Copper, the Alchemist, & the Woman in Trousers: Episode 22



Abandoned Locomotive 1

Early this year I had a very unpleasant head cold.  So I gave my characters, Felicity and Cornelis, nasty head colds too — and funny, sneezing chaos ensued.Abandoned Locomotive Santa Fe

Last weekend I barely found time to write Episode-21, and was a day late with it.  This weekend I had my every-other-Friday off.  But all that day I couldn’t manage to find enough energy to get myself to write (or much of anything else). I’m just really tired… So I related to these images of old rusted abandoned trains.

It occurs to me that this is neither inspiring nor energizing to the reader…

Anyway, I wondered what would happen if once again, I gave some characters my own issues. An exhausted Copper would simply take a nap. Felicity would probably get grumpy with Cornelis.  And he would likely pop off somewhere for alone time.  But what might Absinthe, the Green Fairy do?

So I opened my master document file for Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers — ready to explore what a tiny magical green skunk-like creature would do if he was fatigued.

Abandoned Locomotive 2However, to my surprise I didn’t give my characters my weariness.  Quite the contrary — they energized me!  So our steam locomotive is still on the tracks.

Here’s another energizing tidbit.  Recently I reblogged a friend’s announcement of her new book.  Well, she just got the greatest birthday present ever.  Happy birthday and congrats to Mary J. McCoy-Dressel, because that book hit #1 on Amazon‘s list for her genre!

Thanks to my dear friend R.C. for sending the three things for this chapter.  They’re so perfect for the Victorian Era setting of the story.  R.C. has more creative vision in one little finger than most people have in their entire bodies.  I knew the “things” she sent would lead me to find fun and informative links to include in this chapter.  I’ve even included a link so you can get a free copy of a pioneering science fiction book.

I just heard the big whoosh  and screech as the steam locomotive pulled up to the platform. Are you ready for another trip to the Victorian Era?

All aboard!

From last time…

Cornelis Derbbel accidentally uttered the incantation “Yadadarcyyada.”  It mixed with the other magic he worked and caused the submarine to spin at unimaginable speed.

 Absinthe seemed to realize Copper was in distress.  He fluttered down to land on Copper’s shoulder.  Then he wrapped his tail protectively around her head.  A bright green light formed around us.  When I touched the aura, I was surprised to find it felt as hard as steel.

As the world around me whirled I saw Cornelis frantically working with the perpetual motion machine and the magical finial.  The submarine whirled so fast that everything became a blur.  As the force and pressure created by the maniacally spinning vessel became too great, darkness overtook me.


White Mt Locomotive

22.  Corded Stays, Pickled Beets, Cold Cereal

Through the velvet black of unconsciousness I heard my name called.  I shook my head to clear it, but found I could barely move.  Some unseen force held me fast.  I managed to open my eyelids and vacantly looked straight ahead.

Absinthe, the Green Fairy clung protectively to Copper’s head.  All I could think was what an odd sight it was.  Then memory surged back, filling my mind.  The pressure that held me still was from the force of the violently spinning submarine.  Even if I could have moved spryly, the Green Fairy had created a protective barrier around Copper, himself, and me.Steampunk Woman pants

“Thank God you’re awake.  It took you long enough,” Cornelis called from across the chamber where he moved like a maniac to correct the damage of his inadvertently spoken incantation, yadadarcyyada.

The multi-armed contrivance whirred and hummed, shooting rainbow light everywhere.  It also shot colorful sparks now and then, which Cornelis adroitly ducked.

I muttered a rude response to the Dutchman’s ill-mannered comment.

“Don’t just sit there!” he complained.  “I only have two hands.  Have you a corset, woman?”

“I beg your pardon!” I said warningly.

“This is no time to suddenly become delicate,” Cornelis chided.  “The thingamajig is on the verge of coming apart.  I believe I can use the corded stays from a boned corset to keep its arms in place.”

“The thingamajig?” I repeated incredulously.

Flexibone corset ad“Well, that is the name of the device after all.  It is the original thingamajig!” the alchemist said in a tone that suggested that fact should have been obvious.  “Didn’t Copper put a corset in that big carpet bag when you had her collect her belongings before we left the Hixon estate?” he asked.

“I believe she did at that,” I answered in a mystified tone.  “But how did you know?”

“Never you mind,” Cornelis said and abruptly broke eye contact.  “Absinthe, dear boy, could you release that shield enough to let Felicity out?”

