Come out to play! — Thistledown

I am happily overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response to this post! You all are spectacular.  So — for now — I have as many fairy characters as I can write.  Because of that I’m closing comments.  However, I reserve the right to reopen this call for characters!  :o) 

This is your chance to become a character in a new story! Or rather have a character with your fantastical pseudonym. 

1920s Peoples home journal girl parrotIt began as a bit of fun on Facebook with one of those silly find-your-whatever name things.  It was one of many “What’s Your Fairy Name?” graphics.  Cute, I thought, But too cute. I posted my wish for a less frilly fairy name, and vowed to make my own game.

Well the frilly fairy names caught on, and next thing I knew, I had taken a challenge from Colleen Chesebro to make it into a story.  …And I’ve already admitted that I’m just not able to continue Truths Unseen.  …And you know I enjoy featuring other bloggers.  So I decided to turn it into a story here, a pantser, fairy story — and include everybody!

If you want to join the fun, find your fairy name name and leave it in a comment along with a link to your blog or Amazon author page.  (For example, I’m Glimmer Songbird and here’s my link.)  If you already have a fairy name of your own, sure — you can use that instead.

First find your Frilly Fairy Name

Frilly Fairy Name

If you’re curious, here’s how to find your Scary Fairy Name

Life Flapper Bat

Scary Fairy Name

So let’s go back into the sunlight. Come on out and play in this new fairy story.  Become a character!  Plus you’ll get a little free promotion when your character is introduced. Leave a comment with your fairy name and the link (blog, author page, or service) you want me to use when your character comes into the story.

Folks who left their fairy names on my Facebook post (by end of day, June 30th) I already have your names and links — you don’t have to do anything.  

Here’s a blurb…


Something strange happened in the sunny land of Thistledown, when the stars aligned at Midsummer.  A veil thinned and a parallel fairy-verse merged with that world. 

The parallel world will be a darker version of Thistledown… So your character will have both frilly and scary fairy names.
Still not sure if you want to play?  Okay then, here’s a draft of the opening to tease you.

Thistledown — Midsummer Bedlam

Fragrances whispered to me of the past as they wafted on the twilight breeze.  Stars gently drifted to align for the solstice.  Moonstones mirrored in the reflection pool, images reproduced in endless repetition. 
In the pool I saw the memory of a Midsummer of long ago.  I wondered if that time could happen again.  I shuddered.

Bedlam Thunder.  How, could anyone have expected me to fit in with such a name?  However, my grand-uncle had a vision and insisted that I bear a name of chaos among a race of people who were known for being goody two shoes.  My grand-uncle was a seer, so even his whims carried weight.

He insisted that I had the sight.  Some of the oldsters agreed with him, even though they shook their heads and tut-tutted at the mention of my name.  They weren’t wrong, but I wasn’t the same kind of seer as my grand-uncle.  I could see around the odd corner or three, but I never saw anything good.  I never saw the healthy birth of a babe or who someone would marry, I didn’t see anything anyone wanted to know.  I saw the things the existence of which my people denied.  Paranormal things.  Spirits of those who passed, and mythical creatures… like humans.

My eyes shifted again to the reflection pool.  The vision remained.  Heaving a sigh, I sat down beside the pool to watch the mirror image of the stars gliding into place for the solstice, and to endure the replication of the past.  I allowed the reflection to flow into my consciousness, and my mind to become one with the vision.


So, now are you ready to play?  See you in Thistledown next weekend!

Mega hugs,




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    • Marvelous, Christine! Willow Rainbow does suit you. 😀 I’m happy you came out to play.
      Crystal is hiding from me… She doesn’t want her medicine (even though it is only a trans-dermal applied to the skin).
      Mega hugs.

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  5. Oh what fun Teagan! I missed your Facebook post, but I miss a lot of stuff these days. My fun fairy name is Whimsy Stargazer. That fits me pretty good, lol! And my dark fairy name is Impulse Starquencher. Oooh, definitely sounds foreboding. I think you’ll have a grand time with this pantser series! xoxoxo

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    • It’s great to see you Kathryn. I think that does suit you. Hmmm… Another Whimsy already flew into the story though. What about Pepper!? Pepper Stargazer. I’m rather taken with that myself. 😀 Or we could use Caprice (synonym of whimsy).
      This is going to be a blast. I’m happy you joined in the fun. Mega hugs!

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    • Oh yes… I’ve got it. Pepper Stargazer grows peppers some so hot they burst into flame. Her profession is a lamp maker (using the peppers of course). They could also be part of a weapon if the story goes that way…

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  6. This is fun, fun, fun! I love those name games! Here’s mine from your chart … I like them both! Frilly = Glimmer Stargazer … Scary = Chimera Starquencher … 🙂 Looking forward to seeing how you write all of us in your story. You come up with the best ideas! 🙂

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  8. Fabulous Teagan! I can understand why you need to retreat from the darkness and there’s nothing like a little midsummer madness to do that 🙂 I’m Luna Moonglow (or Satellite Blackmoon), which, given my love of the moon, seems very appropriate! You know where to find me…

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  9. Fantastic idea, and looking forward to it. I also prefer my Scary name, Teagan but here are both. Frilly: Apple Dragonfly (I don’t mind the dragonfly but I prefer to eat apples and an apple a day…) My scary one: Rotten Soulfire (oh, yes!).
    Thanks Teagan and I can’t wait! Have a great Sunday!

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  10. I like my scary fairy name better but not my frilly fairy name. I get pretty prickly, which might look somewhat frilly, but Fleur Glimmer doesn’t do it for me. But I can see potential in Royal Chimera. For some reason I get the feeling we both end up with the same names. If I’m right, you can have the frilly name.

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