The Micro Story Challenge

Earlier this week a challenge showed up in my inbox.  It was already a month old, but it was part of a newsletter with various things from Amazon and Create Space.  I looked at for a minute… and decided to play.

The Micro Story Challenge

Tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end in a single, yet wholly satisfying sentence. If you are able to construct an entire story in one sentence, and that one sentence is compelling and absent of any structural phenomenon in order to cram in details, you will have stripped away what holds most writers back: a lack of knowing what their books are truly about.

My Answer to the Challenge

The morning sunlight brought pain from the past, laced with fear of escape, but pierced by the determination to create a future.


Tree circle limbs vines

I hope you’ll leave your own one-sentence stories in the comments.

My board of Magical Portals, Gates, and Doors at Pinterest might provide ideas.