Copper, the Alchemist, & the Woman in Trousers: Episode 20

Caution: Shameless Self-promotion AheadAtonement Tennessee

Thank you so very much to Donna, RC, and Kathryn, who have all sent “three things” to drive this story.  All those are waiting in queue.  However, the steam(punk) locomotive was all out of fuel when I started writing this episode.  Also since I didn’t have “three things” to drive this episode that meant there wasn’t anyone for me to promote either!  So… since indie authors are supposed to engage in incessant, brazen self-promotion, I guess I’ll promote my novel, Atonement, Tennessee.


Atonement, Tennessee is available now and you can get it here:

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Work in ProgressAtonement in Bloom

Book-2, Atonement in Bloom, is in progress.  No estimated completion date, because I spend all my time working on this blog and the serials.  Somehow I have to become able to do everything faster.  Doing less is not an option.

Regarding this serial, for those of you who need a refresher, look to the right of your screen, scroll down to categories and click “Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers,” to see the most recently published episodes.  Or if you’re new, go to the top of the screen and click on “Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers, Serial Home,” where you’ll find all the episodes, beginning with the first.

Anyhow, for this shameless self-promotion, I decided to take the “things” from the first three chapter headings of my novel.  So we have Home, Neighbors, and Mimosa.

Be sure to read to the end for a refreshing beverage recipe link!  Keep an eye out for fun, informative links in the text and images.

What did you say?  I couldn’t hear you over the engine noise.  Oh!  Our locomotive to the Victorian Era has arrived.  All aboard!

From Last Time

Episode-19 left Copper safely ensconced in a compartment beneath the “bridge” (desk) of Cornelis Drebbel’s submarine.  But the alchemist and the woman in trousers were quite intoxicated by the farts from the Green Fairy, aka Absinthe, who helps power the submarine.  Cornelis opened the hatch and he and Felicity hung out from the opening for some air while he gave clearing their heads a magical assist with the harmonic tuner.

20.  Home, Neighbors, and Mimosa

It was no accident, I thought to myself, that the Green Fairy looked like a tiny green skunk, albeit one with gossamer wings.  Much like a frightened skunk could spray a noxious odor from special anal glands, Absinthe produced a vapor that was the equivalent of highly concentrated absinthe liquor; an already potent potable in its pure form.  That such a petite personage could produce so powerful a poot was positivelyOh my, what a lot of P words, I thought.  Perhaps I’m not fully sober.  I’m glad I kept that ramble to myself.Green fairy skunk

“Felicity,” Cornelis said raising one bushy blonde eyebrow.  “You did say that out loud darling,” he added and I cleared my throat, looking around suspiciously.

Where was that little green skunk?  I’d hate to sit on him and start the whole drunken business over again.  I hazarded another look at the Dutchman.

“No.  Whatever that was, you didn’t say it aloud that time,” he told me with a smirk.  “Do try and make yourself at home.  I’ll see if I can coax out the Green Fairy for a proper introduction.  He has a finely tuned appreciation for formality.  Why don’t you let Copper know that it’s safe to come out?”

Cornelis left the room, or whatever I was supposed to call the compartments inside a submarine.  Was it a ship or a boat?  I turned to the beautiful desk.  I supposed it might be called the bridge since we were on a ship… or boat.  A small groan escaped my lips.  Yes, I was still a little tipsy, even after the head-clearing effect of the harmonic tuner, which Cornelis rang right next to our heads.  I hoped I wouldn’t have a hangover.  Oh heck, now I was having at it with H words.

Oh yes, the desk — that’s where Copper was.  The center area, where a chair might go, had a roll-down cover.  It was tightly closed with the girl inside, to protect her from the potently intoxicating vapors.  I squatted down and knocked on the cover.  Copper lifted the door and looked out curiously.


“The air has cleared now, Copper,” I assured her.  “You can come back out.”

I scooted backward to give her more room to crawl out from the desk.  Then I lost my squatted balance, and fell backward on my bottom.  The room was only spinning a little.

“Are you all right, Felicity?” Copper asked, giving me a quizzical look.

Her expression made me want to laugh.  Though I tried to maintain a serious face I burst out in giggles.  Copper joined in and we plopped down on the floor in a helpless giggling heap.  A movement caused me to look upward.  It took me a moment to focus.  I blinked.  A green creature, about as long as my hand, hovered over our heads.  It looked like a tiny bright green skunk with gossamer wings — Absinthe, the Green Fairy.

