Three Ingredients Serial – 9: Cream, Vanilla, Sauce Pan

Graham Kerr-1While I waited for everyone to “get back behind the wheel” and send ingredients to drive this story, I wrote this — Episode-9.  But don’t fret.  Because Ishita at “Kooky Cookyng” sent very interesting ingredients for Episode-10! I hope to have it ready this weekend, so please come back again.

Get ready… because today’s episode reveals the identity of the “dead man” found in Episode-1.

Many times when I was a child I sat in front of the TV and watched “The Galloping Gourmet” — the Graham Kerr  show. I realized that I would not experience any of the dishes he cooked until I was grownup and on my own — if ever.  Even so, I was always fascinated and entertained.  So this episode of our serial is a nod to Graham Kerr.  The three ingredients for this episode come from his culinary creation in the video at the end of the post.

Oh, by the way… for those of you who receive this blog via email, the videos are not active.  You will have to visit the blog, but all you have to do is click the link in the title or click on my name.

9.  Cream, Vanilla Pod, Sauce Pan

“What’s the matter, detective?  You’re not afraid of a little old birdie are you?” Marshal Moses Myrick asked Savannah’s finest, Dabney Daniels.Cat_menu_Episode-9 copy

The older law man’s face looked as sour as his voice was gruff, but I saw a twinkle in his green pea eyes that made me suspect he was joking.  Dabney took another step backward, apparently without realizing.  It seemed like the cat had his tongue… or maybe I should say the parrot had it.  So I supplied on his behalf, “Cracker doesn’t seem to care for Detective Daniels.  Not at all really.”

“Cracker, you say?” the revenuer asked.

“Yes, that nasty bird went around screeching cracker-cracker-cracker for the better part of two days.  That was the only word it would say, until it came out with that vulgar comment it just made.  My granddaughter decided its name must be Cracker,” Granny explained with a frown at the parrot.

“Vulgar comment?” Moses Myrick queried.

“What she just said to you,” I began.  “Who’s your —”

Paisley Idelle Peabody!  I’ll not have you using that kind of language in my house!” Granny flared and the law men chuckled.  However, when Granny Fanny’s glare transferred to them they discretely put serious expressions back on their faces.

1920 Home Journal ParrotCracker prudently remained quiet, playing with a pod of vanilla that glittered in the sunlight as she twisted it.  I remembered Granny saying that you could tell a vanilla pod was good if it glittered.

“Oh Fanny,” the marshal said, and I immediately wondered how the illustrious revenuer came to be on a first name basis with my grandmother.  Not to mention the fact that the sourpuss seemed to be sweet on the bird!  “The parrot didn’t mean any harm.  In fact, she’s been doing her best to identify your dead body,” he added with a sly look at Dabney.

We all looked like a school of fish with our mouths open.  Cracker interrupted the silence by excitedly bobbing her head and squawking, “Who’s your daddy?”

Granny abruptly sat down and looked heavenward.  Then with a look of supreme patience, she turned to Myrick and silently bade him continue.  The marshal even gave Granny a wicked grin, as the parrot dropped the vanilla pod and fluttered back to his shoulder.

“The parrot’s owner — her daddy undoubtedly used to ask her ‘Who’s your daddy?’  To which she was supposed to reply Cracker,” Moses Myrick explained, but we were still puzzled.  As if to demonstrate, he practically cooed to the parrot, “Who’s your daddy, sweetheart?”

The parrot bobbed, wriggled, and turned circles, as if dancing.  I thought Granny’s eyes would pop out of her head.  Then the bird cried, “Cracker!”Speakeasy_Stories-July

Moses looked a tad impatient with our lack of comprehension.  “Her daddy was Cracker Jack Daddy, safecracker and up and coming mobster.  He was also the man who turned up dead at your local theatre.  Detective I’m surprised you haven’t figured that out yet,” he added pointedly.

“Oh!” I cried as my light bulb came on.  I turned to Detective Daniels.  “She’s so upset with you, because her ‘daddy’ didn’t come home, but you were there in stead.  Maybe she thinks you did something to him,” I said.  Then I moved to stroke the bird’s feathers.  “Oh Cracker, sweetie.  Dabney didn’t do anything to your daddy.  And I’m sorry, but he’s not coming back… but you already knew that, didn’t you.  Poor thing.”

The parrot cooed softly, but shot the detective one more suspicious look.  I handed her the vanilla pod she’d been playing with.  That’s when Granny noticed it.  “Where did you get that?” Granny demanded of the bird.

Cracker quickly escaped toward the kitchen.  “Oh no you don’t!” Granny said and ran after the parrot.  I heard a sauce pan crash to the floor.  “Get out of that you nasty bird!  That’s for my crème brulee.  No.  No!  Not the cream!  Get out of there!”

Then I heard the picture overturn and the cream splash.  I winced.  I would not want to be Cracker just then.



14 thoughts on “Three Ingredients Serial – 9: Cream, Vanilla, Sauce Pan

  1. Hahahahahaha! Oh, poor Cracker! I’m not so sure she’d enjoy that, though Granny might!
    However, if she were here today, she might welcome the warmth. It had been one cold winter here, even before it was actually winter. Golly, I miss the desert!


  2. Sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of rye,
    Four and twenty parrots baked in a pie.
    When the pie was opened the birds began to sing,
    Wasn’t that a dainty dish to set before the King?



        1. I admit to a vision of brightly colored feathers sticking out of a pie, meant to make Granny feel guilty. Personally, I don’t have the heart to cook Cracker. LOL.
          However, there is another episode between here and there. I never know where these stories are going until I start typing the “ingredients” into an episode. 🙂


  3. Hi Ishita — thanks for commenting.
    I’ve only searched for magazine covers, not the actual content.
    Maybe you could find some on eBAY… Or [thinking creatively with this] maybe even vintage comic book stores…?
    As you say, surely someone has a pile of them somewhere.
    That’s an interesting “shopping mission.” Let me know how it turns out.



  4. Hey Teagan, that was an interesting reveal (specially since I am into The Sopranos right now!) but I am really fascinated by the image of Speakeasy Stories. Is there a magazine archive online? I tried searching but didn’t come across anything relevant. Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone had a pile of those?! Sorry for the digression, I am a big Perry Mason fan and like that era for some reason.

    Looking forward to the next episode. Thank you for mentioning my blog, very generous of you.


    1. LOL. I will keep that in mind. Here I’ve been afraid I was making the episodes far too long. I’m glad to know I wasn’t trying your patience with the longer ones — and hope you’ll forgive the shorter mid-week episode. 🙂

      Back to work with me now. I’m always glad for your visits to my blog.
      Big hug,


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