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Thistledown Girl

This is a reference page intended to supplement the serial “Thistledown — Midsummer Bedlam.”  Hopefully it is helpful.  I’ll try to update it as the story progresses.  It’s a pantser tale, so at this writing, I only know a little.  I hesitate to post this, because the formatting is not up to my standards. However, for now…

Episodes       Name             Dark Name            M/F      Faery Namer   Appearance

1     Bedlam Thunder:  Bedlam Thunder,  F, Teagan

       Belle Stargazer, Vixen Starquencher, F, Marje Mallon                       

       Blossom Stargazer, Venus Flytrap Starquencher, F, Eloise De Sousa                   

Calico Rainbowforest, F, Mary Mccoy-Dressel,Thistledown Trumpet, Glasses

      Carver Eastdoor, Stranglevine Starquencher, M, Dan Antion                           

2, 3  Catseye Glimmer, Royal Chimera, M, Tim Price, Tall, lanky

        Cherry Starlight, Stonefruit Darkstar, F, Jan Malique                          

        Crescent Glimmer, Satellite Chimera, F, Annette Rochelle Aben                     

 3     Dah-le    Phrase/exclamation used in the dark faery-verse                                     

2, 3  Ember Beamwitch, Cinder Darkhouse, F, Colleen Chesebro, Flowers in hair

1    Emmie Willowtree,  F, Barbara Murray                   

2,3  Field Yewwasp, Desert Chilblane, M,    Chris Graham ,Very tall/large, furry

       Fiery Thistle,                                     M,     Lance Greenfield Mitchell                

       Fleur Thistle, Royal Razorleaf,       F,      Teri Polen                             

       Glitter Shimmerling, Glare Phantasm, F, Robbie Cheadle                   

       Glimmer Stargazer, Chimera Starquencher, F, Barbara, Ghostmmnc                          

   2  Holly Songbird,                                F,  Hollyberye                           

      Ivy Twinkle, Poison Ivy Razorleaf, M,    Hugh W. Roberts                 

      Ivy Thistle,                                           F,     Wanda Williams                  

      Lavender Cozy,   Thorn Sawbones  F,     Victo Dolore                         

Luminous Twinkle, Satellite Frostbite, F, Long dark hair with rainbow streaks

      Luna Moonglow,  Satellite Blackmoon, F,  Andrea Stephenson                           

      Meadow Glimmer                                    F,    Valentina Cirasola               

Meadow Songbird, Desert Firesong, F, Vashti Quiroz-Vega, Desert has black hair

      Moon Shadow, Hermine Steppenwolf, F,   Lavinia Ross                          

      Peaches Dragonfly,  Fuzz Soulfire, F,  Suzanne DeBrango, Fluffy pink hair

3    Pepper Stargazer, Impulse Starquencher, F, Kathryn     

      Pick Dragonfly, Ax Starquencher,  M, John W. Howell, Slim but hearty appetite

    Pippa Glimmer,                     F,            Linda @ Charmed Chaos                       

    Rhymer Rainbow                  F              Christy Birmingham                            

    River Mindshadow, Rotten Soulfire, F, Olga Núñez Miret                

   Skypainter Morning, Skyblotter Westwing, M,   Kirt Tisdale                           

1  Sprite                     M                            Village boy            

1, 2  Stellar                     F,                       Cat belonging to Pick Dragonfly

      Thistledown Trumpet,  Newspaper, Calico Rainbowforest editor   

      Tipsy Cotton             F,              Sarah Vernon                       

      Whimsy Thistle, Impulse Razorleaf, F,  Willow Croft @ Chaos Fairy                  

      Willow Rainbow, Weep Thunder, F,  Christine Robinson                             

      Willow Stargazer,                  F,              Cecily                    

      Willow Shimmerling,            F,           Carol Wintersberger                          


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