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Here in the USA it will soon be Thanksgiving Day. I can tell you that I’m very thankful for Teri Polen and the review she did of my debut novel, Atonement, Tennessee.

Teri enjoyed my Lilith character.  If you’re a fan of Lilith the calico, here’s an interview with her:
Thank you, Teri.
Mega hugs everyone!

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Esmeralda Lawton is sick of the big city. “Ralda” was betrayed until trust became a theoretical concept. So it’s a 25213788dream come true when she buys an old estate, complete with historic cemetery. Okay, she isn’t excited about the cemetery, but she’s strangely drawn to the estate. Atonement, Tennessee, a quaint town, seems like the perfect place for her. However, her new life isn’t quiet.

The house is full of antiques. Some have extraordinary properties — a brass bed causes strange dreams, and a mirror shows the truth of who you are.

A mysterious neighbor secretly watches over the graveyard. There’s more to him than meets the eye, but what? Then there’s Gwydion, owner of Fae’s Flowers. She stubbornly resists her feelings for him.

Ralda suspects that people are drawn to Atonement to, well — atone. She wonders what sins led her there. However, her ancestress made the mistakes.


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33 thoughts on “Atonement, Tennessee by Teagan Geneviene #bookreviews #TuesdayBookBlog @TeaganGeneviene

    1. Hi Gerlinde. Thank you so much! I did enjoy my Thanksgiving, very low key and relaxing — which is just what I needed. I hope yours was beautiful. I look forward to hearing about it at your blog! 😀 Mega hugs right back.


  1. Congratulations on the great review, Teagan! I’ll be taking in the read in the early new year (my tablet is patiently awaiting it). I’m so thankful for your friendship and wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving xx

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  2. Another wonderful review, dear Teagan, well, of course, it’s an astonishingly wonderful book (no pressure, where’s that sequel? lol 😉 ). But seriously, congrats, dear friend, you deserve a million or more fantastic reviews, you know what I think, Atonement, Tennessee should be #1 on the Bestsellers List – forever. 🙂 Off to share, hope this week is treating you kindly.
    Mega magical reviews hugs xoxox

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    1. LOL. I sooo want to finish that sequel, Donna. Did I tell you I found a big hole in my mythology? I guess that is one small up side to me taking forever. Now I just hope I can find my notes about it, because the mythological hole has gotten fuzzy… :/
      It’s a wonderful week with so many friends and fine comments here. You really do keep me believing that somehow I can finish that (and other) book(s), my friend. Mega hugs right back. ❤ 🙂

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    1. Thanks so very much, Olga. I had a heck of a bad night… so the lovely surprise of this review did a lot to keep me going today. I know it is not Thanksgiving there, but wishing you extra helpings of happiness even so. Mega hugs.


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