Atonement, TN Style & a Bloomin’ Review

Saturday, January 12, 2018

You may have seen me say it before —I don’t just like color.  I need color. On days that I wear only black or even neutral colors I simply don’t feel very well.  There are two reasons why I’m reminding you of that so stick with me. 

Bethany Gwen is a Goth character in the Atonement universe.  Of course she wears black, but she likes to add a splash of color.  Bethany would like accessories like these.  She’d love the glasses.

glasses n accessories valentina

Image by Valentina Cirasola

Atonement’s heroine, Ralda Lawton, hasn’t had time to furnish her new-old home, what with all the supernatural shenanigans.  If she had the budget for it, Ralda would like something like this elegant yet comfortable sunny room.

sunny room valentina

Image by Valentina Cirasola

You’re probably wondering why I’m talking about all this.  I’m so excited that I’m kicking my heels.  I can’t wait to tell you any longer.  Atonement in Bloom has a new review!

valentina review image

Great surprises with magic and humor

I must say I hardly read novels, and if I do, my kind of novels are more on the tone of architecture or historical stories based on really existent places with fiction characters.

Teagan’s books hooked me on a new genre, fantasy, mystery, supernatural, magic characters and humor. Atonement in Bloom is a continuation of book #1 Atonement Tennessee. It was so surprising to see so much action and magic happening in such a small town with three street lights, of which everybody is aware and not just Esmeralda. She lives in a run-down mansion with its own cemetery. In the village some people have wings and some pigs glow.

The author has a fervid imagination and her characters are a true fantasy making both books, Atonement Tennessee and Atonement in Bloom a fun reading. I recommend these books, they will keep you at the edge of the seat.


As you might expect, Valentina Cirasola is a colorful and fascinating lady.  She sparkles even more than that review.  You can learn more about her at these links.

Valentina on Instagram 

Her Youtube videos about design and style

Yes, I really do get that excited about reviews.  Thanks for putting up with me blowing my own horn. 

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