The smile froze on my face.  I daren’t frighten the Green Fairy again.  Through the clinched teeth of my now forced smile I cautioned Copper, trying to motion upward with just my eyes.  Fortunately she followed my gaze.

“Gently now Copper,” I began.  “We don’t want to disturb the neighbors,” I said meaningfully, as I tilted my head toward the skunk palm

“Oh there you are!” Copper said with enthusiasm as she turned to look up at the skunk-like creature.

His bushy tail curled over his back, much like a squirrel’s would.  Green butterfly wings shimmered like a faceted peridot as they fluttered, bringing the fairy close to the girl.

“Copper!” I whispered the warning.

“Don’t worry, Felicity.  It’s just Absinthe.  Isn’t he pretty?” she asked and I nodded mutely, otherwise still as a statue.

The little fairy seemed to be aware that he’d been complimented, and he chirped at Copper.

“Absinthe, this is my friend Felicity.  She and Cornelis are helping me find Daddy.  You’re friends with Cornelis aren’t you?” Copper told the creature and she nodded when it chirped as if in reply.

Jamie Murray as Felicity 3I watched in fascination.  She seemed like a little girl at play, having a tea party for her imaginary friends — except for the fact that it was all real.

Copper held out her arm and the Green Fairy fluttered down and perched there, chirping and snuffling contentedly.

“I wish you could have met my other friends, Mr. Wong and Victoria,” she told the tiny creature.  “But something was wrong at their house and they had to go back home.  I’ve been afraid for them ever since they left.  There were some really bad people chasing us, and I think those people took Daddy too.  So now I’m afraid they might hurt Victoria and Alastair.  I wish I could see them and know they’re okay,” she said in a voice so sad that I thought my heart would break — and then I hiccupped.

The little fairy watched Copper intently as she spoke.  When she paused he chirped once and abruptly fluttered up toward the desk.  On either side of the desktop sat what I recognized for variations of Cornelis Drebbel’s perpetual motion clock.  No doubt both were alchemically enhanced in some way.

Drebbel Perpetual Motion Clock
Drebbel Perpetual Motion Clock

Absinthe went directly to the clock on the right and hovered over there.  He looked at Copper and chirped.  She hurried over to the desk.  I followed very cautiously.  I was still concerned about startling the fairy.  It wasn’t that my balance was still unsteady, or that I was tipsy from the absinthe vapors.  Really it wasn’t…

A dozen small knobs protruded from the base of the first perpetual motion clock.  Lightning fast, the fairy’s dainty paws touched and twisted the knobs.  The glass dome covering the clock became clouded by green fog.  The clock then chimed the quarter hour.  The vapor beneath the glass cleared.  I could see a three dimensional image of the Wong family’s pavilion as if from the air high above the estate.

The fairy turned another knob and the view drew in closer to the carefully designed and manicured grounds.  Several kinds of ornamental trees decorated the area.  The fairy brought the view even closer and I saw the ground was littered with bodies.  At first I feared the entire family and staff were all dead.  However, I realized there were subtle movements.  The people were merely unconscious.  Then I saw that the fallen were not the Wongs at all, but the intruders.

I saw the small woman, Victoria beneath a flowering tree.  She knelt over a man, deftly tying his hands behind his back before he could regain consciousness.  She straightened her back, as if she was about to rise, but she stilled.

mimosa blossomAs if in slow motion a mimosa blossom floated gently down from the tree’s branches.  As I watched the delicate flower’s descent one of the intruders crept up behind tiny Victoria.  She never looked up.  The man was behind her, ready to strike.  As the falling blossom touched the ground Victoria sprang to her feet, twisted while on the toes of one foot and squarely planted a hard kick into his midsection.  By the time the blossom had settled into the grass, the tiny woman was tying up the intruder.

“Wow…!” Copper said on a sigh with a grateful look at the Green Fairy.

Then the image faded away and the clock went back to its usual, though unique appearance.

“I believe Victoria and Alastair and everyone at the pavilion are fine,” I told Copper, and I was as relieved as she.

The tiny Green Fairy fluttered over the desk, or bridge or whatever. I hiccupped again.  I looked uneasily at Absinthe, but the involuntary noise didn’t seem to concern him.  He moved to the contraption that had originally caused me to make the comment and motion that had startled the fairy, eliciting his intoxicating emanation, which inebriated Cornelis and me.  Especially me.

