Three Ingredients: The Mess in the “Kitchen”

Margaret Mitchell
Margaret Mitchell

Forgive me everyone.  I tried to send Pip with a message postponing the next episode of The Three Ingredients, but she pouted and wouldn’t even look at me.

Yesterday I celebrated a small personal “positive” hoping it would get me back on track, but here I sit, making excuses despite that.

I haven’t been able to buy a home in this capitol of overpriced housing. So for the past few weeks, I’ve been repeatedly invaded by bargain basement contractors whom I have no choice in choosing. (You should have seen the guy I had to allow into my home Thursday — chewing gum and winking every few sentences.  But that was an improvement on the one with the creepy serial killer voice. Imagine talking to him on the phone, expecting him to say something like “Well, Clarice – have the lambs stopped screaming?“)

I’m sure he’s a perfectly nice man — but seriously would you want to meet him alone inside your house?

Anyway, there are two separate things going on with my home, one of which is truly major, both of which were preventable (but I didn’t have any say in that either). The other one involves an appliance delivery — something that I offered to pay half the cost of a new one when I moved in five years ago, but my offer wasn’t considered. In stead I’ve paid a lot more on my electric bill until the dinosaur finally succumbed to the proverbial tar pit.

But there’s no need to put you through the agony of that soap opera.  Suffice to say that it has not concluded either.  However, the guys for this secondary drama showed up with no appointment (again) yesterday — Saturday, when I was trying to write this weekend’s episode. Now I have a new appliance that can’t be installed, and nothing to use meanwhile. You really don’t want to know more than that…

I think Granny Fanny went chasing the delivery truck with her broom to swat the men for tracking mud through her house and knocking down a shelf in the kitchen.  Pip must still be upset from last week, because she just won’t talk to me.  Andy wanted to tell his side of the story, but now I’ve no idea where he is.

If the merman would come back, I’d dive into the ocean with him.  Or hop onto ghost-rider Breaking BadCaleb’s fire-snorting horse and ride away into the sunset.

Of course this is all on top of the work issues I’ve hinted at now and then.  Suffice to say that I’m ready to go back to my old joke. (Now what is she talking about? you ask.)  I used to joke that I would buy a used RV and move to the desert (rent free), and put the cats on a leash and send them out to catch lizards for our dinner.  But then someone told me about a TV show called “Breaking Bad.”  Well, I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was in that line of business!  But without the illegal stuff, I’m back to the RV in the desert idea.

It is my sincere hope that you’ll come back next weekend.  I promise, that neither serial-killer-voiced repairmen, uninvited delivery men, nor an RV in the desert will prevent me from having the next episode ready by then!Mini Aristream desert

Sheiks and Sheba’s — I wish all of you a beautiful weekend and sunshine super hugs!

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20 thoughts on “Three Ingredients: The Mess in the “Kitchen”

  1. I can fully understand why the muses have fled. Anytime Mr. Lector shows up, someone’s goose gets cooked. Willy and I shall wait for Pip and the gang to return. 😊


  2. Work and home issues are what get in our way big time. So I sincerely hope that you will find good solutions to problems that can be agravating but also (fortunately) fixed with time, patience and a little bit of luck too. Meanwhile hugs and cheers to you and your blog.


  3. Thank you Siobhan. It’s kind of you to comment. The biggest drama will be later today (hopefully not continuing into tomorrow, but that’s just a maybe) when they put in a new heat & air system. After the gum smacking winker and serial killer voice guys, I shudder to imagine the rest of the crew… LOL. Hopefully the dinosaur doesn’t put up a fight when they remove it.
    (It nearly burned the building down in March when we had a record cold and snow storm — the wiring caught fire and filled my home with smoke. My asthma was bad for a month. And the air has had a Freon leak for 5 years…)
    Since they’d stood me up twice, then brought out the dryer without the proper connecting pieces. Saturday when they did the same thing again, I accepted delivery on a clothes dryer that can’t be hooked up…
    Okay… I just deleted that drama for the hundredth time. No one should have to read that… But I don’t have an operating dryer yet either. So that will be still more time away from work. Neither the landlord nor the property managers have a bit of respect…

    If anyone actually has the energy to read this, they’ll understand the appeal of an RV in the desert! 😀


  4. Hi Debra! Thanks for taking a moment to comment. Thanks for the “luck.” I seem to need it. Years ago there were a couple of people who’d tell me that “If it wasn’t for bad luck, you wouldn’t have any luck at all.” I’d like to prove them wrong. LOL


  5. Life, especially as it is experienced via a home, intervenes (correction: interrupts) creativity. I totally understand that. Just relax, enjoy your weekend, and I’ll bet your characters come pounding on the door of your subconsciousness, wondering where in the heck you’ve been (when it was them all the time who ran off and partied). 🙂 P.S.: And good luck with the contractors!


  6. LOL, so true, Andrea. Road trips are great to fantasize about. But in reality the big problem with road trips is… the road.
    Looking forward to your next post — though the current one will be hard to beat. Huge hugs!


  7. Sorry you’re having such a difficult time Teagan. When I get overwhelmed I often fantasise about us buying a campervan and going off travelling around the country, just living a nomadic, creative life. However, having just spent two nights in a caravan, I’m pretty sure the reality wouldn’t be as exciting as the fantasy 🙂


  8. You know I’ll be back Teagan. Sorry to hear about the contractor/delivery person woes. Hope it gets straightened out, they can’t just show up without notice, thats a no no, Sounds a bit swarmy to me. See you next week and hoping that your new appliance is installed and working.


    1. Smarmy is being kind. The management company frequently tells me “You don’t have to be there. We’ll just let ourselves in.” When what they mean is they’ll do as they please. Pushes my buttons and i go from zero to B!#ch in nothing flat… :/

      Thank you Suzanne. I’m delighted to know you’ll come back. Huge hugs!


  9. Wow! I’ve thought about the RV thing myself, although we don’t have many deserts in the UK (some near ones in Spain…) Maybe I should move there and we could have a mobile library/bookshop/cake shop… If I had to chose on your options I think I’d go for the ghost rider… Now seriously…We’ll definitely be back. I read a wonderful post that mentioned a great expression but not sure if I remember it correctly. Something like ‘don’t let the little duckies nibble you to death…’


    1. Haha! That’s a great expression, Olga. Nibbling to death is about right.
      You’re welcome to be my neighbor in the desert! 😀 But my thoughts turning serious — a mobile library and reading program would be a wonderful thing to take to the reservations. There is true poverty in the desert southwest.
      I’m delighted to know that at least one reader will be back next weekend! Mega-hugs!


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