NaNoWriMo Pitchapalooza!

Indie Publishing – My Latest Lesson

It’s rather amazing, how much there is to learn about indie (independent) publishing.  I’m getting practice with blogging.  Now I need to try a pitch.  The NaNoWriMo organization had a “Pitchapalooza” this month.  It’s supposed to be only 200 words… (Yikes!)  This is a random drawing; only 25 entries will actually be judged. I stand a snowball’s chance. However, I need to create a pitch anyway…  So here goes!

Pitch:  Atonement, Tennessee

Esmeralda Lawton is sick of the big city. “Ralda” was betrayed until trust became a theoretical concept. So it’s a dream come true when she buys an old estate, complete with historic cemetery. Okay, she isn’t excited about the cemetery, but she’s strangely drawn to the estate. Atonement, Tennessee, a quaint town, seems like the perfect place for her. However, her new life isn’t quiet.

The house is full of antiques. Some have extraordinary properties — a brass bed causes strange dreams, and a mirror shows the truth of who you are.

A mysterious neighbor secretly watches over the graveyard. There’s more to him than meets the eye, but what? Then there’s Gwydion, owner of Fae’s Flowers. She stubbornly resists her feelings for him.

Ralda suspects that people are drawn to Atonement to, well — atone. She wonders what sins led her there. However, her ancestress made the mistakes.

Atonement is home to more than humans. Supernaturals go there too. Some have fallen far.

This urban fantasy, seasoned with Celtic mythology, comes with a side-order of mystery. Are you sad to see the “Sookie Stackhouse” stories end? Make a visit to Atonement, Tennessee!

8 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Pitchapalooza!

  1. Is there a sequel or another ending? I would like to know what happens next. Maybe next November? Can’t wait. Atonement and A Valentine for You shows unique creativity.


    1. I’m flattered to get good responses to both stories!
      There were a couple of things that I deliberately left unresolved with Atonement’s ending. I figured it could be a series, if there was any interest in it. Also, having read a lot of that particular type of fantasy, I’ve seen that they don’t tend to be very long books, so it seemed like a good place and a good way to stop.

      Re a different ending – no. I tweaked the ending in the draft, so that it makes more sense and is smoother. However, the actual ending is still the same.

      A sequel… Yes, that’s a possibility. Even when I was writing the “novel in a month” for National Novel Writing Month, I was open to the possibility of doing “book 2” for the next NaNoWriMo… unless a new idea with a forceful personality pops up and demands attention.

      I still plan to publish it this spring – whether or not I’ve finished the draft of The Dead of Winter. Once published, I want to try and check with people for their “wish lists” of what they’d like to see in book 2. It doesn’t hurt to try and give people what they want. I can probably work it in with whatever my ideas for the sequel are. However, I forbid my brain to go there yet – not until I finish DoW.


    1. I’m very pleased that you enjoyed the draft of “Atonement, Tennessee”… I’ve [hopefully] made a lot of improvements since the draft, but the main points of the story have not changed.

      Hummm…. Maybe everyone can let me know what they’d like to see if I do “Book 2.” I might do a sequel for National Novel Writing Month [NaNoWriMo] 2013.



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