Albert Maignan's "Green Muse" 1895
Albert Maignan’s “Green Muse” 1895

Where was I?  Oh yes… Absinthe fluttered to that multi-limbed brass contrivance.  Each arm ended with a walnut sized faceted gemstone.  Just as before, the device gyrated and whirred so much that it was difficult to count its arms, but I thought there were seven, each capped with a different colored gem.  The base of the device was brightly lit and it caused the gemstones to cast a rainbow effect as the arms spun.

The rainbow lights filled the inside of the submarine.  Cornelis had closed the hatch and climbed down the ladder.  He made over the lights, praising Absinthe, no doubt intending to soothe the creature before I could startle him again.  However, Absinthe didn’t pay any mind to the Dutchman or to me.  He darted from the multi-armed contrivance to the first perpetual motion clock and then to the second one on the other side of the desk.  His tiny paws adjusted crystal knobs and other apparatus so fast his motions were a blur.

The rainbow lights that filled the room became blotchy.  But then they started to take form.  After a moment I realized the lights had transformed into a map that filled the room.  It was a duplicate of Alastair Wong’s map that Cornilis had used the harmonic tuner to magically enhance, but it didn’t have as many dots (back when the alchemist’s spell went awry and the mangle went rogue, magically producing the word “Daddy”).  It had one dot that sparkled brightly. I thought the mark might streak away like a shooting star, but it remained stationary.  Then three other smaller dots appeared; each in a different place on the map.  Those dots crawled about like fireflies, but they all moved toward the crystalline bright star.

Copper curious w-green“Which one are we?” Copper asked, meaning the dots.

The Green Fairy’s snuffling sound changed to something that sounded very much like “Tut, tut.”  His tail twitched in an irritated way as he fluttered across the map.  A shimmering blue area that I knew represented water flashed once.  A small, shimmering copper sphere suddenly appeared in the blue.  Cornelis chuckled.

“It’s a copper dot to show where Copper is,” he explained.  “Well done Absinthe.”

Copper looked from the floating ball that represented her and then back at the first dot.  She gasped as comprehension showed on her face.  She reached toward the first radiantly glowing dot, but it was far over her head.  Absinthe chirped happily and darted down to the girl.

“Daddy,” I murmured.  “So that’s where Calvin Hixon is?  But he’s away from all three of the groups who were chasing us.  Although I suppose that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is not under duress of some kind,” I speculated.

While I spoke Cornelis strolled about the map-filled room, looking intently at the magical cartography and all the moving parts.  I noticed that our copper sphere was farthest away from the star that apparently represented Calvin Hixon.

The alchemist seemed to be tracing all the waterways.  “Is it possible for this submarine to travel to the spot where Hixon is?” I asked.Drebbel submarine

His mouth twisted, but Cornelis put a knuckle to his lips and knitted his brows in thought.  He tilted his head to one side and looked at the Green Fairy.

“No,” he said as if he had been distracted.  “There are places that are not nearly deep enough for this submarine,” he commented and Absinthe hissed as if scolding Cornelis.  “But with a little shifting of ‘the in to the out’…  Tucking a bit from this reality into the next…  Together Absinthe and I should be able to make it work,” he said.

The Green Fairy appeared to be happy with that pronouncement and he fluttered down to alight on the alchemist’s shoulder.  I felt very uneasy.

“What do you mean by shifting of ‘the in to the out’ Cornelis Drebbel?  And other realities!  I don’t like the sound of that.  You know full well how often your tricks go awry,” I warned him.

Absinthe grunted and chirped in a way that sounded like he actually agreed with me.  Cornelis tilted his head to look at the tiny fairy in surprise.

“Why Felicity!  Absinthe, you too?  You wound me,” Cornelis said in his most melodramatic voice.  “What could possibly go wrong?”

All I could manage to do was shake my head.  I sank back to the floor and dropped my forehead against my knees with a groan.


Will Cornelis finally get that extremely dangerous spell to work perfectly?  Or will something startle the Green Fairy into another inebriating absinthe-super-charged fart?  Will they make it to Copper’s daddy before their foes?  Is Calvin Hixon, in fact, really at the indicated star on the map…?  Be at the station again next time.

Don’t leave yet!  Here’s the recipe for this episode

Recipe:  Blood Orange Mimosa

Blood-Orange Mimosa

Recipe and photo credit:  Andrea at Cooking with a Wallflower

Be at the train station next weekend when the three things are from Donna Parker.  Where will “Ginger Beer, Backgammon, and Cast Iron Finial” take our steampunk locomotive?


