Three Things Serial: 11 – Ice Cream, Sound, Thimble

1920s FanThe very first “thing” in this serial (oscillating fan) sent my mind to the 1920s, providing the time-frame of the story.  For the second episode, I took a challenge from another blog, and that gave me some information about the characters.  (That was Ballerina, Fireman, Astronaut, Movie Star).  Up until now, one thing that has been missing is where the story takes place.

So special thanks to Lynn for dropping by and giving me “three things” that took me to the setting.  She was very specific with “sound,” indicating that she meant a body of water.  That took my mind to Florida.   … And now episode eleven.

11.  Ice Cream, Sound, Thimble

It had been a crazy night, what with the shooting at the theatre, and then the weird burglary at Boris’ place.  It took hours before I could settle down enough to go to sleep.  Not that I didn’t try.  I knew I had a big day ahead — a lot bigger than going out for ice cream with my pals.  Mona had invited me to go with her to a party thrown by a movie studio bigwig.


The shindig was going to be out at Santa Rosa Sound, and it was going to be real ritzy.  I admit I was a little nervous about it too.  I didn’t think I’d fit in with those actors and studio types, but I’d put on my glad rags and go for Mona’s sake.  I could tell that she felt nervous about the whole thing.  She was probably worried about some of those producer jobbies coming on too strong.

Anyhow Mona said that studio bigwig had planned the whole to-do around a big race around the island, Santa Rosa Island, that is.  It was going to be a hundred mile race for sailboats that ran half its course through the sound.  The movie people were going to film it, and she was hoping to get a part.  Mona said one day it would be a big annual event, but I didn’t see how they’d ever manage to pull anything that pricey together again.  After the land boom went bust, most folks could put their entertainment money in a thimble.  Either way, I figured it’d be swell to check it out.stpetersburg-1920s

6 thoughts on “Three Things Serial: 11 – Ice Cream, Sound, Thimble

  1. Great writing – very engaging! And, that’s a key litmus test, isn’t it? Also, I LOVE the vintage settings and, you know me . . . . .., the evocative scenarios within the stories. As some other commenters have said – takes you right out of time and into another. So glad to have you enjoying my fun, too, and for LIKING my blog. We seem to enjoy many of the same things and I look forward to seeing you there often. Thanks!


    1. Yes, time does indeed fly. Can you believe tomorrow is September 1st?
      Thanks for stopping to comment — I know you’re working away at all your works in progress. Keep up the nice work on the holiday romance book.


  2. Teagan, this has taken on a life of its own, and is simply marvelous! I just love the three things serial–immensely fun. Great writing! Oscillating fans evoke huge feelings for me, staying at my grandmother’s in a hot muggy Missouri summer when I was a teen, something that helps me sleep over the years, I feel very positive about those fans. You have an uncanny ability to write well from words that evoke different things for different people.


    1. PL, what an eloquent compliment ~~ thank you! I consider that the highest praise, because I know you have quite a way with words yourself. I’m especially glad you said the serial “has taken on a life of its own” because that is exactly what I intended/hoped. Being a “planner” it’s difficult to NOT plot the story and let it flow with the “Three Things” as they come in, but that is what I’m trying to keep doing.
      Have a great holiday weekend,


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