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Don’t Panic

Thistledowinans, don’t panic.  It’s not finished yet.  I don’t know how many episodes it will take for me to make my way to the conclusion.  However, I can’t stop thinking ahead… hence this posted request.  

Share your thoughts — Please

I can’t seem to find the time to blog and write novels.  Yet the two blog serials I’ve “book-ized” have been well received.  Plus, I love to involve you, the reader.  So I plan to go down that well worn Three Things path again.  However, it will not be for the Pip-verse of Jazz Age stories.  

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That said, I very much want your thoughts about what kind of serial story, because, you are part of my process!  You would be sending “three random things” to drive the story.  I’m adding a poll below.  It has some of the ideas I’m considering, but I’d also like your comments as well as your poll votes.  And please, don’t tell me to do whatever I want to do — the whole purpose is to include you.  

Here’s the poll.    Okay, okay, there’s a little more information below the poll.

If you want to know more about premise of Tatterdemallian – the Electric Zucchini click here.  

For more about Atonement, Tennessee click the category button on the right side of the screen.  

Wondering about Cornelis Drebbel? Click the category for “Three Things: Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers.”

Have I hinted at some other story that you would like this Three Things serial to explore — just name it in a comment.

Now go back up there and vote… pretty please.  Heartfelt thanks for your votes and comments.  It really is an important part of my process.

I’ll be back tomorrow with Jazz Age Wednesdays.  Hugs!

67 thoughts on “Share Your Thoughts & Vote

    1. I’m trying to think of a way to combine blog stories and creation of already planned novels. So I’m very happy to hear that you like all the ideas, Jennie. I’m just miffed at WP for putting you in span — and for holding it for two days before even letting me know it was there… Sigh… Always something with the WP gremlins. Happy weekend hugs.

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to do this, Jan. Knowing the reasons behind the votes really does help my thought process.
      My fear of writing Atonement 3, is what lead me to this post and the eventual new serial. I have always intended it to be the back-story for one character (and past life “Ralda”/Esmeralda)… so I know I will have to write the story in both times… It will be difficult to say the least. But this kind of response might be the encouragement I need. Hugs.

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  1. Mod spoof got my vote..just because really and my hubby always… ( he loves) big bikes poked fun at my love for “hairdryers on wheels ” as he called them…and three things my cogs are whirring already 🙂 x

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    1. Hi Kathryn. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Do you see the gray box with the 4 options? Click the little box next to your choice, then click the “vote” button at the bottom of the gray box. I see that my phone is finicky about the voting… And maybe you’re working from a device that doesn’t show it.
      Just leave me a comment (please) with your choice &/or thoughts.
      Huge hugs.

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          1. Oooo… Thanks, Kathryn. Tatterdermallian was one of my most ambitious beginnings (then life derailed it). I actually did very little on it, but I loved the start of it. I had planned 3 or 4 books of it, and as many “races” (tribes? whatever…) of Tatterdermallian beings. Loosely based on the myth, and using that archaic spelling. The Electric Zucchini is actually a (magic modified) VW bus….
            Thanks so much for all the trouble you went to. I really do appreciate you. Hugs.

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    1. Thanks so much, Dyanna! And thanks for reblogging. 😀
      I’m editing book 2 (Atonement in Bloom), so if I go with an Atonement serial, it will/should be the backstory for Cael. I see big “technical” difficulties there, so I’m a little intimidated by it. Hugs!

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    1. Hi Kim. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. The 3 things method works well for me with blog serials — because I have readers to help me stick with it. I’ve tried it for novel writing… with less success. I enjoy it because it gives me a way to promote others. Hugs!

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  2. This was a brutal poll, dear Teagan because you know I love every single thing you write (including emails and comments on my post and others), but I finally settled on Atonement, partly because guess what I just reread, you guessed it, you glorious (I went for the dogeared copy although I have the ebook too) book, “Atonement, Tennessee”, although all the other choices are amazing as well – but I could only vote for one. As for the the three things, my brain seems uncooperative today, but when you choose, I’ll have them ready, I hope. lol 😉
    Hope this week is being good to you, you’re the bee’s knees and anything you share with us is much loved and much appreciated. 🙂
    Mega magical, steampunk, mod, urban fantasy hugs xoxoxox

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    1. Hi Donna. Thanks so very much for leaving your thoughts. And I’m beyond flattered about Atonement. ^^’ (Between you and me and anyone reading this… My initial thought was to try this with book 3 of Atonement. But I know that what i have in mind is going to be hugely difficult… So I gave myself other options, and sincerely want to know everyone’s thoughts.) Mega hugs right back, my friend.