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84 thoughts on “Copper, the Alchemist, & the Woman in Trousers: Episode 20

  1. Well I finally got to this epsoide, even if a little late, and still got the next one to read. Despite the fact I’ve not read the story for two espoisdes now, I was still able to pick the story up and carry on reading. That just goes to show how well you’ve written it Teagan, beacuse the words and story were inprinted on my mind.
    I particularly loved this episode beacuse of the starring role of Absinthe, and beacuse of the lovely recipe for Blood Orange Mimosa. What a perfect summer’s day cocktail.


      1. I wouldn’t miss it for the world, Teagan. I’m still not properly back on broadband and am using a mobile wifi device which is both very slow and does not always work, but I should be back to full steam ahead on the weekend (excuse the pun 🙂 )


    1. You’re welcome, RC and thank *you* for reading and commenting. The three things you sent are just up the tracks. I hope everything is wonderful in your world. Have a sublime Sunday — and mega-hugs! 🙂


  2. Absinthe has lots of tricks up his furry sleeve I suspect and he’s a great addition to the group of adventurers! Glad to know that everything is okay at the pavilion and Victoria is still as accomplished and cool as ever 🙂 Looking forward to taking a trip through those altered realities!


    1. I’m so happy that you like this story enough to catch up and comment, Andrea. I really am flattered when people do that. Life is so busy for everyone.
      > I wonder if Absinthe can keep Cornelis and Felicity out of trouble. 😀 Mega-hugs my friend.


  3. I love the “so-called” shameless self-promotion. Teagan… I have already watched the trailers on Twitter and I love them
    As to the episode, I think you nailed it… You really caught my attention here.
    Two things worth highlighting>
    ~ The way you describe the little fairy as she watches Copper and that scene with the multiple variations of Cornelis Drebbel perpetual motion clock. That was a powerful line!… Plus I lik when you say afterwards “No doubt both were alchemically enhanced in some way”…
    ~By the end of the installment when the possibility of a little shifting of ‘the in to the out’ and tucking a bit from this reality into the next… The idea of the juxtaposition of realities sounds so interesting… I wonder of there could be a threshold, a passage… maybe a bridge in order to connect realities or sub-realities!.

    Thanks for sharing!… I really enjoyed the episode, dear Teagan… All my best wishes!. Aquileana ⭐


    1. Aquileana, your comment means more to me than you could know — to see that I’ve written something that provokes so much thought and imagination in you, the reader. Thank you very much!
      Are you familiar with string theory? I’m certainly not well versed in quantum physics, but i have my own — “Bubble Theory.” 😀 One day i thought “Rather than a jumbled string, what if multiple realities are connected in the way that bubbles sometimes are?” (You know, the kid’s toy “ring” thing for blowing bubbles? And how sometimes multiple bubbles are connected? One bubble might touch/connect to several others.) And what if those connection points were gateways to the next reality? This kind of thinking is also what i call “playing What If.”
      Have a lovely weekend my friend. Mega hugs!


      1. Hi dear Teagan,
        Thanks for the comment… I have searched String Theory on Google and aside of the technical characteristics I think this excerpt is eloquent and could be related to your own version, the so called “Bubble Theory”: 💫 “String Theory attempts to provide a complete, unified, and consistent description of the fundamental structure of our universe. (For this reason it is sometimes, quite arrogantly, called a ‘Theory of Everything'”) 💫….
        Also when you mention the communication or juxtaposition of planes or frames of realities you made me think of Haruki Murakami… He often uses certain tools in order to connect different realities, which split and merge, and most times one of them is not only a sub reality but rather a fantastic reality, a particular”field of things”… Going further, the so called Shepherd Man personifies Fate in his books and he is a sort of messenger who lives in the threshold that separates and links different realities and times.
        Here you can check out an interesting overview of Murakami’s book “1Q84”, which is truly eloquent in the sense I made reference to above>
        Hugs and all my best wishes! Aquileana ⭐


  4. Hi Teagan! Please don’t feel ashamed to promote your work, as writers we have no choice, and isn’t that what blogs are for? Anyway, loved the videos. I’m intrigued by your story. I enjoyed this episode, as usual. I like your writing style. 😀


    1. Hi Vashti. Thank you so very much for your encouraging words! This has been a really crazy day at work, so you’ve lifted my spirits. Hope to see you next time… oh gosh… I still have to write that episode! Yikes! 😀 Hugs.