The tiny skunk-looking creature snuffled and grunted sounds of uncertainty, but after a moment the bright green light he had formed around himself, Copper, and me flickered.  When I had touched the aura before, it felt as hard as steel.  I raised a hesitant finger and touched it to find it felt pliable.

“Go ahead,” Cornelis said through gritted teeth, apparently having to put great concentration into what he was doing.  “You should be able to move about now.”

Terrence Mann as Cornelis
Terrence Mann as Cornelis

As I struggled to my feet, the Green Fairy’s magical shield stretched and preceded me while I moved.  It caused everything I saw to take on a greenish cast.  I spotted the black bag with a floral design.  If I had not been looking through the green of Absinthe’s shield, the flowers would have been embroidered in a shade of mauve.  My movements were sluggish as I made my way to the carpet bag.  It felt like walking in waist deep water.

When I opened the bag I had the passing thought that Copper had an eye for fine things.  She had packed my nicest undies.  Despite the fact that I felt corsets were horrid, barbaric torture devices, I looked from the garment to Cornelis regretfully.  It really was well crafted…

“Don’t look at me like that, Felicity!  You know you’ll never wear the blasted thing,” Cornelis said sounding strained.

I sighed and plodded over to him as if in slow motion.  At least two of the gemstone capped arms on the thingamajig waved erratically.  They seemed in danger of flying off.

Boned Corsetry“Do I need to cut the stays out of it?” I offered; trying to be helpful as I hesitantly passed the corset to the alchemist.

“Oh for Pete’s sake,” he complained.  “Don’t sound like such a martyr.  No, just put it in my hand and I’ll take care of it.”

“But both your hands are on the machines,” I said just as his hand darted away from that cast iron finial and grabbed the corset from me.

As Cornelis grasped the corset it became engulfed in the rainbows of light produced by the multi-armed contrivance.  Then my under garment disappeared before my very eyes.  The arms still whirred at blinding speed, but the machine’s movements didn’t seem as erratic.

I staggered as the spinning submarine abruptly slowed.  Apparently the corset and its corded stays had been a proper fit to fix the wayward spell that caused the submarine to violently whirl.

“That’s better,” Cornelis murmured as the limbs of the machine slowed somewhat.  “Now I just need something to set it.  Um… Felicity do you notice anything missing?” he asked in his best professorial voice.

Jamie Murray as Felicity
Jamie Murray as Felicity

“Cornelis, I hardly think this is the time for an educational lecture,” I began.

“Just look, Felicity,” he said impatiently.

Watching the thingamajig made me queasy, but I could see that something wasn’t right.  One of the jewel endcaps was missing.  Looking at the rainbow lights cast by the machine I noticed there was no purple amid the numerous colors.

“The amethyst is gone!” I said feeling downright proud of myself, since Cornelis usually got the better of me when he went into professor mode.

“Ah…  So it is,” he said sounding drolly bemused.

“You don’t have to sound so surprised,” I countered.  “And you needn’t be smug either.”

“Now I need something purple,” he said looking all around.

“I saw a jar of pickled beets inside the desk — or rather the bridge as you called it,” I suggested.

Just as the words left my mouth, Absinthe shrieked.  He left his protective perch on Copper’s head and fluttered upward to be at eyelevel with Cornelis and me.  The Green Fairy muttered and grunted in an angry sounding way.

Absinthe tail upTypically the fairy’s striped tail curled over his back, rather like a squirrel’s tail would.  The moment he started making those irate sounds, his tale stood up straight.  I kept a worried eyeball on Absinthe’s bantam backside and eased backward.  However, the submarine had no place where I could escape if the fairy let loose another spray of super concentrated absinthe fumes.

“What’s wrong with him?” I hissed at Cornelis.

The Dutchman hit his own forehead with the heel of his hand as if something he should have remembered had just come back to him.

“How could I forget?  Beets are his favorite treat,” the alchemist muttered.

Absinthe fluttered threateningly in front of the bridge.

“Come on old chum,” Corenlis implored, but the fairy hissed.  “It’s ever so important,” he encouraged, but Absinthe grunted an irate sound.  “I only need one or two.  I promise not to take them all,” Cornelis pleaded as the thingamajig swung erratically.Copper curious w-green

The Green Fairy’s emerald eyes narrowed as he looked skeptically at the gyrating contrivance.  He fluttered down to the drawer where his pickled beets were stored and with a dramatic sigh opened the drawer.  The jar of beets levitated up to my hands.  Hurriedly I went to the alchemist and opened the jar.

