Steampunk Train Delay & Happy Holidays

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Locomotive Christmas Pixabay

Hello everyone! While I was trying to finish my Straightlaced Saturdays post, WordPress refused to give me anything but a spinning circle.  Well, my chuckaboos, life has been a crazily spinning circle all week. 

Train schedule Blue

Now that the WP gremlins are finally cooperating… I’m too worn out to work.  So please accept my apologies.  The next episode of “Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers” will post on Wednesday for Hidebound Hump Day.  If you need to catch up, the most recent episode is here.

Meanwhile, I wish you health, happiness, and contentment for any and every holiday you choose to celebrate.  Here’s a little greeting and a recap of my year from my feline companion and me. 

Holiday blessings, my friends.  Hugs on reindeer hooves!


85 thoughts on “Steampunk Train Delay & Happy Holidays

    1. Dear Gerlinde, there is no such thing as late here. Besides, 2019 has barely begun. 😀 Thank you so much for your good wishes. A beautiful, delicious, happy New Year to you as well. ❤ Great big hug!


  1. Thank you,for your warm wishes, Teagan, friend. I hope changes you are making in your life are being made smoothly and do not involve discomfort, worry, or pain. I look at all the comments you receive and think how proud you must be of the reputation you’ve established and the relationships you’ve formed. Also, I marvel that you are able to find the time to work, live, make dinner, conduct business, write blogs, stories, and books and answer so many comments. How, i wonder, does one do that?.

    Happy holidays,
    David. hugging you.

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    1. Haha. You overestimate me about “making dinner”, David! 😀 Maybe that’s how I manage.
      You’re so kind. Thank you from my heart for your warm encouragement. I have your latest book, waiting for me on my Kindle. Wishing you and yours a joyous holiday season. Great big hug right back. ❤ 🎅


    1. Haha! Love the Grinch. That train was a Pixabay free image, Rob. I’m glad you like it. I’m quite taken with it. Thanks for sharing the video.
      I don’t think #45’s hostage-taking applies to holiday leave (Although I might be wrong. It’s all so complicated. In a shut-down annual (vacation) leave is suspended — so if you had approved vacation time, you don’t get paid for it after all). So any day off with pay is a merry holiday to me. My agency is fee funded (not tax dollars), so unless this drags on, we will still be working. However, at a point, the funds we’ve taken in have to be shared with some other agencies. So we would eventually shutdown too. Thanks for being such a good friend. ❤ ⛄ 🎄 🎅

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  2. Sweet video, Teagan. I was humming “Don’t Bring Lulu” the other day. That story was so well done!

    The house looks like a good fit for you. I’m very happy that worked! I am hoping for the best year ever for you in 2019.

    Give Crystal a scritch from all of us, especially MuMu.

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    1. It makes me happy to hear that, Dan. Hullaba Lulu was a big part of my year, and helped me get through a rough patch. I’m glad to know it is remembered.
      Crystal sends wishes for lots of catnip to MuMu and Mimi and chew toys for Maddie.
      A wonderful magical Christmas to you and yours. Mega hugs.

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  3. Season Greetings, Teagan! Thanks so much for the mention in the video. It has been quite a year and I know the adventure is only starting, so I’m looking forward to the next chapter. Fingers crossed and good luck, my friend! ♥

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    1. Merry Christmas to you too, Deborah. I know I need to rest… but I really need to get busy. So much for one person to do. And it looks like my real estate agent let me down, and allowed a mess to happen with utilities likely getting shut off. Reconnection fees…Sigh… It’s only money.

      And shutting down the government at this time, is just a pathetic way of #45 trying to make Christmas about him. Only the top few percent of Federal workers make outrageously great money. Most of us are happy to get a decent salary.
      Glad I save my money — but I really meant it to go to retirement, not leave without pay. My agency is fee funded. The shutdown won’t effect us for a few weeks. Then at that point we have to divide the funds we’ve taken in with other agencies.

      I have only one income. I save as much as I can. Yet coworkers who are 2 pay-grades higher than me — and with both of the couple making good money — even they don’t have enough money to last a month without pay. Merry forkin’ Christmas.

      Horsefeathers — I apologize for my rant. It was a lot to wake up to on a Saturday morning.
      Hugs on reindeer hooves. ❤

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