  5. Dear David — your comments always make my day. I’m just delighted that you were feeling well enough to leave a note here. Keep taking good care of you. Keep getting better. Feel fabulous fast. Mega hugs, dear friend! ❤


  6. I already have, Atonement Tennessee featured on my GIA… if you would like to have Atonement in Bloom on there too… send me the linky on my page. 😀


    1. Thank you so much, Kev! I wasn’t sure if a work in progress was okay. (Thanks for letting me know book-1 was okay — a couple of times i tried to send you a note, but life has been full of interruptions. 😀 ) Mega hugs.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Finally I was able to read this! I got home from work today and both my internet and phone were out from our cable provider. Whew, it’s back now! What a fantastic episode, Teagan! I really am loving this series of yours! XOXOXO


    1. Hey Kathryn. I sincerely thank you for going to the trouble. Cable/Internet outages are so frustrating! I’m absolutely delighted that you liked the episode. (I really need to get to work on the next one — Yikes!) And i’m still drooling over that campsite chicken Parmesan! Mega hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Never shameless promotion, Teagan — you’re simply sharing the fruits of your labor! And since you’ve brought them to being, you must nurture and love, and that means telling others about them as well. Love this installment, too, btw. Your imagination never ceases to amaze me. Keep writing, my friend — your words will take you where you need to go. 🙂


    1. Deb you are so very kind. I sincerely appreciate your encouragement. And i return the same to you! Keep on writing!
      > “Where I need to go…” that question has been ever on my mind for a long time now. Trying to figure out where i really do need to go in order to do what i need to do… pleading with God and the Universe for a sign. I get plenty of signs, but none about a location. But that ramble doesn’t belong here on this blog. Mega hugs my friend. 🙂 ❤


    1. Thank you so much, Inese! I’m happy that Absinthe has a friend in you. 😀
      > It’s been a long time, but I’ve heard of skunks being “de-skunked” and making pretty good pets; litter-box trained, etc. That was ages ago. I don’t know if it is something that is still done. Wishing you a beautiful new week. Mega hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Don’t even think twice about self-promotion. I don’t mind neither does anyone else. 😀
    Love the Green Fairy, that little skunk of a fairy or is it a fairy skunk? 😀 😀 I can’t imagine how you came to the pictures, but I love them as much as your description of Absinthe.
    Sorry the locomotive has to stop for refueling. Am anxious for next week’s leg of this exciting adventure. The tension keeps revving up and I’m afraid I might p.o.p.! 😛 😛 ❤


    1. LOL, you’re too kind, Tess. Just please don’t pop!
      I made/doctored the pictures for Absinthe. My work with applying wings was too primitive, but I have to get strict with myself about how much time i spend playing with the images for the posts. I guess he’s more of a “skunk of a fairy,” since his spray is not stinky and he can fly, and he’s tiny (the size of a tiny baby skunk). At any rate, I’m delighted that you enjoy him.
      > Next week’s “things” are from Donna Parker, Ginger Beer, Backgammon, and Cast Iron Finial. But the name of her blog has inspired something extra I will add. And i’ve found cool stuff for ginger beer recipes too! Now to write the episode…
      Mega hugs my friend! ❤ 😀


  10. Wow!!! I am so loving where this is going and you should self promote, we all support and promote you as well. The green fairy is a hoot, magical and a character crucial to this story. I love it!!! I don’t know if you watch Penny Dreadful but Cornelis reminds me of one of the characters in that show he even has the bushy blonde eyebrows. I think this would make a fantastic movie, write a screenplay Teagan and submit, same with Atonement, would love to see that on film. I am a day late in reading this but I have to have time to absorb and Nando is sleeping so I have the time now to sit and read and savor this. It’s like a fine wine with great meal, a great read!!! Keep it coming I am really looking forward to the next installment, you are a master weaver my friend.


    1. Hi Suzanne — I’m so happy you were able to drop in for a visit! You’re never “late” here. Since I’m a working person, a 9-to-5er, I’ve been trying to publish on Saturday mornings, so people can read whenever it’s convenient for them (and have all weekend). I agree that any fantasy is better when as readers we take our time and absorb.
      > I feel for you so much with Nando, as I miss Aspen in a heart-wrenching way all the time. So I appreciate you even more for reading and commenting.
      > Penny Dreadful…that’s interesting. I should check it out. I’ve heard of the books, but never read one. I didn’t realize there was a show too. …I’m not sure why i gave Cornelis bushy eyebrows. I read somewhere that he had fair hair, and with the drawings of him and the pointy beard… the eyebrows just seemed like a human and humorous touch.
      Thank you Suzanne, for your kind words and encouragement. Believe me, it makes a huge difference. Mega hugs.


