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What is progress anyway?

A special note:  I follow and comment many of your blogs regularly — getting them via email.  WordPress has stopped sending me those emails, even though everything is signed-up-for and checked. I know where to find you, but it’s hard to keep up and I apologize.

Crystal bench 03-2017

Crystal, March 2017

I guess the answers vary as much as they do for any other “what is” question.   At least my little BFF and I have made a few sluggish steps forward in the mire of Loop of Limbo of the Unknown.  (That’s Crystal’s picture a few months ago; before all this started.)  I still don’t know anything.  However, surgery is scheduled for June 22nd.  

They finally approved an appetite stimulant, which has helped her immediate “health” hugely after just one dose.  I was afraid she would be too week from self-starvation to survive the anesthesia for the surgery.  Hopefully the biopsy will let me know how to proceed.

So, that’s an update for those who have been following Crystal, here and on Facebook.  Of no importance to the world at large.  Nothing close to the burdens others bear.  However, if me, myself, and I were having a conversation, I would tell Myself what I’ve often told others —  The cross you bear may seen trivial compared to what others endure, but that does not mean your burden is any less heavy for you to carry.

Loop of Limbo of the Unknown

I’m tired of hearing myself say that work and life drains my creativity, preventing me from writing.  It’s my very own “Theory of the Moebius.”  Unfortunately that state has not improved. 

Since I just don’t have it — what I need to work on my stories, I keep having the thought to share a different story with you.  (To be honest, I’m not even sure I can do this one, but it keeps coming back to me, so…)

The problem is, that it is not like any of the stories I’ve brought here. It’s dark. Filled with the kind of truths most people just can’t seem to handle.

You will face the truth weird guy

So I’ve decided to put it to a vote.  Click on the button you choose below, because I don’t know if I’ll be able to leave the comments enabled.

Good golly Miss Molly! WordPress has monkeyed around with that poll feature! I thought I’d do a quick post and be done, but I’ve spent three hours instead… Time indeed became a loop.

Mega hugs.