    1. Hi Barbara. You are so kind to remember The Guitar Mancer! Trying to make that into a serial (in order to finish the story) was hugely difficult (since most of it was already written)… but it was still very valuable. Blogging it gave me a great addition to the story (when Grover Harper, Luci’s dad became so popular)… and because of that I connected him to The Mother… So I have serious editing, and I have to figure out the new ending. I still think about that story, and definitely want to finish it… when there’s time… But I also saw that I can’t finish that one via this 3 things method.

      So this will be something that is either completely new, or in an extremely rough draft stage.
      I really appreciate your thoughts. I do think a 60s spoofy story would be a lot of fun. Great big hug!

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    1. Hi Fraggle. You did it right. I can’t start collecting the 3 things until I know what the story will be. I did a serial in the past with Cornelis and it was a lot of fun. During Novel Writing Month, I tried to start his next adventure, but it got derailed.

      What it’s about? You wouldn’t have seen them… I used to do serial stories where I’d have readers leave 3 random things. Each set of things would drive spontaneously written episode of the story. I force myself to approach it in a completely unplanned way. So the things dictate everything from characters to settings to the plot.
      I intend to do that kind of serial again, when I can manage to bring the Thistledown serial to a close. Huge thanks for voting. Hugs!

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    1. Hi John. Thanks very much for letting me know your preference. Cornelis is a lot of fun. And thanks for asking about the things — I’m not ready to start collecting them until I decide on what the story will be. (Different sorts of things would be needed.)
      I’m looking forward to Story Day at your place tomorrow. Hugs!

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  3. Sorry, just in case you need to know. I went with Atonement. As you know I feel passionate about it, although I can see Dan’s point, but it might help (and I know you’re editing already). 🙂

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    1. I appreciate you following-up with this comment, Olga, because I value your thoughts. So I did want to know your vote (not sure if I can pull that info out of the system). All of the options (except the 60s) would forward work I already have planned (or started). I’m pretty keen to work on the 3rd Atonement book, but it feels very, very difficult. That was what gave me this idea, hopefully that’s what I’d be doing if I set a serial there. Still, at this point, I don’t have a preference. Hearing everyone’s thoughts will help me see my own way… I hope. 😉

      Bloom is my editing project, week evenings (when I have any time or energy). Weekends go to the blog & its stories — regardless of what I might intend. So this is something outside, and not really effecting Bloom.
      Thanks so very much for sharing your opinions. Huge hugs.


  4. Three things – Exotic flowers Plum Blossom (Prunus Mei) and Tree Peony (Mudan) – both dual National Flowers of China, found at one of the graves in AT – the name on tombstone: She Taijun – no birth or death dates given, only one word about her: Waiting (google Lady Mu Guiying to find the connection) 😎

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  5. You know I’d love to see the return of Cornelis Drebbel. I think the unpredictable nature of that character makes the adventure more fun.

    The 60’s idea is also somewhat fascinating, I like the way you handle time.

    I like the idea of a story set in Atonement, TN, but I worry that it might distract you from your other Atonement project. That probably isn’t for me to say, but that’s why I didn’t vote for it.

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    1. Tee-hee. I had you pegged as a Cornelis fan, Dan. Thanks so much. He gets into my head on a regular basis. Except for the vague 60s ideas, everything I offered would forward an already planned project — Including Atonement. Since I’d like to do a 3rd book but don’t have time, actually that’s what put this idea into my head. But the same applies to Cornelis. I don’t know when I’ll have time to go back to “The Skull of the Alchemist… So what you did is perfectly fine. I appreciate you explaining your thoughts. Cornelis might be more adaptable to a 3 things style than Atonement. I’m just pondering… trying to plan (if loosely) ahead. Hugs!

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