Three Ingredients: Teagan’s Tumble

Sheik of Araby Sheikhs and Shebas… It’s Pip here.

I thought it was the cat’s pajamas when the Writer said she was taking off from work for two days. I realize it’s selfish of me, but I thought the time away from that office might let her write some fun adventures for me!

But this morning I saw her take a header down the front stairs. They’re brick. It had to smart!  It was quite a sight.  Harold Lloyd couldn’t have done better.

Then I saw all those head-to-toe scrapes and bruises.  Applesauce! They’re huge!  I tried to count them all before she snapped at me to stop. That didn’t deter me — I needed to know if she’s hurt too bad to solve the latest mystery.  She looks like she had an argument with a train, and believe me, the train won.

No siree, Bob!  I’ll count those bruises and sprains whether she likes it or not.  Who’s going to take care of her if I don’t? Besides, she sprained her ankle, and she can’t catch me! She bruised a rib too, so she can’t take a good swing at me.  She says she’s lucky that she didn’t break the shoulder she landed on to boot.

Pip! Will you please stop that?

Clearly she didn’t hurt her pipes any… Anyhow the Writer and I apologize in advance if there is not much of a Three Ingredients episode this weekend.  I promise to prod her into writing it if I can!

Forgive Paisley, she means well.  I hope to give you an episode of our interactive serial this weekend.  At least a little one.

Applesauce!  She called me Paisley, my given name.  I might have pushed her too far!

Pip signing off.

18 thoughts on “Three Ingredients: Teagan’s Tumble

    1. You’re too kind, Sally. It helps so very much to have the support and good wishes of everyone here. The kitties are quite relieved that i’ve been able to feed them and scoop the litter box. They were worried for a little while there. LOL 🙂


  1. hey! i am so sorry to know that! hope and pray it is not hurting too much. falling from stairs… thank God that you are able to write about that and crack some jokes!

    take care and do get a thorough examination.


    1. Thank you Trisha. Surprisingly the ankle wasn’t quite as bad as feared (at first foresaw weeks of limping). The rib is what’s turned out to be truly painful. It’s so kind of you to stop and comment. Hugs!


  2. Ouch, you take care of yourself and tell Pip to be kind and watch out for you. Seriously, take it easy, make sure you are alright and only when you can start writing. Be careful on those steps love!!


    1. LOL… I really am careful. It just doesnt seem to be enough. I shudder to think what things would be if I weren’t. You know… my horoscope says i’d be accident prone in this part of the country. Maybe I should have listened!
      Thanks so much for dropping by, Suzanne. Big hug to you & the pugs!


  3. You know my ideas for full-body armor already. And they say being a writer is not dangerous! Do take plenty of care and I hope Pip will cook you something nice…


    1. LOL. Thanks for the chuckle Olga. The kitties have had no sympathy whatsoever. (Poor things, it really did frighten them. I know they heard the noise, and when i came inside they smelled something wrong.) Thanks for taking a moment to comment. Still sending good thoughts.


    1. Thank you Andrea. It’s kind of you to stop and say hello. I’ve been using ice on the largest bruises and sprain 15 minutes out of each hour all day. It has done a lot to keep the swelling down. Hopefully that speeds things. Hugs!


  4. Blow the weekend episode Sweetie even if I do whinge. I’m devastated to know you’ve had a fall and naturally it’s Pip that tells me , not you. I hope you’ve seen someone with all the cuts, bruises and scrapes just to be on the safe side.I also hope you don’t suffer too much and hurry up back to us or believe me you’ll know what suffering is.
    xxx Ginormous Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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