Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

I always enjoy the inimitable Donna Parker’s posts at “Yadadarcyyada” – her style and presence is sparklingly apparent, but her heart shines through, brightest of all. So I was happily reading along, when I discovered she could be sneaky! 😀 I didn’t expect to find a review of my novel, “Atonement, Tennessee” within this wonderful post!
It can be very hard for me to disengage from stress and work on my novels. Donna has just given me a world of encouragement. I hope to be working on book-2 this weekend. Thank you, thank you Donna! Mega hugs!
❤ ⭐ 😀


1age44Dear readers, I admit to being in a bit of a pickle.
In youth, life seemed limitless, infinite.
Writing was the same, I just wrote, not a lot of stopping to think.
Such is the power and joy of youth.

And as we age limitations don’t just come from the outside, but from your own body:

  • Sagging (oh no, those should still be much higher).

  • Weird spots randomly attach themselves to your skin (“Out, Damned Spot!” doesn’t work, believe me, I’ve tried).

  • Eating cake may seem more exciting and less work than other, er, strenuous activities…

  • But if you’re not aging, you’ve discovered the Fountain of Youth (good for you, care to share?), or you’re dead and you just don’t know it yet.


Sigh, so many things I wish I’d done or not done.
Sweet dreams lost, given up, given away, or stolen…
Sweet dreams fulfilled, waiting in the…

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27 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

  1. I never cease to be amazed and thrilled at how well the blogging community works together, then again, look at all the inspiration and joy from all these lovely fellow bloggers!!! 🙂


        1. In all seriousness, I’m always working on my positivity. Gratitude plays a huge part. I stuck scraps of paper scribed with “Gratitude” in every room. Yes we are lucky, and saying so creates / enhances Our sense of gratitude.
          Megahugs back!


          1. I think you’re doing better than you think, Teagan, and you make us grateful, any of us who’ve been lucky enough to find you! 🙂
            Megahugs and all the best! 🙂


  2. Hi Teagan,
    I like Donna’s blog too–so funny. I actually promoted her link in my Weekly Roundup, Best Links of the Week Series recently. Thanks again for commenting on my review on Debby’s blog.


  3. I only recently discovered Donna’s blog, she is a hoot and I love it! Isn’t it the best, this community of talented and caring people. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful people that we can call friends.


    1. Suzanne, I couldn’t agree more. There has been many a day when posts by other bloggers or their comments have gotten me through a difficult day (and that includes you my friend). Have a thriving Thursday. Hugs!


    1. Thanks Debby! Donna’s terrific blog has a lot of followers, so that’s an added level of gratitude from me. Plus the timing is serendipitous — just as the serial concluded, and I’m trying to get back to work on the sequel to this novel. Huge hugs.

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  4. Oh Teagan this is wonderful…..and thank you for introducing me to D. Parker. You work elicits great responses from people…..which is a huge compliment. Roll on this weekend so that you can begin work on Book 2….Janet. xx


    1. Dear Janet, thank you so much. I’m also delighted that I could introduce you to Donna Parker. I love the way her brain works. Good heavens yes, roll on to the weekend. Based on this workday, it can’t get here fast enough… Wheew! Thanks again for your encouraging words. Mega hugs! ❤ 🙂


  5. For the longest time I heard Ms Lennox singing “Sweet dreams are made of steel” I really liked that metaphor sweet dreams are so rare and fleeting among the bad dreams and nightmares that often haunt me that “sweet dreams” stand out, they are strong, enduring something you hold onto — she was right they were made of steel. I was really disappointed when I discovered years later that “Sweet dreams are made of this” What’s “this”? “This” is so noncommittal. “This” makes sweet dreams bad dreams. Then I paid closer attention to the rest of the lyrics and I believe that may be the point.

    I’m terrible about hearing lyrics, one reason I can enjoy foreign music I don’t understand the words to — I rarely understand the words to songs in my own language. And another reason if I really like a song and if I’m not sure I’m getting the words I don’t bother to look them up — there’s a good chance knowing what the lyrics are will ruin the song.


    1. Well Tim, that’s the good thing about both music and books — we can let it mean whatever we want. 😀 I grew up thinking Scorpion was saying “Raunchy like a hurricane” when it was “Rock you.” I still think hurricanes are raunchy. 🙂 Once i was in volume 7 of a series of huge books, when I learned that I’d been pronouncing a character’s name incorrectly. I didn’t like how it was “supposed to be” at all! LOL, so i went back to my way. Who’s going to know anyway? Unless of course, you’re like me and sing along at the top of your lungs with the radio… Huge hugs!

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  6. Teagan, who knew I could be so stealthy? I was about to pop over to your post to read the conclusion of your brilliant serial, ‘Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers’ and was going to let you know, but you beat me to it. The best part is, you liked it. 🙂
    Thank you for your kind words, support, and for letting me visit, ‘Atonement, Tennessee’, I can’t wait to return although I will and just revisit until the sequel. 😉
    I’m so pleased I could help in any small way, Teagan and get going on ‘Atonement in Bloom’, as you can see by the comments, many of us are trying to be patient (difficult to say the least) waiting. 😉
    All the best, dear one and megahugs…thanks for reblogging this. 🙂


    1. Liked it? Donna, I think i’ll plaster my office walls with it. 😀 My boss was just in my office for the first time ever, and saw the ITIL poster I hung (that certification I had to get). He said i got brownie points for the poster. All I could think was that he saw it just in time, because I knew what I wanted to cover it with! Tee-hee! Reviews from you, Tim, Olga, Christoph… Hummm suddenly I’m not kidding even a little bit. Hear my printer purring? Mega hugs right back! ❤ 🙂


      1. lol At least your boss saw how much you ‘cared’… 😉 You’re a hoot, Teagan.
        You should be enjoying the reviews, you deserve them and more. 🙂


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