Rainbow Hearts

Just this morning I was talking about dreams… Mo Davies shares a dream she had. It’s far lovelier than any I’ve ever dreamed. Enjoy!


Rainbow Hearts

I had a really beautiful dream just before waking this morning – which meant I remembered it clearly, a real bonus.

I was sitting beside a lake with quite a few people when suddenly a saw a small gizmo sailing past puffing out mists of rainbow colours. I noticed that no-one else but me saw it so I started drawing people’s attention to it and they were delighted with such a lovely device.

I bought two more but then found that they all stopped working when the lake dried up. As it started filling up again, though, the rainbow clouds started appearing as the gizmos needed water to function.

Then I started showing people how they worked and found that I could see them opening up in people’s hearts.  I told people how these rainbows were opening up in their hearts and sending mists of bright colours from their hearts…

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16 thoughts on “Rainbow Hearts

  1. i knew you were underplaying your pain. i am sorry that it is this bad! the main problem is you cant walk around and somehow walking independently is such a habit with us human beings…

    stairs are the worst and most painful things when your feet are hurting.

    I do hope and pray it will get healed ASAP and wont ever repeat.

    Do get it checked thoroughly.

    lots of love.


  2. hurt ankle is pure hell! i have once fractured the bone in my foot sole- it really really is inconvenient and painful! the worst thing was it took away my greatest pleasure from me- bicycling for hours 😦


    1. Thanks for commiserating with me, Trisha. The bruises make my foot look like it belongs to a zombie! LOL. I had a fracture about 15 years ago (actually the same foot), and it took months. This one is not quite as bad, so hopefully i will only limp for a few weeks. It would heal faster if i didn’t have so many stairs at home. Unfortunately there’s no viable way for me to avoid them, but I try to use that foot as little as possible. Big hugs to you!


  3. Hi Suzanne. Wow, your lovely grape galette was hugely popular. Congrats!
    Yes, I was quite taken with Mo’s post.
    I’m coming along. It’s sweet of you to ask. I know my ankle will need quite a bit of time, but everything else has made good progress. And it could have been very much worse, so I’m still feeling grateful.
    I hope you’re having a fabulous week. Hugs!


  4. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Mary. Mo’s artwork is lovely too.
    I used to do a lot of work with dreams, but nothing of that nature since I move where I am now. Maybe again someday.
    Thanks for commenting. Big hug!


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