Hidebound Hump Day — Cornelis Drebbel 35

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Copper Cover

Welcome back to Hidebound Hump Day, my chuckaboos!  I’m off-line, but didn’t want to leave you hanging from any cliffs with the serial.  Collecting the recap for this episode reminded me of some fabulous animated videos created by Chris Graham. 

Let’s get over to the #steampunk submarine.

Previously with Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers

From Episode 5.  (And an other animation from Chris Graham the Story Reading Ape)  When I upended the owl-shaped lamp, I found an opening.  Some very old documents were tightly rolled and inserted into the lamp…

From Episode 7 .  “Oh!  What have we here?” Cornelis Drebbel exclaimed excitedly over the ancient papers.  “Don’t tell me this is what was hidden in the lamp!” he cried and Copper and I both nodded, taken aback by his enthusiasm.  “Really?  The audacity!  To hide such treasures that way.  Don’t you know what these are?”…

… “My dear, these are the work of Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci!  They are valuable beyond belief,” Cornelis exclaimed.

The Leonardo da Vinci?” I couldn’t help asking.  “Then they must be at the core of whatever is going on here,” I said with certainty.

From last time, Chapter 34   The chimpanzee looked contrite, as if there was something he did not want to disclose.  “Viola’s son Von had that family ring he stole from your son.  There was a man who seemed to recognize the ring.  He tricked Von into giving it to him and then ran off.  Von slipped off to track him.  We found them at a fine home that looked a lot like yours.  But when we got there they were both dead,” the chimp explained.

“We took both bodies and hid them,” the chimpanzee added.  “We were afraid of what might happen if the residents of that world noticed the two were doubles.”

All aboard!

Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers

35 — Herbs, Kitchen, Texan

submarine breaching surface
Pixaby, image altered by Teagan

Through an accident of alchemy, the submarine in which we traveled crashed on the shores of the amethyst world. The Green Fairy and Cornelis Drebbel had an animated conversation about the submarine Cornelis invented, and whether it could be repaired quickly enough.  After a moment they rejected using the submarine as a means of departure.  However, if we didn’t leave the peculiar purple place soon, we might be trapped forever.

When the missing “chapel chimps” were returned to the amethyst world, a few of them hung back to talk to us.  Cal Hicks sent those chimpanzees back to submarine to retrieve our belongings.  The two fairies, Absinthe and Aubrieta, fluttered ahead of the apes, leading the way.  Copper watched from the laboratory window as they disappeared from view.

Copper with FlowersThe girl stood at a table in the far corner of the long building, tying string around a small bundle of herbs.  I noticed a number of varieties hanging to dry.  Unexpectedly, Copper seemed to know what she was doing.  When I commented on the fact, she told me that she used to help her governess dry herbs.

“Is Viola coming back?” she asked Cal Hicks, the amethyst ape.

“I’m sure you’ll see her again,” Hicks answered.  “You two became friends very quickly,” he prompted.

Copper nodded as she tied the string into a bow.  “She reminds me of Violet, my governess.  I didn’t want her to go away, but Daddy said she was going back to live with her son Vaughner,” Copper told him with a sad look in her eyes.  “Daddy shouldn’t have let Violet go.  I heard him say her son was a criminal.”

“He did?” I was surprised into saying.  I felt like my brain was pulling threads together that I couldn’t quite grasp.

“Yes.  I heard him tell your boyfriend,” Copper answered with a distasteful twist of her mouth and the glimmer of a dare in her eyes.

Basil Gill as Ignatius Belle
Basil Gill as Ignatius Belle

“My what?” I exclaimed with a strangled chuckle, but then I remembered her distrust of Ignatius Belle.

There had not been more between Ignatius and me than some light flirting.  In fact, when I saw how focused he had become on Copper, and apparently wanted to lure her away, I felt he had tried to use me.  I had developed my own mistrust of the tall handsome innkeeper, and learning that he was really Copper’s half-brother did nothing to allay my concern.  However, considering that father and son were somewhat estranged, I was surprised to learn Calvin Hixon had confided that information in Ignatius Belle.

“Daddy shouldn’t have made her go live with Vaughner.  I don’t think she wanted to,” the girl said of her governess.  “Anyway, I think Viola looks like her,” Copper added with a sudden grin.  “Or she would if she had been a chimpanzee.”