Meanwhile Absinthe turned his back.  He refused to look at any of us or what we did with his cherished beets.

When the spinning submarine slowed, the Green Fairy dropped the protective barrier he had created.  Copper went to the alchemist’s side to watch what he was doing to the thingamajig.  She looked closely at the faceted gemstone caps that adorned the machine’s limbs.

“The beets aren’t the same color of purple as an amethyst,” she pointed out the difference.

“So you know your gems then?” Cornelis commented.

“Daddy has a tie pin with a purple stone.  He said it’s amethyst,” Copper explained.Egyptian Amethis Pin

“You make a valid point,” Cornelis replied, surprising me, as I didn’t expect him to take the girl’s comment seriously.

The beet was momentarily engulfed in a green glow.  When the verdant aura dissipated, the reddish purple hue of the beet became a vibrant royal purple.

“Now if I can just attach the beet to the proper arm without stopping the motion of the thingamajig,” Cornelis murmured.

His hand darted out so fast that I couldn’t say exactly what he had done.  However, the wonky motion of the multi-armed contrivance smoothed.  Gradually the machine slowed to a gentle rhythm.  I spotted the perfect amethyst, which only a moment before had been a pickled beet.

I had not seen the Green Fairy move, but he suddenly fluttered at my shoulder.  He made a few clicking sounds that seemed to be a grudging compliment to the alchemist’s skill.  Absinthe flew to the opened jar of pickled beets making tut tut noises until Cornelis put the lid back on the container.  Then in a rapid blur of motion the fairy grabbed the jar and put it back into the drawer.Green fairy skunk

Quickly he fluttered from the bridge to the submarine’s brass periscope.  Tiny paws made lightning fast adjustments to the crystal knobs on the apparatus.  Uttering a nonstop stream of grunts and chirps, Absinthe turned it this way and that, taking a 360 degree view of the surroundings.  Abruptly the fairy fell silent.  He darted backward a pace, staring at the periscope.  Then he shrieked.

“Absinthe! What’s wrong?” Copper cried in concern as she hurried to the tiny creature.

The Green Fairy didn’t appear to be hurt in any way, so I felt puzzled but very anxious.  “Whatever is the matter with him?” I asked Cornelis.

The Dutchman seemed rooted to the spot where he stood.  Like me, he dreaded what might have upset the fairy to such a great extent.

“I don’t know,” Cornelis began.  “But I haven’t seen him this agitated since I tricked him into eating cold cereal.”

(About packaged cereal in the Victorian Era.)

I didn’t move any closer to the fairy for fear that he would fart more of his ferociously potent fumes.  One false move and I knew from experience that I might startle him.Drebbel stamp

Cornelis gently moved the tiny fairy aside and looked through the periscope.  He drew back, frowning, eyes narrowed, and brow furrowed.  Then he looked again and shook his head slowly without taking his eyes away from the periscope.

The alchemist started whispering to the fairy.  Absinthe muttered a series of chirps, seeming to insist that his opinion was correct.  Cornelis whispered again and waved one arm emphatically.  Absinthe chirped once then widened his emerald eyes and screeched a warning.  Cornelis took a step backward, and raised his upturned palms, conceding the argument to the Green Fairy.

Finally the alchemist turned to me.  “When yada— ahem…  When that incantation worked itself into the spell I was crafting with the thingamajig,” Cornelis began.

“You mean when you accidentally spoke the incantation?” I couldn’t resist inserting.

Cornelis pursed his lips, narrowed his eyes, and looked to one side.  He refused to take my bait.

“Ahem!” He cleared his throat pointedly.  “As I was saying.  Something went wrong with the thingamajig, and we have been transported.”

“Isn’t that good?  That woman with the hydrofoil and that vicious trained chimpanzee were right on us,” I reminded him.

“Well, yes.  Yes, I suppose it is at that!” Cornelis stammered but Absinthe hissed a warning at him.  “All right, all right,” he said to the fairy and then turned back to me.  “I admit that the mechanics of the situation are beyond me.”

The Coming Race“What are you trying to say Cornelis?” I insisted worriedly.  “Where are we?  Oh no-no-no…  You are not telling me that we’ve moved through time are you?  Like Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s novel Vril, the Power of the Coming Race or some other science fiction story?” I asked, my eyes widening.

