Teetering by Andrea Stephenson & Her Bloomin’ Review!

Image by Andrea Stephenson

Enjoy this post from Andrea Stephenson, and wish her well.  Despite beginning the year with a nasty illness, Andrea has done a wonderful review of Atonement in Bloom!  Please click over and say hello to her

Andrea’s Review

Blogger Book of the Month: Teagan Geneviene – Atonement in Bloom

Blogging has introduced me to many talented authors, some of whom have featured on this blog.  This year I’ll be highlighting a few of the great books I’ve been reading by fellow bloggers.

I’m always delighted by the unique and magical stories that Teagan Geneviene creates, many of which are written spontaneously, week by week, on her blog.  Her new book, Atonement in Bloom is the second in a series of books set in the magical town of Atonement, Tennessee.

This book has all the whimsy, wonder and enchantment of the first.  Ralda Lawton lives in an old house in a small southern town that has more than its share of magic. A woman created from flowers, a mischievous calico cat, a herd of glowing pigs and the Queen of Winter herself all appear in this novel.

I would love to live in the enchanted town Teagan has created and to meet the characters that are so lovingly and inventively depicted. This is a hugely original book that weaves myth and imagination into a compelling story. The ending suggests that there may be more to come in future and, until then, I’ll be homesick to return to Atonement.  You can find Teagan’s blog here and her books are available on Amazon.

35 thoughts on “Teetering by Andrea Stephenson & Her Bloomin’ Review!

    1. I was thrilled to meet new people at your blog, Andrea. Heartfelt thanks. Also thanks for your kind words on Pip’s story. I want to get her next book out this spring. My pending relocation has slowed that down — silly me, thinking I might have it out this month… Hugs on the wing.

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  1. Congratulations on such a wonderful review by Andrea … she is an erudite and eloquent writer/blogger and this is praise indeed! How could we fail to be drawn in by the promise of ‘whimsy, wonder and enchantment’! – so very happy for you, Teagan! xx

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