Another idea clicked into place when Copper spoke.  I looked around for Cornelis Drebbel, but he had popped off somewhere.  Where was the alchemist?  He’d finish my sentences for me and this would go a lot faster.

“He asked me if the laboratory had a kitchen,” Cal answered my question.  “I think the Lord of Alchemy was feeling a bit peckish.”

Cornelis Drebbel
Cornelis Drebbel, Wikimedia

“Trust Cornelis Drebbel to go looking for a snack at a time like this,” I complained.

Without the alchemist to be my sounding board I spoke my thoughts aloud as I sorted them.  

“So… Copper’s father dismissed the governess she loved because he could no longer pay her wages,” I remembered Cornelis figuring out that in the past.  “That woman’s son was a reputed criminal, as Copper told us…” my words trailed away as I continued to assemble jumbled bits and pieces.

“Meanwhile, here in this amethyst world, Voila is the double of that governess.  Viola’s son was a ‘scoundrel’ as you commented,” I added turning to Cal Hicks.  “And the son of the governess a criminal,” I repeated and Copper nodded.

I paced as I untangled the mess. 

“So Viola’s son Von met his doppelgänger in our world… and that doppelgänger was the dead man in Calvin Hixon’s study — and he was Vaughner, the son of the governess!”Reading Ape purple

What a moment of crystal clarity!  If I’d worn suspenders on my trousers I would have given them a snap of satisfaction.  Copper had a wide-eyed expression on her face, but she seemed to have kept up with my summation.  Cal Hicks nodded every step of the way, an intelligent man for certain — or rather ape.

“Vaughner was surely up to some duplicity, since Copper heard her father calling him a criminal.  He stole the signet ring from Von so he could pass himself off as a member of the Hixon family.  He was in the house, sitting at Calvin Hixon’s desk when he died.  So he must have been looking for something.  But did he find whatever it was he wanted?” I questioned.

“I don’t think so.  You’ll see when the chimps get back,” Cornelis Drebbel said as he materialized at my side with a sharp pop.

I jumped, startled.  The Dutchman grinned, as it was his intention to disconcert me.

“Cornelis Drebbel!  Will you please cease doing that,” I insisted for the thousandth time.  “Where have you been?”

1920 Choctaw Bill, Mora, NM cowboy
Choctaw Bill, Mora, NM 1920s

The alchemist, originally from the 1600’s, was attired in knee britches with his favorite doublet, which had broad velvet sleeves, slashed with satin.  The broad brimmed hat that matched his ensemble was exchanged for a Stetson, and he wore tooled leather cowboy boots on his feet — both hat and boots were purple, of course.  Seeing me stare at his apparel Cornelis twisted his pointed blonde beard and wriggled his bushy eyebrows, clearly pleased with himself.

“I found my doppelgänger’s closet,” the Dutchman said with a twirl to show off his borrowed accessories.  “He has the most marvelously eccentric taste, don’t you think?”

I tried not to laugh, but I failed.  “Cornelis, you look like a Texan who fell into a Shakespearean fair,” I said and he pursed his lips, deciding how to react.

“I think they’re rather smart,” Cornelis replied, sticking out his lower lip.  “Copper, don’t you agree?”

Copper answered by giggling and hugging the alchemist.  I decided that was probably the safest response.  Besides, I was rather envious of those cowboy boots, just not with that outfit.

There was a commotion at the front door of the laboratory.  The coverall clad chimpanzees brought in our belongings.

“Ah, good!” Cornelis said.  “You’ll see what I mean.”

He went directly to the large carpet bag Copper had packed with all manner of things.  Cornelis retrieved the owl-shaped lamp.  I gasped.  Inside that lamp, were hidden valuable drawings made by Leonardo da Vinci.

da Vinci drawing of aerial screw, Wikimedia
da Vinci drawing of aerial screw, Wikimedia

Cornelis upended the owl lamp and removed the priceless da Vinci papers.  He smoothed out one in particular.

“Is that some sort of children’s toy?  A top of some sort?” I speculated as I looked at the drawing.

“Oh no,” Cornelis corrected me.  “It’s an aerial screw.  I think it is the key to finding Copper’s daddy.  It might also be how we get back to our world.”


