Atonement Character Interviews: Lilith

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A Mid-Week Challenge

Yes everyone — I just challenged you (the blogger said with a Cheshire grin).Cheshire GrinWhether or not you see yourself as a writer, this will be a good mental exercise.  Write a paragraph or a page — from the point of view of an animal. I find that creative writing is easier if there are some parameters, some limits. So in your paragraph or page, include these three things: house, quick, puzzle.

Just so you know that I’m being fair, I’ve written from an animal’s point of view a number of times. For instance, that applies to some segments of my debut novel, Atonement, Tennessee.

I posted this character interview in January of 2013.  However, now that Atonement, Tennessee is available, I’m re-blogging some early posts. Some characters were more fun to write than others.  I enjoyed myself, seeing the world through the eyes of Lilith, and writing from the point of view of a calico cat.  So I decided to interview the cat.  She’s got a lot of “catitude” I can promise you.

Character Interviews: Lilith the Calico

Teagan: Lilith, won’t you come over here and sit with me?

(She looks all around the room — everywhere but at me.)

You’re even prettier than I expected. (Now she jumps onto the sofa. The compliment seems to have helped.) For this interview, the Creative Muse has given you the power of human speech.

Lilith and mirrorLilith:  Meow…

Teagan:  Now, Lilith. There’s no need to be contrary. You know you can talk for now. Take advantage of it. I understand you were a rescue kitty. Tell us about your life before Ralda adopted you.

Lilith:  Meow…

Teagan:  (I sigh. Talk about catitude…) I think what everyone wants to know most about you is — are you really a cat? Or are you some kind of supernatural? Maybe an enchanted person who has to… atone?  Because, in all honesty, even though I wrote the novel, I do not know.

(Lilith narrows her eyes then turns her back on me and proceeds to wash her face.  Clearly that line of questioning is not acceptable.) Calico washing face

All righty then; I’m not going to get an answer to that one either.

Okay, moving on. You tell the parts of the story that Ralda doesn’t see. What about Cael? Do you know more about him than anyone else?  Wait — what’s that?  …Are you purring?

Cael at rest- Adrian Paul
Adrian Paul as Cael

Lilith: Oh, Cael is simply divine. (Purrrrr…) Yes, I know more about him than Ralda does — even at the end of the story. He’s strong, courageous, faithful, and he knows about a lot more than is apparent. Cael is also childlike sometimes, which is an intriguing contrast to his strength. I also sense even more about him than I witness. I can’t really describe everything I sense. I can’t quite put my paw on some things.

Teagan: At least that brought you out of your shell. Ralda said you like attractive men. Anyway, I don’t think Ralda really trusts him. Do you know why?

Lilith: She can’t put her paw on it either. Or rather she can’t put her finger on it. Cael is truly extraordinary though. His backstory is only hinted at in this novel. I’m sure there will be more about him in “book 2.”

Teagan: What about Gwydion? Ralda seems to at least try to trust him. Should she?Man Flower Face

Lilith: (She purrs again, even louder. Then she even turns halfway upside down, a paw across her face.) Ah… Gwydion! Oh he smells delicious, all manner of flowers and herbs and catnip. Did you know that he brought me catnip?

(Lilith sits back up, still purring.) Gwydion is a magical creature, you realize. His magic is tied to flowers. It’s not stated outright in the novel, but it’s pretty obvious. At the very beginning it’s even hinted that his grandmother was a faery. You know, Fae’s Flowers, named for his Gran?

Teagan: Who do you think would be better for Ralda, Gwydion or Cael? If they, so to speak, fought for her affections, who would win?

Calico runningLilith: Oh, it would be awful if those two actually did fight, wouldn’t it? They do seem to compete with each other in odd ways. But if they fought…  No, I couldn’t bear for either of them to get hurt! I’m not sure, but I have a suspicion that if it came down to it, Cael might be stronger than Gwydion.  However, Gwydion would have fewer — or at least different inhibitions so he might best Cael.  Oh, I’m not just sure. I really don’t like that question at all.

(Her tail makes a slash-thump against the sofa, signaling annoyance. Lilith jumps down from the sofa and sashays out of the room.)

I suppose that ends my interview with the cat.  However, you can read more from Lilith in Atonement, Tennessee.

