See You Again (Atonement in Bloom)

Thanks to the inimitable Donna Parker for reviewing my soon to be released, Atonement in Boom. I was as blue as the story’s “blue rose of the impossible” — but not anymore! Comments are closed here, because I want everyone to browse Donna’s wonderful blog. 


Donna’s posts are filled with a unique and marvelous sense of whimsy.  She is back from her break and in rare form. Please do visit.  Hugs!

yadadarcyyada I’m not sorry…Not sorry I took a blogging break to question myself. I was seized with a feeling, a feeling that I had nothing else to say…I know that doesn’t stop some folks, but I didn’t want to waste my time or yours, you know, overstay my welcome. lately, everything I read or watched seemed to have the theme of atonement, redemption – maybe my brain was begging to reclaim my blog, atone for not believing in myself, redeem my poor little lonely blog sitting here, hoping against hope, to be read, so I thought, what the heck, a few more posts couldn’t hurt (er, famous last words?).

  • Not sorry a couple of wonderful bloggers/authors, Teagan and John knew just how to lure me back, putting down Reese’s Pieces, or in this case, books/ARCs, to lead me back to blogging (Be Good).

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