The Sunday Show – Olga Núñez Miret – Author and Forensic Psychiatrist

I had the idea to re-blog some recent author interviews that have been done on readers of Teagan’s Books. Here’s a lovely one Sally G. Cronin did with Olga Núñez Miret earlier this summer. To my delighted astonishment, three bloggers have asked to interview me – all within a short time. It was quite humbling. So I wanted to “pay it forward.” Enjoy!

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When talking about the possibility of an interview with Olga Núñez Miret I was aware that she was a terrific writer and communicator via her blog and also had a very interesting background. In actual fact I discovered several more layers to this unassuming and talented writer and today I would like to explore some of those in more detail. Firstly a brief bio before we get down to the fascinating interview with Olga.


Olga was born in Barcelona and moved to the UK to study in the 1990’s. She is a doctor and also a Forensic Psychiatrist until recently when she gave this up to pursue her dream of writing full time. During the last few years she has fulfilled her love of learning by completing a degree in American Literature at the University of Sussex (including a year abroad at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts) and a…

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14 thoughts on “The Sunday Show – Olga Núñez Miret – Author and Forensic Psychiatrist

  1. What an impressive resume, Olga! One of the best qualities of a blog is the possibility to invite and be invited. It took me so much time to develop my little house that I am only now ready for that. So, Teagan, bravo for your hospitality and for picking such interesting people.


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