Brother Love — A Question for you, dear reader

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Here’s something extra at the crossroads.    

(Don’t fret, you can still read Chapter 7 of Brother Love, by clicking that link.)

The Brother Love serial is nearing a writer’s crossroads. 

Within a few more chapters there will be a major revelation.  Although some mystery will remain, I’m undecided about whether it is enough to continue the story. 

Since this serial is “interactive,” with readers taking some part, I wanted to share that decision with you.  So, I’m conducting a poll with this post.  Your votes will influence my decisions.  (Yes — before you say it, of course I’ll do what I think is best, but I’d like to know your thoughts.)


If you haven’t read Chapter 7 of Brother Love, 

that is a link to the episode that went live yesterday.

Please use the poll above and vote.

I love to hear from you, so comments are encouraged.   

I’ll meet you at the crossroads again next Saturday!  Hugs on the wing.


Collage by Teagan featuring two of Dan's photos
Collage by Teagan featuring two of Dan’s photos

59 thoughts on “Brother Love — A Question for you, dear reader

  1. I trust and understand the process you go through, so I acquiesce to what you do with understanding and respect. Having said that, I accidentally voted to add to another story we all know….I then voted for what I initially wanted and that was to continue with Brother Love (yes, I know those two buttons weren’t close to each other). I’m enjoying the serial and you already know….love your writing style so will be happy with whatever you choose!!

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    1. Hey Kirt. 😀 It’s okay to vote more than once. I could have disabled that capability if I wanted to.
      This really does help my decision process. Mostly because I wasn’t feeling confident in being able to carry the story beyond the point that is coming up soon. Even though it is not a real, full conclusion. Based on all the votes and encouragement, I’ll give it a try.
      I hope you had a grand Father’s Day. Have a great new week.

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  2. Yes, YES, continue with the Brother Love serial!!! There is so much going on, so many questions, and characters are still developing. Please don’t leave your readers hanging!

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  3. Thank you Ginger for your comment. I didn’t realize the poll would store comments inside itself. I appreciate your feedback.
    Ginger’s comment: “Ginger – Murphy’s Law – yesterday
    Ok, when I clicked on VOTE, shorter lines appeared under “it’s summer” and “other”. Don’t know why. My vote is to CONTINUE. I think this is a great summer read. Mysterious, yet light and whimsical. Perfect! You have so many spoons in the pot now Teagan, please don’t stop stirring until your concoction is done!! “


    1. Huge thanks about the video, Rob. I think it’s probably my best.
      Reader input is important for this serial, since it’s driven by reader “things.” But you are right, ultimately I have to follow my own guidance.
      Oh, speaking of “things” I just used your “Speaking in tongues” remark as a thing for this weekend in Chapter 8.
      Hugs on the wing!

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  4. I really really like this serial, Teagan. For some reason, it’s striking a chord. But I haven’t been able to keep up with all the stuff going on with my parents. I’ve already decided to buy the book when it comes out, so my vote is to keep going until it’s finished. 😀

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    1. You did help, Christoph — because knowing what readers think is valuable. My own thoughts are actually similar. Maybe I should continue, but after a summer hiatus… Clearly I’m still undecided. 😉 A marvelous Monday to you too, my friend. Hugs.


  5. You have to go with what is best for you, Teagan. We all come to your blog because we enjoy what you write, so please, don’t ever stop writing or blogging. I’ve voted but, I know that at the end of the day, it’s the person behind the blog who is the decision maker. They need always to do what is best for them.
    Hugs to you.

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  6. I voted. It doesn’t really matter what the season is for me as life is pretty much the “Same as it ever was!” over and over like David Byrne likes to sing it.

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      1. Thanks for the compliment. I like David Byrne. Have you seen his movie “True Stories” released in 1986? It has some really interesting cultural perspectives, and great commentary on early technology and architecture.

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  7. It’s a difficult one without knowing exactly what’s going to happen in the story, Teagan. Personally, I know I’m going to be away from mid-July until the end of August, and I won’t be able to follow many (if any) blogs while I’m away (I will catch up when I can, but I’m unlikely to be able to follow anything regularly), but love your stories as well. Whatever you do I’ll be happy with. Good luck!

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    1. Thanks Olga — I realize I’m sort of asking people to assume or look into the future. But what I think ahead of time (about this) will influence how the next chapters are formed…
      Oh a vacation? Good for you. Are you going to that out-of-the way place in Spain again? Wherever you go, I hope you can relax and have a wonderful time. Hugs on the wing.


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