Real World Notes

Aerial screw.  Sometimes it’s called a helicopter — you’re right if you think the first helicopter (as we think of them) wasn’t built until the 1940s.  However, it is thought that Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches from the late fifteenth century were the predecessor to the modern day whirlybird.  The invention was meant to compress air in order to obtain flight.  It had a platform mounted by a helical screw, with a system similar to rubber band-powered model airplanes.


Will the combination of da Vinci’s aerial screw and the alchemy of Cornelis lead our trio to Copper’s daddy? Or will it lead to a disastrous accident of alchemy?  To find out, be at the port to catch the steampunk submarine again next time, my chuckaboos!


I expect to be away from Internet service for some time.  However, I’ll try to have a few posts scheduled and waiting for you.  I hope you’ll talk among yourselves in the comments, although I probably won’t be able to join the conversation.

See you next time, my chuckaboos!


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50 thoughts on “Hidebound Hump Day — Cornelis Drebbel 35

  1. I love all the gems of information you give us at the end of each episode, Teagan.
    It sounds to me as if all the pieces of the story are coming into place. And, who doesn’t love a cowboy?
    I hope you are keeping well. Take care.


    1. It makes me very happy that you enjoyed it, Michael. I think you’re right about doppelgänger. There seems to be disagreement about what it means… with no clear “winner” on what is right. So, I suppose there really is no word for it in English. Some take a complicated explanation that I won’t go into here.
      However, many people simplify what it means, making it be a “double” (a person who is identical to you would be your doppelgänger) — but not your identical twin sibling. For my stories I usually take the simplest course. So that’s what doppelgängers are in this serial… just “doubles.”
      Happy weekend. Hugs!

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        1. Thank you kindly, Michael. I’m safely in my cottage in the desert southwest. I have lots of work yet to do, cleaning, painting, and getting everything set up. I think this is the right place for me. I’ve already met a few neighbors. The weather is wonderful, low humidity, beautifully sunny, and at this time of year, very mild temperatures. Here’s a link with lots of information, statistics, and graphs. http://www.city-data.com/city/Alamogordo-New-Mexico.html
          A beautiful weekend to you as well. 😀

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            1. LOL, I don’t know about Speedy, but there are lots of Roadrunners and Coyotes. My area is “high desert” a very high elevation. So it gets all four seasons, and even a little snow in winter — but the sun is so intense that it melts fast.
              About roadrunners:


    1. Thank you kindly Dan. I’m gradually making my way back to the blogosphere.
      I’m glad you liked that part. It was fun to imagine how Cornelis would react to cowboy type things. I knew he’d love the clothes. Take good care of you. Mega hugs.

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        1. You are so kind, Magician. The effects of sleep deprivation are almost gone. Yes, I’m feeling less stressed. However, anxiety disorders — particularly agoraphobia are a challenge even in the best situation. So I’m still working on being able to cope with that.
          For example I’ve been afraid to go to the nearby grocery store, or anywhere else for that matter. I use the very true “excuse” that I have so much work to do…
          I’ve been afraid to go (in my own yard) to the back gate. I don’t have all the various keys for the house, and I need to see if the gate is locked — because that’s where I need to take out the trash. That’s a perfect example of what agoraphobia does.

          Tomorrow my old friend who lives in the next town will pick me up to drive me around my new town. That will help a lot. Plus we haven’t seen each other in ten years, so it will be good just for that.

          I believe this is a place where I can eventually heal. Although it won’t happen over night.
          Huge hugs, my friend.

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          1. Oh my dear, thank you for your description, my experiences, as a man living all the time with various artists, says me you problem is about your sensitivity by your genius mind. sorry to tell that but as I know a many artists, it’s a normal act for them to be absent in our commonly society. believe me, I know what I’m talking about. you will master it I’m sure ❤

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    1. Heartfelt thanks, Staci. Safe and sound in my new home now. Exhausted though, with lots of work to do, setting up a new household from scratch. (I donated almost everything I owned, because of moving expenses.)
      I’m happy you enjoyed this chapter. Mega hugs.

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    1. Hi Diana. I posted that drama to Facebook. Safe and sound in my new home now. Exhausted though, with lots of work to do, setting up a new household from scratch. (I donated almost everything I owned, because of moving expenses.)
      I’m thrilled that you enjoyed this. Mega hugs.

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