Atonement: Lilith the Calico

Lilith and mirrorCharacter Interviews: Lilith the Calico

Teagan: Lilith, won’t you come over here and sit with me? (She looks all around the room — everywhere but at me.) You’re even prettier than I expected. (Now she jumps onto the sofa.) For this interview, the Creative Muse has given you the power of human speech.

Lilith: Meow…

Teagan: Now, Lilith. There’s no need to be contrary. You know you can talk for now. Take advantage of it. I understand you were a rescue kitty. Tell us about your life before Ralda adopted you.

Lilith: Meow…

Teagan: (I sigh… ) I think what everyone wants to know most about you is — are you really a cat? Or are you some kind of supernatural? Maybe an enchanted person?

(Lilith narrows her eyes then turns her back on me and proceeds to wash her face.) All righty then; I’m not going to get an answer to that one either. Okay, moving on. You tell the parts of the story that Ralda doesn’t see. What about Cael? Do you know more about him than anyone else? …Are you purring?

Lilith: Oh, Cael is simply divine. (Purrrrr…) Yes, I know more about him than Ralda does — at least up until the end of the story. He’s strong, powerful, and he knows about a lot more than is apparent. Cael is also childlike sometimes, which is an intriguing contrast to his strength. I also sense even more about him than I witness. I can’t really say everything I sense. I can’t quite put my paw on some of the things.

Teagan: At least that brought you out of your shell. Ralda said you like attractive men. Anyway, I don’t think Ralda really trusts him. Do you know why?

Lilith: She can’t put her paw on it either. Or rather she can’t put her finger on it. Cael is truly extraordinary though. His backstory is only hinted at in this novel. I’m sure there will be more about him in “book 2.”

Teagan: What about Gwydion? Ralda seems to try to trust him. Should she?

Lilith: (She purrs again, even louder. Then she even turns halfway upside down, a paw across her face.) Ah… Gwydion! Oh he smells delicious, all manner of flowers and herbs and catnip. Did you know that he brought me catnip?

(Lilith sits back up, still purring.) Gwydion is a magical creature, you realize. His magic is tied to flowers. It’s not stated outright in the novel, but it’s pretty obvious. At the very beginning it’s even hinted that his grandmother was a faery. You know, Fae’s Flowers, named for his Gran?

Teagan: Who do you think is stronger, Gwydion or Cael?

Lilith: Oh, it would be awful if those two fought, wouldn’t it? But it would be sexy! No, I couldn’t bear for either of them to get hurt. I’m not sure, but I have a suspicion that if it came down to it, Cael might be stronger than Gwydion. I’m not sure. I don’t like that question.

(Her tail makes a slash-thump against the sofa. Lilith jumps down from the sofa and sashays out of the room.)

18 thoughts on “Atonement: Lilith the Calico

            1. Yes! I guess I’m too far into “writer brain” to have thought. A poetry book including your illustrations will be superb!
              My attention has been demanded for things other than writing or editing… Not to mention a scammer yesterday who was on my last nerve.
              I’ll send you an email this afternoon to catch up. Hugs on the wing!

              Liked by 1 person

  1. LOL. Thank you David. My two are quite talkative. Unfortunately their English is not so good. Loud, but not good. 🙂

    Lilith is a bit of every cat I’ve ever had, so the calico markings seemed suitable for her.


  2. Nice 🙂 Lilith is one coy cat. I really enjoy the voice you’ve given her here. “His magic is tied to flowers.” What a beautiful way for to express her admiration for an (impossible?) beau. 🙂


    1. Hi Shirley,
      Thanks for commenting. I’m so glad that Lilith entertained you – because I certainly enjoy your sketches! I’m very pleased that you picked up on the part about the flowers, just from that little “interview.” *Part* of the “mythology” I created for “Atonement, Tennessee” (and its someday sequel) is inspired by the Welsh/Celtic myth of Gwydion fab Don: While I’m not re-telling the myth with the Atonement books, I am borrowing from it.

      I hope everyone will take a look at your blog and wonderful sketches ( ).



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