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    1. One never knows on this riverboat, John. Hmmm… I wonder just how many pockets there really were in a Victorian gentleman’s suit. Quite a few I’d imagine. Now I’m resisting the urge for a research tangent! LOL. Thanks for being on this riverboat, my chuckaboo!

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    1. Ooo, I have a couple of fun Googling adventures ahead. Great things, Diana. Hmmm… I wonder who might have the crystal ball.
      LOL, you know… I never considered RN might know it was fake. This is a re-write, so maybe he did at that. I honestly don’t remember the details of this story. Probably because I got frustrated by my dissatisfaction with the original.
      Thank you, my chuckaboo! I’ll make it a good day.
      Oh, by the way, Wednesday I’m posting for National Draw a Bird Day. If you want to throw your “bird” into the ring and play.
      Hugs on the wing.

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  7. I don’t trust Mr. Needleman and my suspicions suspect he know’s something about the missing diamond. Maybe? Or maybe not. I guess you’ll let us know sooner or later, Teagan. Have a wonderful weekend and week to come. Hugs!

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    1. Egad! That seems to have become a chant. 😀 I just can’t see anyone else as the Captain, GP… even though he seems to have plans for a successor. (I dropped hints months ago. Don’t expect anyone to remember. But I don’t want to make that part of this story. Now I’m babbling…) Thanks for reading and commenting, my chuckaboo!

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  8. So much for checking my blood pressure this morning. Give him the Delta Pearl? No can do, Teagan.

    Short, swift and to the point. Now my brain is mulling over all the possibilities. Where could the diamond be? How did Amethyst know? What’s next for this mystery ship?

    I hope you have a good weekend, Teagan stay safe. Hugs!

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        1. As far as I can tell from my (admittedly random) YouTube news feed, entertainment venues of all kinds are shut-down in most places. Weeks ago, they shut down the Gathering of Nations in ABQ very abruptly, which caused a furor because of the extent of advanced planning and hotel reservations. It’s a big deal in NM. Although by now, I expect most of the people involved might feel differently.
          This is a poor state, and the virus is hitting hard on the economic front. But I agree that people do not need to be congregating anywhere.

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  9. Hi, Teagan! Some people will try anything! Shot but effective (and I love Renoir). I wonder if you could use a handkerchief embroidered with an initial for the story… Keep safe and big hugs!

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