NaNoWrimo – On Fire

hunger gamesYay!  This week I took leave from work for an entire week of “stay-cation.”  And i’m excited to say that I’ve been on WriMo fire!

So I couldn’t resist a new theme song for today.  I’m with The Doors again.  Can you guess which song?


Light My Fire

NaNoWriMo: Where’s Your Mojo

Nanowrimo 1National Novel Writing Month continues.  Here comes day-13… Do you know where your mojo is?  Is it out somewhere wandering the “dark and stormy night” without you?  If that’s the case…

Get your mojo risin’!

That’s right.  Here’s the music to get your mojo risin’ whether you’re on the west coast, east coast, somewhere in between, or somewhere across the pond.

Keep on writin’… writin’-writin’, writin’-writin’!

Now, Wrimo-mo-mo!