(Get Vril, the Power of the Coming Race free at Project Gutenberg)

“No Felicity.  We haven’t fallen in with some sort of superior subterranean master race,” Cornelis said drolly.  “And it’s not so much about where we are, or even when we are.  And we haven’t gone to some other planet.  Or at least, not exactly,” he said incomprehensibly and climbed the ladder to the hatch.

“Well, don’t just stand there,” the alchemist said.  “It’s much easier to show you than it is to tell you.”

He turned the brass wheel that opened the submarine’s hatch.  Copper scurried up the ladder behind Cornelis.  I took a look over my shoulder at Absinthe, hoping for some hint that would help me understand what was happening, for some pearl of wisdom.  The fairy plopped down on the desktop of the bridge in a dejected seeming way.  His wings settled on his back.  He looked at me and gave a resigned sounding chirp.  Then he started eating the rest of the pickled beets.  They were clearly his comfort food.

“We’ve run aground,” Cornelis said in concern.Copper lavender

Copper’s musical voice came down to me when she beheld to landscape before her.  “It’s an amethyst world!” she exclaimed, but I couldn’t imagine what she meant.  So I climbed up to the opening.

My first concern was that the people from the hydrofoil would be there to attack us, but there wasn’t another soul in sight.  I looked all around, speechless.

Everything was purple.  It was like looking at the world through rose colored glasses – except I saw a landscape in purple, rather than pink.

I tensed as the vegetation parted about fifty feet away.  A figure wearing a three piece suit with a starched collar and a bowler hat immerged.  The hat and the suit made me think of Ignatius Belle, but I was also reminded of the portrait of Calvin Hixon.  But the person’s gait was nothing like either man.  He moved awkwardly in a loping walk.

He started motioning with his hands, repeating a pattern of movements that I had seen before.  As he came closer the three of us gaped in astonishment.  It was no man.  Rather it was a very large purple chimp wearing a suit, hat, and spectacles.  He made the motions again.  Sign language.

Copper, the alchemist, and I spoke in chorus.  “Daddy?”

Reading Ape purple


Well now… What have our characters gotten themselves into this time?  Be at the train station next weekend to find out more about the “amethyst world” and the chimpanzee in a three piece suit.

Before you go – here’s the recipe for this episode.  Bon appétit!

Recipe:  Pickled Beets

Pickled Beets

Photo and recipe credit:   Megan at “Homestead Living



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54 thoughts on “Copper, the Alchemist, & the Woman in Trousers: Episode 22

  1. I’m a little slow getting on board this week, but what a ride!! I didn’t see that one coming! As I have said before, I admire your imagination and your ability to transfer it into a captivating narrative! Well done! Hope you are feeling better!!


    1. Thank you Kirt — i’m fine. I gave myself a couple days leave, and the holiday, so I can recharge and dream of the southwest.
      No one is ever late here. The “locomotive” is always ready to pick up passengers at unscheduled stops. 😀 Oh, and remember the serial homepage at the top of the screen if anyone ever needs a refresher. I know one episode a week, stretching over the months has to be hard for anybody to keep track.

      Not “seeing things coming” is the beauty of “pantser” storytelling. But if it makes you feel any better, I didn’t see it coming either! Now… what am I to do with all this purple…?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m late again, Teagan. Apologies for that, but like the last two episodes this was worth waiting for. I’d never have guessed that a corset could come in so handy for making a submarine stop spinning. Great imagination and great writing.

    I’m a huge fan of beetroot sandwiches. Makes all the bread go that purple/pinky colour, but I love them.

    Birthday hugs to you. Hope you are having a great day.


    1. Thank you Hugh — you and my friends here are making it a great day indeed! 😀
      No apologies please! Glad to have you aboard, whenever you catch the locomotive. 🙂 I’m delighted you are enjoying the story.
      Beet sandwiches? Okay… that’s a new one on me, but who am i to talk when i like peanut butter & banana sandwiches! Mega hugs.


      1. Never tried peanut butter and banana at the same time. What a great combination. I like peanut butter on crumpets and, next time I have them, I’m going to add banana on top. Thanks for the new recipe. 🙂


        1. Elvis and a handful of other southerners added mayonnaise, but i can’t recommend it that way. 😉
          Since I’m allergic to eggs, and I like sweets at breakfast, sometimes I have my Pb&B. Goes great with a cold glass of milk… but i have to have my coffee.