Copyright 2013 Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene.  All rights reserved.

15 thoughts on “Atonement Character Interviews: Lilith

    1. It makes my smile beam to know I’ve given you a smile Teri. Lilith indeed gets her own adventure as part of “Atonement in Bloom”… She also attracts the interest of 2 powerful supernaturals… and one of them is very dangerous. 🐱 Don’t worry — I wouldn’t let anything happen to Lilith. Mega hugs.


  1. Why thank you so much, Christoph! I had a lot of fun interviewing a cat. I’ve also been surprised to learn that Lilith the calico is very popular with readers who don’t even have a cat. Wishing you great success with “Conditions” and all your other books. Great reviews you’ve gotten! Hugs 😀


    1. Oh Sharmishtha… it was probably naughty of me, but none of this is for any profit… Anyway I have to credit one of my favorite artists for that part of the picture. I bought the background — and it is the cover of my novel. But I couldn’t resist adding the “lotus cat” done by Susan Seddon Boulet. I’m glad you liked it. I’ve pinned a lot of her work [and my other favorite, Michael Whellan) at my Penterest boards ( )



    1. Hey Mary, thanks for stopping to comment. Teehee, that catnip offering probably didn’t hurt either!
      Congrats on the release of your new book, Cowboy Boss and His Destiny!!!
      I hope everyone will pay you a visit. (I’m using my mobile & it’s not cooperating to paste a link..)


  2. You’re a hard taskmaster Teagan. I’m going to cheat and allow Oscar to give a piece from his own book here but I will include your words.

    It was still dark this morning when I decided to wake ‘The Him’ who lives in my house.
    I could hear a strange and loud purring coming from his place of sleep but it stopped when I jumped on his chest. He sat up in shock and I told him it was time to stroke me as I deserve. He made some strange noise with his mouth and his whiskers quivered but he did stroke me. It was fine for a while but I soon got bored and told him so by biting his hand. He understood and stopped quickly. I did get off his sleeping place in a hurry though in case he barked any more strange noises at me.

    I realised it was time for food and as I can’t manage to wake ‘The Her’ I had to return to the sleeping place of ‘The Him’, he’d gone back to sleep. How could he, didn’t he know I wanted food?
    I jumped onto his chest again and started to explain my tummy was empty. Yet again he sat up and I found myself sliding down his chest to his lap. He purred something and I heard my name mentioned very loudly, but he swung his legs out giving me chance to jump off and lead the way to my dishes. He followed.
    I saw ‘The Him’ pick up my dishes and take them away . A minute later he brought them back clean and emptied some food into one and water into the other. Water huh, I suppose it will do. He left me to eat in peace. When I’d had enough I went to thank him and all he did was pull his bedding around him. I purred my thanks and left to have a sleep.

    I went to ‘The Her’s’ bed. I know she will let me sleep and not disturb me.
    After a little sleep I woke up and stretched as I do. ‘The Her’ was also waking up. I wished her good light and she stroked me. It was nice, especially when she rubbed inside my ears. I purred at her. I also said “Thank you” even though it was no more than my due, after all we have to show the Longlegs that we have manners.
    She left her sleeping place and I saw her go to my dishes. I saw her take them away again and then return with them clean again. Then I saw her put more food and water in. Two first light meals in a day, wonderful. ” The Him’ was up and had his fur on, she went to him and pointing at my dishes made loud noises at him, he looked puzzled. Then she returned to me and stroked me. I jumped off her sleeping place and with a purr left to eat my new first light meal.
    Sometimes the Longlegs can be so kind but I think that’s because I’ve trained them well.

    You’ll have to forgive me for changing quick to quickly and puzzle to puzzled.

    xxx Hugs Galore xxx


  3. I like Lilith. Very intriguing idea. I’ve realised I don’t think I have many pets in my stories although that could change… You’re right, they must see things we don’t and have their own ideas…


    1. Hi Olga. Thanks for taking a moment to comment. I’ve always had pets — a huge animal lover (though adulthood allergies limit my choices now), so I’m biased. However, some sort of animal character always adds to the appeal of a story for me.

      Oddly enough, my epic fantasy (the one I keep holding back) has no pets… Just a random thought.
      Have a wonderful Wednesday and a thriving Thursday.


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