8 thoughts on “To Tell Your Story, Take a Page from Kurt Vonnegut​

  1. From now on we should just create graphs and let the person who buys them decide the story from the changes on the graph. Each story will then be truly individual. Though I suppose that’s alreadt true given that a story unfolds and stimulates each imagination differently.
    xxx Massive Hugs Teagan xxx


    1. I love your thought about stories stimulating each imagination differently.
      Back in Albuquerque a coworker was talking about a David Eddings book I particularly liked. Then he said how all the characters were such horrible despicable people that it made him hate the book. I was amused at his reaction because I thought they were supposed to be funny. “You’re kidding,” he said. “Maybe I should read it again…”
      But I said no — the fact that various people react so differently to one story is what makes writing wonderful.


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