  3. Thanks for using my contributing topics. As always, I enjoy your stories. Have a great long 4th weekend and maybe the kissing planets will inspire you some more. Look to the west after sunset if you can.


    1. Hi RC — it was my pleasure. Your “things” are always so well thought and fun.
      Kissing planets? Curiosity is getting the better of me. I’ll have go run to Google! 😀
      Even though I’m on the top of a hill, i can’t see anything but trees and buildings. But this sounds really interesting. I’m sure there will be a video somewhere. Too cool.
      A happy Fourth to you as well. Mega hugs!!


  4. Great episode… Once again, I could almost felt the spinning of the submarine…
    The descriptions associated with movement and whirl are “frantically” effective… I was even a little bit dizzy
    The perpetual motion machine and the magical finial are good tools here as they intensify the unstoppable dynamics
    I loved the part in which the corset it became engulfed in rainbows of light…
    The green color is a beautiful leitmotif here as well
    Also this statement by Cornelis sounded deep and absolutely intriguing “And it’s not so much about where we are, or even when we are. And we haven’t gone to some other planet. Or at least, not exactly,”
    Very well penned… You nailed it!. Hugs and best wishes! Aquileana ⭐


    1. Hi Aquileana! I’m blushing ^^’ — thank you so very much. Oh-oh! Didn’t mean to make you dizzy. 😀
      > I didn’t really plan the “green theme” at the start. But i do like to have “threads” that carry through out a story, and green became a thread.
      In the beginning I knew I needed to write something to show Cornelis was using magic — a colored aura came immediately to mind. I thought of foxfire and phosphorescent things so I made it a bright yellowish green. I used the color as a “thread” for something constant to use whenever magic is involved. That way when the reader sees “green” they think of magic before i’ve even said it. Or maybe it’s just that i like green! :mrgreen:
      > Since (in my mind) Cornelis is supposed to be brilliant, I enjoy the contrast of having him at a loss for words now and then. I’m happy you picked up on that.
      >I’m delighted that you visited today. Your comments mean a lot to me. Mega hugs my friend! ⭐ 🙂

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  5. LOL, yeah, i wonder what happened to her too! 😀
    Hummm apparently beets have enough stain-power to purple a whole world!
    > I’m tickled pink (errr purple?) that you enjoyed this chapter Tess. So glad you were on board the locomotive. I loved your spaghetti story! Mega hugs. ❤ 🙂


  6. Holy Moly, they’re aground. Oh dear. Doesn’t sound good but the signing monkey sounds promising. I hate waiting but I will, though my nails are getting shorter and shorter each week. I wonder what happened to the woman with the hydrofoil. This is fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. 😀 😀
    Love pickled beets. They stain everything but they’re so worth it. ❤ ❤


  7. Brilliant use of corded stays, that was great!!! So glad you got your energy back, this episode was full of activity. So Absinthe has a thing for pickled beets, I do too. Cornelis was a bit grumpy and very feisty in this one. I loved this one and the end has me wanting more, the mysterious man/chimp in the bowler hat, leaving us with them saying Daddy, oh my, can’t wait for next week.


    1. Hi Suzanne — It’s so great to see you. Thanks so much. Your uplifting comments mean more than you can imagine. After the use for “pickled beets” came to me, I amused myself imagining Absinthe greedily eating them, with bits of purple beets all over his face. Now if I only knew what was going to happen next time! 😀
      Mega hugs my friend!

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  8. Teagan, first off, thank you so much for the shout-out. I’m still reeling.

    You sure found some energy, and even had me spinning in that beginning. 0_o Your imagination just doesn’t stop. Thankfully, huh? This was a great episode. Thanks for sharing the Homestead Living link. I’ll have to browse her blog. Have a great week.


    1. Hi Christoph. Thanks for visiting. So you like beets. Back in the second serial i featured a video recipe for yogurt-beet-feta dip, that I really like:
      LOL, i don’t know if you can call it “plotting” since the entire story is pantsering, but I’m delighted that you approve.
      I hope you find all the beta readers you want for “Conditioned” — wishing you the best.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Wow, Teagan, I love this episode – faux jewellery and everything… the end of the corset era… Love the pickled beets myself – with a pinch of caraway seeds.
    It is very handy to know the basics of sign language – I know that some mothers teach it to their children for they can communicate without drawing attention.
    Thank you! Hugs!!!


