Missing Characters Alert and Buyer Beware

Assport NINI Pooper of Alexandria wanted for questioning in case of missing characters: Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers.

A Cloudy DayWe don’t consider that “broken” so no matter what’s wrong, we don’t have to fix it. Besides, it isn’t there. And besides, the heater and air conditioner are not supposed to work properly in the first place.

I’m not sure which is more corrupt in this place – the thing that I don’t blog about because I’m always mindful of my online footprint and advancing my career, or car dealers.  Either way, between the two, I can’t find my characters anywhere.  So I’m giving you this buyer beware below. Don’t feel obligated to read it unless:

  1. You plan to buy a “NINI Pooper”
  2. You are in the legal profession and have free resources for me
  3. Also please – don’t anyone use the word “should” else I may never blog again. I will not be held responsible for my reply if anyone says “Well I would” or ”You should…”

So any potential Buyers, consider yourselves warned.  My dear Readers, I apologize that these “people” have me so stressed out that I am unable to do a thing, including write the serial I give you each weekend.  As if I could cope with any more stress on top of the thing that I don’t blog about.

The details only gluttons for punishment will read…

My new car was a year old yesterday. It has a “bonnet to boot” warranty for the three years of my lease.  (I’ve had great success leasing Toyota Camrys for 15 years. It doesn’t work for everybody, but it works out great business-wise and otherwise for me.  I especially like knowing I’m covered by a head to toe warranty the entire time.  However, a warranty is useless if the dealer defines every problem as being the way the car is supposed to work.)

A few weeks ago it needed a repair (that never ever happened with my Camrys). When I got it back, suddenly the heater no longer worked. A strong odor like burning wires accompanied smoke coming from the bowels under the NINI Pooper’s bonnet.  The tool-manager said they couldn’t find a problem, and that I should expect the heat in this new-ultra-low-mileage NINI Pooper to take 15-20 minutes to begin to put out warm air.

Also the tool-manager said if the “ambient temperature” was too low, I couldn’t expect to get enough warm air, and that’s just the way the NINI Pooper is designed to work. As for the burning smell and smoke, they never saw any, so it wasn’t there and didn’t need fixing. Also, that odor they couldn’t smell is something most people don’t notice.  In other words, by their self-definition at Assport NINI Pooper of Alexandria, they weren’t going to fix it because there was no problem.

On the way home from that debacle… The sun was finally beaming down and the temperature was 54 degrees.  Wearing my jacket, I started to get hot inside the NINI Pooper.  With everything going bad after the first repair only repair, even though I told the tool-manager to check everything, I decided to check the air conditioner.  It didn’t cool.  After the 15 minutes recommended for the NEW heater to warm up, the air conditioner still wasn’t working.

If one excuse for the heater not working was the fact that it was “too cold” for the heater to work, then I’d better contact them right away, before it was too hot for the air conditioner to work.

But the tool-manager’s excuse this time is that it was not hot enough for the air conditioner to work.

Oddly, before the repair, my heater worked no matter what temperature.

Oddly, before the repair, my air conditioner worked great no matter what the temperature.

So I you think about getting a NINI Pooper (or even a MINI Cooper) BEWARE.