        1. I guess could be an instance of what a metaphysically minded friend calls the “Creative One-mind” (artists/creatives thinking the same thing). Looking back, the first image i found of Cornelis shows him with rather bushy eyebrows… I guess that stuck with me. Hugs and wriggly eyebrows! 😀

          Liked by 1 person

  11. I am aboard…..and love it. It’s all pure magic and one day let’s hope that you don’t have to self promote all the time, however, for the time being it is the right thing to do. I love the videos:) Thank you so much:)xxx


    1. Oh, thank you so much Janet. I’m delighted that you like the videos. I keep trying to learn new skills. My next project was going to be narrating… I got a free trial of great software last year. Then when I was ready to purchase this year, it was a new version that is absolutely nothing like the trial… So now it’s the matter of making time to learn to use the very un-user friendly new version… Figures.
      Your 5 picture posts have been huge fun. Mega hugs!


      1. Keep at it…those videos are really superb. I have problems with a lot of the technical stuff, However, once you get it sussed…I would love to hear you narrate. So glad you enjoyed the 5 picture


        1. LOL, well, I guess my voice is unique. I don’t know what else to say about it. Yes, I’ve enjoyed the 5 picture days and the cats… and the studio, and all of it. Love your blog! Hugs.


  12. Wonderful episode. I loved how Copper and Absinthe were already good friends. Shows how stuffy grown-ups can be. I say the magic will go awry but will be fun. Happy weekend to you.


  13. Sounds fun! I’m going to be wondering what is Cornelis going to come up with next. Love Absinthe… And of course you should self-promote. The book deserves it. Combining the two…Food for thought… Must try and think of 3 things just in case you run out…


    1. Thank you Olga! Oh gosh — i was joking about combining the two stories. LOL!
      I’m glad Absinthe has a friend in you. 🙂 By all means, send 3 things. I suspect this will go for longer than three more episodes (that’s how many sets of things i have right now — 3). Just empty your mind, and tell me the first 3 things you think of. 😀 Mega hugs.


        1. LOL. I actually will wrap up the story-line. The difficult decision will be what to do then. I might end up taking another poll of everyone to see what they want to do (like i did for this story). I’ve even thought about trying to combine this group with the Three Ingredients characters… That would probably be an uncontrollable free for all. 😀


  14. Such fun. I love your descriptions and I do enjoy alliteration. Oh, a submarine is a boat. A magical submarine might be able to change that. Like Kirt, I am hooked tight. See you next week.


  15. This was amazing, as always, Teagan! 🙂
    I can’t wait to be at the station the next week (and this time I got a special invitation, I’m soooo excited, I feel like a child waiting for Christmas morning!) – Will we find out if Cornelis finally get that extremely dangerous spell to work perfectly? What will bring on the Green Fairy’s next flatulance episode? Can they reach Copper’s Daddy in time? Is Calvin Hixon the indicated star on the map? And I really have to wait? Sigh.
    Loved the promotion, being a shameless self-promoting bloghussy myself I think it’s perfectly lovely. 🙂
    Hope you have a relaxing weekend, Teagan, all the best! Megahugs!


    1. Dear Donna, I’m so delighted that you read and commented. After those kind words i feel like i’ve actually done my job well, and really can relax. 🙂 I hope i can do your three things justice. Mega hugs right back!


  16. Oh this was just excellent. I love the Fairy very much, but the best thing this week is the picture of the perpetual motion clock. How I miss these beautiful and original artefacts in our days of modern living. Feeling very nostalgic and curious where the story will take us next week. Happy Saturday ❤


    1. Thank you so very much, Christoph. Your words made me feel good. Maybe I’m feeling nostalgic too… or maybe it’s low blood sugar… hard to tell 😉 The real Cornelis truly had some amazing inventions.
      > I’m no longer ahead of the game in writing the episodes — so I’m just as curious as you about where the story will go.
      I hope all is well in your new home, and that everything is settling down to a happy normal groove. Mega hugs. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

        1. LOL… You’re a wicked man to tempt me with Krispy Kream! 😈 (Truthfully, i’m bad about letting my sugar crash while i get the blog ready to post. I manage my food well at the office, but tend to neglect myself at home. I’m somewhat hypoglycemic…)
          >Since the serial is completely pantser and spontaneous, i don’t have a predetermined number of episodes. I think the other serials i’ve done have been from 25 to 35 episodes, and expect this one to be somewhere in the middle of that range.
          > I sooo want a doughnut now. I guess it’s a good thing i’m allergic to eggs, because that serves as a big deterrant! Hummm but i can have frosting… Frooostiiinggggg 😀


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