Three Things Serial: 13 – Miracle, Hedgehog, Gloaming

Can you believe we are already up to the thirteenth set of Three Things?  As promised in the previous post, these things come from the DC area.  The complete story (so far) is on the Three Things Serial page, if you need to catch up.

Also be sure to post a comment giving me three things to keep the serial going!  Maybe some viewers from Canada will play?  Or someone in the UK will send three things?  Or from India? Or Turkey?  Everyone is welcome to send three words or phrases!  Just remember it’s a 1920’s story when you pick your three things, and that it’s a “G” rated blog.

Miracle, Hedgehog, Gloaming

1920s Tin Lunch boxWhen I climbed up into the outdated fire engine I thought it would be a miracle if made it all the way to Santa Rosa Sound.  But the old thing must have still had some heart left, because we didn’t have any problems.  We were almost there when Mona asked Flavio to pull over so we could decorate the truck with the streamers and flags she’d brought.

Frankie bent over the seemingly bottomless bag of stuff, passing streamers and such to the rest of us.  I heard the tink sound of metal and turned toward Frankie.  As he pulled out an old tin lunchbox, the rest of us gathered round.

“Hey sweet cheeks,” Flavio said to Mona.  “I thought you said there’d be gourmet grub at this swank shindig.”

“Be careful!” Mona said in a worried voice when Flavio took the lunch pail from Frankie and started to open it.

I heard a scrabbling sound from inside the container and drew back.  Had a mouse gotten into Mona’s lunch?  And why had she brought lunch in the first place?  And, holy Hannah!  If there was a mouse in her lunchbox, there were probably mice in our building!

Mona quickly took the tin box from Flavio.  That’s when I noticed there were several little holes piercing both ends of the pail.  To my astonishment, she opened the container and scooped up a strange spinney rat.  Or maybe it was a baby opossum with matted hair.  Or, oh applesauce, who knew what!

“Oh Pear, you poor baby,” Mona cooed over the thing.  “Are you alright?”

Then she held it out at Flavio who jumped back with a shriek.  “Don’t be silly,” Mona chided.  “It’s just Pear.  I couldn’t leave him alone all day.  I just got him.  And it’ll be later than the gloaming when we get home tonight.”  She smiled coquettishly at hedgehog in handsthe expression her comment brought to Flavio’s face.  Yep, Mona sure knew how to get her way.  “Yes, you can be sure it’ll be much later than twilight before this party is over,” she told him with her eyelashes aflutter.

“But… Pear?” I asked.

“Why, for Prickly Pear, of course.  He’s a hedgehog.  Didn’t you know?” Mona told me as if it was all utterly obvious.

6 thoughts on “Three Things Serial: 13 – Miracle, Hedgehog, Gloaming

  1. I caught up with all the series this evening and am enjoying the characters. It reminds me of the laundromat PI and a few others which I like to read. Here’s three things to keep you going: finger curls, shoe horn, cummerbund.


  2. Very, very nice! Thank you:-)…I always think of gloaming as a Scottish phenomenon…no idea why…Anyhow, loved this installment.


  3. It’s so great of you to drop by, Mary. Thanks for saying that, because I was concerned. For many years I’ve participated in “plain language” initiatives at work. So if I even *think* I’m using an unfamiliar word I try to make sure it is understood. It can be hard to balance the plain language thing with the need to use words in a fun and creative way. (Of course, with my fiction writing, I don’t really have to do that.)

    I was glad to get an interesting word like “gloaming.” And I’m glad the video gave you a nice memory.


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