  10. Wow! Yes, another pickled beets fan here and I also love purple so I’m looking forward to the new world…. At least they’ve found a good use for the corset! Looking forward to the next. And I’m off to check the recipe.


    1. Hi Olga — i hope this finds you feeling happy and sassy!
      Haha! I love beets — though i confess i’m not very fond of having them pickled. I like to include a few slices of beet in a tossed salad (of lettuce, tomato, cucumber), with garbanzo beans and a little onion, sometimes black olives.
      >Felicity “inherited” my fondness for pretty things — even pretty things that she/I would never wear just because they are uncomfortable. So despite the fact that she hates corsets and resent what they stood for (to her), she did regret having to give it up. LOL 😀
      Thank you so very much for taking time to read and comment. Great big hug!


  11. You weren’t kidding, Teagan, you certainly were energized and thanks for sharing that energy, creativity, and another fantastic installment with us. You just can’t ‘beet’ your stories. 😉
    That was quite a twist at the end, hope you weren’t just monkeying around (ok, I’ll stop now). 😉
    Thank you for making my morning – I got up and found this in my mailbox and literally said ‘yahoo!’.
    Can’t wait until the next one, I’ll be at the station with bells on. 🙂
    Hope this week treats you well and this energy ‘stays’ with you. 🙂
    Megahugs!!! 🙂


    1. Dear and delightful Donna — thank you from the bottom of my heart.
      > Tee-hee — i confess to a silly fondness for puns. Excellent!
      I wasn’t expecting that “amethyst world” to show up either… so heaven knows what will happen with that. Looking forward to your next post. Mega-hugs right back! 😀


  12. I woke to the episode this morning. (I should have looked before bed) I am so looking forward to the next. Like others, I adore pickled beets and now must have some. Happy Sunday and it was coffee with Teagan instead of tea.


    1. John, i’m delighted to be part of your day — whether coffee or tea. So did you get any of the heavy storm that hit New Mexico? Maybe it stayed north of you.
      At any rate, i’m very happy you enjoyed this episode. Mega hugs. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Dear David, thank you so very much. I wish i could exchange a couple of the problems on your plate for lovely beets! 😀
    Heaven knows how i come up with this crazy stuff… I sure can’t explain it. But now that the rain has finally stopped (for a while at least) I think i must go out and buy some beets!
    I read your diary post with delight that you’re feeling better. Mega hugs my friend.


  14. I so love steam engines, they are so majestic looking things! they are absolutely gone now! may be, the railway authority should change their mechanism and make them run with diesel/electricity and bring them back on track! they are gorgeous looking things.

    fantastic chapter Teagan! loved it.


    1. Thank you so much Sharmishtha!
      I agree about the locomotives of old. And they can basically make the outside of a vehicle look nearly any way they want, so why not make a “steam” engine that didn’t pollute the air? Marvelous idea. ❤ Hugs.


  15. Yay, glad you are feeling more energized! For some reason your purple world reminded me of a song I grew up with: “It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flying-purple people-eater…” LOL. 😀 Great episode!


  16. Pickled beets are enough to make anyone spray all kinds of colorful stuff. I had a girlfriend named Facility many years ago. We won ballroom dance competitions back in the ’70’s. Seeing the corset disappear would make anyone feel liberated, I would think. I had to wear a corset for back pain when I was young for what the doctors thought was a disk hitting a sciatic nerve, turned out to be my sacroiliac joints fusing from ankylosing spondylitis we discovered years later. The corset did help me walk, but it was very uncomfortable and restrictive. I was driven in by a thunderstorm when the notification of your post came in. The temperature dropped from a toasty 89º F to 63º F in an instant. The cold, heavy rain blown sideways by the gusty winds drove us off the deck and indoors, where Najar took advantage of my lap while I read your story.


      1. LOL… I actually had to look at that three times before the difference registered with me. So you must have added a psychic link! 😀
        That was some storm! Glad things are okay. I know that’s unusual for NM to have that kind of huge temperature shift. We’ve had a lot of severe weather the past few weeks. Saturday it poured all day and night.
        Glad Najar was taking care of you. 🐱

        Liked by 1 person

  17. I love pickled beets and I love this episode. I am amazed at your ability to bring us here, work in the three prompts and keep everyone safe. Sorry that you were feeling low at the outset, but I’m glad your characters energized you!


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