Dan’s Doors for Brother Love

Dan Antion gives a teaser for tomorrow’s chapter of Brother Love. I didn’t mean to give him such a big photo challenge — but he sure did a fabulous job. You’ll see tomorrow.
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No Facilities

The details in this house are amazing. I’m not sure it fits in Mississippi, but I do like it.

Two weeks ago, I included a sad little house in the gallery of doors. I’ve been looking for a house for Teagan’s story that fits her general concept for Birdie Devovo’s house. Teagan mentioned that the house would “need some work” – which is harder to find than you might think. Well, that’s not entirely true. Finding houses that need work is actually pretty easy. Finding ones that can be adapted to Mississippi in the late 1950s-1960s is more difficult.

It’s all in the details.

Details like wheelie bins for recycling parked up against the side of the house. In the period in which Teagan is writing, we were still burning trash and putting everything that didn’t burn into metal garbage cans. Garbage was my job until the mid-60s when my…

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